GIDERWEL Smart RGBWW LED Light Strip Plus with ZigBee LED Controller Dimmable RGBCCT LED Strips Starter kit Work with ZigBee Hub Bridge,Lightify Hub,Echo Plus for APP/Voice Control Ambiance Lighting

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Color1idss Rgbcct Led Lightstrip Kit Base
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Special FeatureDimmable
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourcePower Adapter
  • Zigbee HUB RequiredThe LED Controller Compatible with ZigBee Hub Bridge,Gateways Lightify Hub,Amazon Echo Plus and Tuya Smart Hub, (Please pair it within 20ft between Strips and hub).
  • Home Automation Lighting:compatible with Amazon Echo Plus for Voice control your light turn on/off,change color and adjustable white color temperature,Share Alexa for Family Members.(the smart controller is 1 IDSS)
  • Smart APP Control: Control you light Anywhere.monitor the light through the APP if you forget to turn off it before you go out.or set a Timing Control to turn on the lights at the time you want.And create schedules and automation to fit your life.
  • RGBWW LED Strips Extendable:It supports extend Light coverage up to 32ft by adding 40in extensions and must be less 16ft on every line(Strip extensions ASIN:B07ZQDFXCS). Installing Extension need to alignment’+12V ‘to next striplights ‘+12V’ and add another 12V High Power Adapter,It is 12W/m.
  • RGB+Cold White+Warm White full Color LED Flexible lightstrip Tunable Cold White to Warm White(2700K-6000K)and change color,offer more than16 million colors to choose.Great for cabinet,bars,bed frames or TV back.Enjoy the most delicate lighting effect Ambiance.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Special Features

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎80 x 0.47 x 0.04 inches


Power Source

Assembled Height

‎1 millimeters

Assembled Length

‎80 inches

Assembled Width

‎0.47 inches

Specific Uses

Light Direction Smart home bulb Light Direction

Color Temperature (K)

Controller Type

Item Weight

Control Method

Theme support

Connectivity Protocol

Number of Light Sources

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Light Color

Plug Format

Shade Material

Connectivity Technology

Product guides and documentsSafety Information (PDF)

Frequently asked question

How do i get this working with home assistant? i am running a pi with home assistant and a zigbee dongle. other zigbee devices work. this doesn't.

I use home assistant but I didn't have great success pairing these directly. Instead I interface these with my Hue bridge and then do direct control of the fixture from HA which has proven more stable with all of my lights.

Can I extend the light strip to 36ft? I want to connect the kitchen from the living room.

In order to have the best lighting effect, we recommend that the maximum extension range is 32ft, and the length of each line is less than 16ft. If you need to connect a 36ft strip, maybe you can order 2 controllers. Each controller is connected to18ft. You can set up a group on the APP, tham can control two lights at … see more In order to have the best lighting effect, we recommend that the maximum extension range is 32ft, and the length of each line is less than 16ft. If you need to connect a 36ft strip, maybe you can order 2 controllers. Each controller is connected to18ft. You can set up a group on the APP, tham can control two lights at the same time.

What are the smallest increments of the led can be cut?

Can be cut every 10cm /3.9inch

Can this kit work with philips lightstrips? i found it say zigbee hub required.

Hi, yes t this controller zigbee hub required,must work with ZigBee Light Link Gateways, like 'Hue',Lightify Hub,Homee,Smart Friends and Amazon Echo Plus. ang this kit not work with philips lightstrips.If you need to extend the strip project, we also have strip extensions. ASIN:B07ZQDFXCS

3 reviews for GIDERWEL Smart RGBWW LED Light Strip Plus with ZigBee LED Controller Dimmable RGBCCT LED Strips Starter kit Work with ZigBee Hub Bridge,Lightify Hub,Echo Plus for APP/Voice Control Ambiance Lighting


