NEXX Smart Garage WiFi Controller NXG-200 + 2 Nexx Smart Plug Bundle

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  • EASY HOME AUTOMATION FOR LESS. Be on your way to automating your garage door and home electronics with the Nexx Home Automation Starter Kit featuring the industry-leading Nexx Smart Garage and two Nexx Smart Plugs!
  • ONE APP, TWO FANTASTIC WAYS TO AUTOMATE. Take control of your home anytime, anywhere using the Nexx Home app. Open, close, and monitor your garage. Turn electronics on/off and keep track of usage.
  • SIMPLE-TO-USE WITH GEOFENCING TECHNOLOGY. “Just Tap. Just Speak. Just Drive. ” Activate by tapping on the Next Home app or by giving voice commands to Siri or your Alexa or Google assistant-enabled devices. Or, simply drive up to your house to open your garage door and turn on your living room lights!
  • QUICK & EASY SET-UP. Install Nexx Smart Garage and its wireless sensor system in 10 minutes or less. With Nexx Plug, you simply download the app, plug in your devices, and go! NEXX REQUIRES a 2. 4 GHZ WIFI CONNECTION.
  • ABSOLUTELY ZERO HIDDEN FEES. With Nexx, there are no hidden fees or ongoing monthly subscription. Even voice activation is FREE!
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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

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Frequently asked question

It fried two circuit boards when connected anyone with same issue? Looks like it leaks current

I have not has any issues with my opener or plugs from Nexx.

It leaked current and fried circuit board any idea what to do?

Nope. Sorry

Does this reconnect easy i have three different manufacturers and once i loose power even with hard reset they won't work is this like that as well

My system works great... no problem with power outages. System comes back on without issues. Also, they have some of the very best customer support I have experienced. I had issue's with metal garage doors and after giving me technical support they contacted me a couple of days later to make certain the system was … see more My system works great... no problem with power outages. System comes back on without issues. Also, they have some of the very best customer support I have experienced. I had issue's with metal garage doors and after giving me technical support they contacted me a couple of days later to make certain the system was working properly. I am a 100% fan!

In order to have this integrate with alexa, do i need to buy an echo hub, like echo plus?

Any Amazon Echo would be sufficient for integrating with Nexx Garage.

6 reviews for NEXX Smart Garage WiFi Controller NXG-200 + 2 Nexx Smart Plug Bundle


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  • Anonymous

    It kind of works, kind of.

    Ugh, so many issues. The door controller is not compatible with my garage door opener. They don’t list either of my openers on their site at all. This wouldn’t be an issue in and of itself, but the unit is also having issues with my mesh network. It drops randomly when it switches to 5ghz, so it’s not compatible with AC network bands, which is crazy considering how common dual band is now.
    The weird thing is, if I activate the outlet manually in the UI, it works fine, it just can’t handle the schedule and automation part, which is basically the entire reason you buy this stuff.
    Then there are the outlets. They just randomly follow the schedule. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. The schedule doesn’t stack the times in chronological order, you have to manually set them up in order, and if they aren’t in order in the UI it just does the first one on the list and misses the ones below it. Terrible coding for a schedule.
    I contacted customer service about the scheduling issue, and got an escalation email, and then nothing. Not a peep. I reset the outlets and did a firmware update, but same issues. I ended up buying another product that works great with dual band. These will be returned.

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  • Anonymous

    Took a minute to get right, but with technical supports help I’m finally in business

    It was such a struggle to find a garage door that works with Alexa.
    Chamberlain makes them all and doesn’t like amazon for some reason.
    This was my hope.
    I wanted something wireless as I’m OCD. And I needed simple Alexa integration.
    I kept having trouble getting the two units to pair but they finally did and I was in business
    However Alexa would tell me the door was open When it was closed and vice versa
    Sometimes she would say she didn’t know At all.
    Tech support told me the pairing wasn’t working. I needed to pair again.
    I wanted to say, “do you know how much trouble I had pairing to begin with?”
    But I listened. And redid it. And boom. It works and hasn’t let me down since
    The voice notifications are annoying to me. I’d be on a phone call and Nexx would interrupt to tell me the garage was opening.
    but I turned them off and I’m good to go now
    Considering buying a second for my other garage door.
    They’re pricey but they work…. eventuslly

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  • Anonymous

    Works well but check compatibility

    We were able to get the NXG-200 integrated with Alexa and our Overhead Door garage door opener. The ideal way to connect is to attach the NXG controller directly to the control pins on the door opener. As mentioned in other reviews our opener was not directly compatible with the NXG. We needed to use the door opener adapter. Nexx provides the adapter free of charge and they turned around the request very quickly. Once connected, everything worked great. Alexa integration is hit or miss, but I think that is more of an Alexa issue than NXG issue because it is similar to problems we have with other devices. It usually just takes us repeating the request to fix the problem. There is a feature in the App to automatically open the door within a certain range of your house. It works intermittently, but it is clearly labeled as a beta feature. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Can be a bit challenging

    Took a lot longer to set up than anticipated. Even following directions to the letter, I had to factory reset the unit three times before it both linked up with the WIFI and Bluetooth to the door sensor.
    Once fully installed, it works like a champ. There are garage opening devices which come fully equipped with remote and Alexa type capabilities, but we’ve already got a very good but a bit older system and this was a good much less expensive substitute for a new one.
    Had used the older Nexx system with the wire to the sensor which worked well for years but left it with the buyers of a previous house. This newer model’s remote sensor attached to the garage door is much better than having to arrange the magnet and wire arraignment of the older system.
    Haven’t tried the geofencing automatic opener part but hope it works as well. If not, will update this review.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great gadget!

    I did alot of research and finally settled on the NEXX 200 garage door opener – it seemed very simple to install and didn’t require any hidden fees or monthly subscriptions. Instructions were very simple and straight-forward. Took a total of about 20 minutes to install. Initial set-up and pairing of receiver and base can all be done comfortably from your home – you don’t have to install on garage door opener first to pair. This makes the installation very easy. Once the app was installed on my phone, the base connected to my wifi (must be 2.4 ghz) and the base and receiver paired, I was ready to install on garage door opener. This unit does require access to a standard wall outlet. I used the same one as the garage door opener was plugged into. I verified my opener was compatible using NEXX website so connecting the 2 wires to right terminals was easy. Installation from that point is placing the base unit near the garage door opener – I attached via sticky pads to the top of opener and connecting the wires via a plug to the base. Last step was to attach the receiver via velcro (provided) to the garage door. Tested with app and opened and closed with no problems. Unit beeps 3 times when it receives a signal then opens/closes the door. App clearly indicates whether door is open (shown in red) or closed (green). I was able to add another user in about 2 minutes. They just installed NEXX app on their phone, created an account and then I added them to have access. When you add for access, you can set limits on what actions that user can do to include only having access during certain dates/times. Very satisfied with this product and impressed with how quickly it all installed. BTW, I have a 15 year old Genie garage door opener. I found it on the NEXX website with clear instructions regarding which terminals to connect to.

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  • Anonymous


    Door sensor always loosing contact with main unit and does not report correctly and opens on its own in the middle of the night especially

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