Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, Hiseeu 3MP Color Night Vision WiFi Home Video Surveillance Pan&Tilt 360° with Motion Detection,Siren/Motion/Light Alarm,2-Way Audio,IP66 Weatherproof,Work with Alexa

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Recommended Uses For ProductWaterproof
Model NameWHD902A
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Wired
Special FeatureHD Resolution, Alexa, PTZ Technology, Colorfull Night Vision
  • Plug in Camera, No BatteryWHD902A security outdoor camera needs work with DC12V power adapter. It supports two modes work: used independently or with Hiseeu wireless security camera system, also compatible with HeimVision, SMONET, wireless camera system(ASIN: B07719HQQS.B07T8ZDTTP.B07F32X3XZ)
  • 3MP HD & 360°FULL COVERAGEHiseeu outdoor WiFi camera with 2304*1296 high resolution, 78°wide-angle lens with 320° horizontal & 90° vertically rotation range to reach 360° viewing, In addition this PTZ camera equipped with 4pcs infrared LEDs and 2pcs white LEDs will show you clear color picture when it detects movement even in total darkness.
  • Touch Remote Anytime and AnywhereWireless Surveillance Camera System Allows you to View the Live Video Remotely Anytime and Anywhere by Phone and Pad(Available for Android & IOS system). Download Free APP “EseeCloud” from Android Google Play or Apple APP Store. Register an New Account, then Add Device ID. You can View the Video by WiFi or 3G/4G Network.Windows System: Eseecloud Software. MAC system: MAC Eseecloud Software.(Please Send E-mail to Hiseeu for Software)
  • Motion Detection,Sound & Light AlertsCustomize detection area,upon detection of movement, this PTZ camera will automatically detect the motion while sending notifications to your phone in real time. This camera can also activate strobe light and a loud siren to scare off intruder.
  • Multiple Family Members Sharing and Works with AlexaBe able to share your security camera up to 9 users to access and view video simultaneously on APP. Hiseeu surveillance camera allows linking Alexa Echo Show, you can request to display a live video of the camera through voice control.
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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

How to contact Hiseeu customer service?

By Elsy on September 6, 2022

how to solve the camera not go back to preset position?

By Oyapr on September 2, 2022

How can get the user manual ?

I have this same question. Both of mine came with a 'Wireless PTZ Camera' (JA.0.5) instruction pamphlet, but no manual on how to actually use the different functions. I can't even find one on the Hiseeu website. Does anyone know if there is an actual User Manual (not instructions for set-up)?

Can i use it standalone or do i need the whole 'hisseu' system? the connector is 110-240v?

You can buy an micro sd for the cam and or you can you the sd on you mobile device but it will delete a you other info on your sd card. My best bet is to just buy the mrico sd card and install it in the back on cam

6 reviews for Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, Hiseeu 3MP Color Night Vision WiFi Home Video Surveillance Pan&Tilt 360° with Motion Detection,Siren/Motion/Light Alarm,2-Way Audio,IP66 Weatherproof,Work with Alexa


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  • Anonymous

    Motion detection is too sensitive

    Motion detection is too sensitive even at the lowest setting. Leaves blowing in the wind and even the shadow from a Flag set it off. Overall a good camera for the money. Does not advertise Alexa compatibility, but if you dig deep enough, you can link it to an Alexa Show.

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  • Anonymous

    Great cameras, great customer service!

    I’ve had these cameras for awhile, buying them one by one as I can afford them. They don’t disappoint! Now I can keep an eye on my dogs while I’m running errands or going to the doctor. I did have a small issue with some of them deciding to point down at the ground but Hiseeu was very helpful and a firmware update took care of the problem.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great camera, terrible software.