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  • Anonymous

    A decent experience for the most part

    So the product works as expected. I was able to hook it up to a Hubitat Evolution C7 Hub. I have full control of the strip and it seems to respond really well. Connecting it to the hub didn’t take more then 2 attempts and the hub just saw it. I did have to try a second time because i guess the Zigbee controller that is part of the kit quit broadcasting after a few min after i initially powered it on. I just had to unplug and re plug it in for the pairing process to start. The colors seem fine, though i will admit i am not a color snob and don’t directly care about how this compares to Phillips Hue strips.
    The hubitat hub sees the device as a Generic RGBW strip and all functions seem to work great with the controller provided.
    As another poster commented about the strip doesn’t exactly match the images provided. Based on the images provided i would expect this package to include 2 40′ strips, 1 cable to go from the Controller to the first trip, controller, and then the power adapter.
    Instead you get what looks like several smaller strips soldered together with wires directly attached at the beginning which plug into the controller and then just connectors on the end to attach extension cables. Honestly when looking at the strip it makes it look more homemade instead of professional. I think that because the one ends had to be manipulated the plastic cover insulator was lifting off from some of the electronics.
    With that said i want to be clear I actually do like the product for the price. It seems to be a good option when you consider it includes the Zigbee controllers. My hope though was that i could mix and match kits to get a good ratio of controllers to 40′ led strips. The zigbee controllers appear to be right around $30 each which means the cost of the strip here is pretty minimal for the 80′ starter kit.

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  • Anonymous

    Perfect for DIY Projects - Compatible with Hue

    I use Philips Hue for all lighting in my house. When it came time to upgrading the kitchen, I was tired of paying the Philips price. Also, the Hue light strips are way more complicated to deal with because they are not connectorized and trying to integrate all the wiring in the cabinets would be a pain. My cabinets also extend off the left side at 90 degrees with a pantry in the corner. I needed the ability to do custom wiring and extensions. Pair this controller and 2 meter strip with some 1 meter extensions and some 6-pin 10-foot extensions and now you have a completely customizeable solution at a fraction of the price of Philips.
    This particular controller is very useful in that each output is actually a spring loaded terminal. Rather than having some proprietary connector, you strip the wires bare and push them into the terminals. This allowed me to join three separate cable runs together.
    Regarding the distance limitations, their general guidelines are for a single line, however I have 5 meters worth of LED’s above the cabinets with about 3 meters worth of extension cable. This is possible when taking each section directly back to the controller and splitting it three ways. This combats the voltage drop.
    I’m also using two controllers between the top and bottom for independent control. I used 1×3 wood planks for the top sections and found nice aluminum channel from Muzata for under the cabinets. All in was about $350 plus a couple weekends of drilling through the walls and cabinets.
    I did have an issue with one of the controllers and the seller was quick to send a replacement and help me get it solved. Kudos for the attentive support and amazing effort to address problems.
    All in all, buy with confidence for a perfect Hue compatible DIY product.

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  • Anonymous

    You Get What You Pay For

    I’ve had this strip for a few months now, and my feelings are mixed. Long story short: if you’re heavily invested in the first-party Hue ecosystem, or if you plan to use this in a room with other Hue products, this may not be the product for you. I have moved these strips to an area with no other Hue products, and I’m very pleased with it for the price. I would never have paid $80 to add smart lighting to this area of my home – but I am happy having paid about half that for locally-controlled smart lights at this performance level in this new area.
    First up – overall build quality. These LED strips have some kind of epoxy or resin over the LEDs. On cheaper LED strips, that epoxy can yellow quickly. I am pleased to say that has NOT happened to me, even with the strips installed in a high-heat, high-humidity environment. Unfortunately, the adhesive is a different story: that failed quickly. While I will concede that the surface I was adhering to is less than ideal, it failed quickly – within the first month or so. I was able to resolve the issue by purchasing some aluminum LED channels and mounting the strips to it.
    Next – pairing and performance. For me, pairing was a breeze! I have both a Hue hub and a Home Assistant hub. I had no issues pairing it to either hub. But I wasn’t thrilled with the performance of the strip connected to the hue hub.
    – Color-matching a first-party Hue product to this strip will be very difficult/impossible.
    – Color and on/off fading doesn’t quite match with this strip.
    – Occasionally, the strip would turn back on after turning it off via the Hue app.
    I originally had this in a room with other Hue products, and I decided to move the product to a different area of my home, away from other Hue lighting products, where this wouldn’t be noticeable. This has improved the perceived user experience.
    I don’t think that first-party hue products are a great value, so I’m not going to say that you should go and buy the Hue strip – the Hue indoor ‘Lightstrip Plus’ is hardly a superior product to this on paper. However, if you want to use the entertainment area feature, or if you want a LED strip to use in combination with other first party hue products in close proximity, look to the Hue product catalog.

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