    The software is confusing. Poor grammar aside, it’s just not at all intuitive. There are a couple of pitfalls.
    1. The application has no ‘Forgot Password’ facility. So you’ll need to create an account and password. Do NOT lose your password or you’ll be making another account 🙂
    2. You must use their software to get it on the wireless network and configure it. You may choose between ‘Remote’ and ‘Local’. Remote allows you to view it within the application and configure it. It assigns it’s own password but you can change it via a menu item.
    ‘Local’ allows you to set a password for the device upfront but will not allow you to view or modify the device’s settings. So Im not sure what This mode is intended for.
    UPDATE: if you use IOS software, it’s still confusing, but it works. I found a menu item for setting the password of the camera. I now have it working with my Amcrest NVR using ONVIF and it’s flawless.
    Seems like a fairly solid build but my unit came with a screw loose. Something was rattling around in there. I opened the hatch for the sd card and shook the unit until a little Phillips panhead screw popped out. Quality control may be lacking.
    It really doesn’t look very good given the resolution is supposedly suports. My Amcrest camera’s look much better and with more detail at half the resolution this one supports. Not sure what’s going on there. This was observing live feeds, maybe playback looks better?
    You can only choose between SD and HD, that’s it. You cannot adjust frame rate or anything else. Not a lot knobs to turn here.
    I thought the PTZ tracking, human detection, and motion detection were outstanding! Too bad I can’t have those features with my NVR.
    It’s very inexpensive given all the capabilities. Once you get past the goofy software used to configure it, it’s a sweet deal for the money. I purchase another one. The fact that it tracks so well would be very disconcerting to would-be thieves or burglars. If this camera had better software support, it would be an amazing deal!

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  • Anonymous

    Good camera except for motion detection.

    This camera is good for manually panning and still pictures. The optical zoom and motion detection are WAY slow. But for what I need it for(to monitor a hard to get to crawl space),it should work fine. The night vision is really good. Customer support never got back to me about a technical question I had which I thought was very poor.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great camera with minor issues

    camera is great, picture quality is very good. i want to point out a couple of things. When mounting the camera make sure you take your time and plan it. The top 2 wholes where you can screw in are easy to drill in however if the bottom 2 is a bit difficult the dome is in the way and you will strip the head they are very fragile. Second, if you have an existing security system and plan to add this camera to your system there will be some instruction on how to do it, when you have added the camera you will see it but the status will say password is incorrect (something along those lines) i kept trying for about an hour and ended up reaching out to their customer svc and they helped out. Overall a 4 star and so far i’ve had it for a few days now and no issues. great option for a security camera.

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  • Anonymous

    Happy with my new PTZ camera

    I bought the Hiseeu PTZ camera for my home security video system. I initially bought the Hiseeu NVR 8 camera camera system that had a 1 TB memory, which included 4 day-night cameras. It is my opinion that the system is quite adequate for home security. I recently got this new PTZ camera to add it to the system.
    I believe it has quite a nice set of specifications (day/night full color, waterproof, wide-angle lens, 320 degree horizontal rotation, 90 degrees vertical rotation, optical zoom, and 2-way audio). The camera will connect to my NVR system, and as the system is connected via WiFi to the interview, that allows me to view the video through my phone from anywhere in the world. I was also able to move the camera using my phone through the RC functionality, tilting and zooming, as specified.
    I found the installation to be quite straightforward, and didn’t require a specialist. Once you have the mobile app installed, and you are logged in, you can start the app. There is an option to add a new device, which allows you then to scan a QR code to connect directly with the device. Then you need to switch to the iPhone settings and connect straight to the device (establishing a direct WiFi connection between your phone and the device). Once you are back in the app, you’ll need to select which WiFi network that device will be on (for instance, your home wifi system), providing the password for that system. From that point on, you can change the device name (for instance, ‘home entrance’), save that, and see the video coming through the feed.
    Once you have that set up, search for the ideal position for installation, confirm (before installing) that the WiFi signal is strong. To extend the reach of my WiFi, I installed a couple of WiFi repeaters (Hiseeu range extenders).
    To reduce false alarm triggered by the video-motion feature, I configured the alarm to trigger only when there is clear movement close to doors and windows, within the target areas. I’m receiving my alarms through my iPhone. I believe there is also a way to activate the home alarm.
    Price-wise, I think the camera is worth the money as it delivers very reasonable specs for the given cost, and works as specified.
    After a excellent experience with the first Hiseeu PTZ camera I buy the second Hiseeu PTZ camera for my home security system. My NVR have now 8 cameras and I close my house around. The have information from the system all time in all my activities places. I can see what happened in the past ( the events history). I use currently the optical zoom.
    The Instalation is simple and does not require experts. Because my new camera is far I use a Hiseeu repeater between NVR and this camera. The picture have a very good quality and the commands from the screen to the camera work fast.
    The Hiseeu NVR system, the cameras include the 2 PTZ cameras work excellent. It is not a high security system, but is perfect for my security. The system is very friendly and is not expensive.

    Verified Purchase

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