ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet, WiFi Connected Electrical Smart Wall Socket That’s Compatible With Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit Siri and Google Assistant (15A)

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Current Rating15 Amps
Connector TypePlug In
Switch StyleTouch Switch
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Controller TypeApple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IOS, Android
  • ULTRA-PRECISE ENERGY MONITORING: ConnectSenses Smart Wall Outlet plugs measure the power usage of devices and appliances within a 0.1% accuracy and provides energy and costs data with interactive charts by the hour, day, month or year, so you can be empowered to make smarter energy usage choices.
  • PUT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE ON AUTO PILOT: This smart receptacle lets you control plug-in devices with the sound of your voice, such as lights, fans and appliances in your home or office wherever you are with any iOS/Android device paired with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit (Siri) and Google Assistant. The future of automating your home or office is now with these smart wall outlets.
  • INDEPENDENT OUTLET CONTROL: The in wall smart outlet puts total control in your hands when you can schedule, name and track the top and bottom receptacles separately, giving you true versatility and optimal savings for various plug-in devices around the house or office.
  • SAFE, SIMPLE CONTROL USING CAPACITIVE TOUCH: These smart wall outlets feature flat, sensitive capacitive touch controls that are not only sleek and easy to use, you may even lock usage when it’s time for homework, not video games. It’s energy monitoring and control–seamlessly designed to fit right in.
  • COMES IN 15 AND 20 AMPS VERSIONS: The ConnectSense Smart Wall Outlet comes in two different amps versions for applications throughout the home and commercial environments, they only need Wifi (2.4 Ghz) to work, no hub or subscription is ever required.
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Frequently asked question

Why is the cost so high compared to other brands?? What sets you apart??

Thanks for your question Brenton, the ConnectSense In-Wall Outlet has a number of features not found in lower cost models. It is UL approved which is a safety certification required in many places in the US, additionally it supports Apple HomeKit, it utilizes NFC for pairing making the pairing process simple and it pr… see more Thanks for your question Brenton, the ConnectSense In-Wall Outlet has a number of features not found in lower cost models. It is UL approved which is a safety certification required in many places in the US, additionally it supports Apple HomeKit, it utilizes NFC for pairing making the pairing process simple and it provides detailed power monitoring data. With this data, you can automate plugin devices and save energy, paying for the units in a matter of months. Lastly this is one of the only 20A dual control, dual monitored units on the market (Not sure if you were referring to the 15 or 20 amp)

Will this fit in a very shallow j-box?

You will want to measure your gang box to see, this unit will fit where many others do not because it uses terminal connections instead of wire nuts so there does not need to be a lot of room for wires. The depth of the unit that goes into the box is 1.45 Inches.

I am trying to figure out if the first one’s firmware can be upgraded when vulnerabilities are discovered?

I don’t know of a way I’m sure you would have to hack it

I can turn this of with my phone correct?

yes you can use your phone to turn on. just remember its wifi so make sure you gave good signal at install location. this outlet is 20amp so you can connect bigger things to it.

2 reviews for ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet, WiFi Connected Electrical Smart Wall Socket That’s Compatible With Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit Siri and Google Assistant (15A)


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  • Anonymous

    Technical Support is Spotty at best

    After my initial review citing inadequate tech support, I was contacted directly by ConnectSense’s CEO who apologized and offered to help me personally with my device setup issues. He has continued to inquire as I work to resolve the issue which appears to be based in the inability to temporarily suspend the 5GHz Google Mesh wifi band while the ConnectSense device is added via the 2.4GHz band. I’m no tech wizard by any stretch of the imagination, so I have had to disconnect the Google Mesh system and fire up my old NetGear router, in an attempt to name and password protect the NetGear wifi network with the same name and password used for Google’s system. Let’s just say that for the moment that hasn’t exactly worked, but it could be more my lack of technical prowess than hardware or software failures. I’ve had to purchase an inexpensive, newer router with a 2.4GHz band that I can manipulate and will keep trying as time permits. While I agree that Google should step up and correct the issue if it is indeed Google’s dual band mesh system that is the source of more than one frustrating attempt to connect smart home devices, one might assume that it could be a two-way street and device makers might benefit by banding together with Google to resolve these issues. Nonetheless, I applaud the second efforts and service offered by ConnectSense and I truly appreciate the personal attention given after my initial problems. Hopefully we’ve both learned something about customer service that will be mutually beneficial
    I purchased the 20A version of the in-wall outlet in early July and experienced the same ‘unrecognized device’ error attempting to connect to wifi via the ConnectSense App and via Apple HomeKit. Only then did I discover that there is no 800 number for technical support, and the online documentation is woefully deficient. Tech support is only available via e-mail, and responses to my repeated e-mailed inquiries were sent days after, if at all. Eventually I ended up sending the device to ConnectSense for diagnosis – at my expense – and thereafter receiving a replacement device. While the replacement is recognized by my iPhone and wifi, it will not connect, although it now gives a different error message. My e-mailed request for support is now 2 weeks old with no response. For a $99 product I’d expect a little better documentation and certainly a tech support system that acknowledges inquiries and hopefully dishes out helpful support. Much as I like the ‘idea’ of the product and its purported features, if it doesn’t work, it isn’t useful and I cannot recommend this device or ConnectSense to others.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Finally got it to work! Everyone should read to see the issues I was able to overcome!

    Updated Review (with descriptions on how I overcame three issues I had during installation)
    7/25 – Well several days after I sent in my email to the support email address, I received a reply that said I should do a factory reset of the device. By that time I had already figured out my issues and had this device installed and working. The first issue was caused by me. I had recently added a Trend Micro Network security device and it wasn’t allowing my device to access the Internet to complete the installation process. I had already removed the electrical plug and started the return process. The setup process didn’t give me any indication of the problem, just that there was one during the installation process.
    Once I figured this out, I tried to do a factory reset which I was unable to do which was my second issue. Again it was my error in trying to do the reset. I thought I was suppose to push the power button 3 times and then hold it down for 15 seconds. I later figured out that you have to press BETWEEN the two power icons 3 times and then hold it for 15 seconds.
    Once I had it reset, I started the installation process again and ran into my third problem. Now the device was saying that my router was incompatible with this device. I knew from the documentation that this device only supported 2.4 GHz wireless networks. My Apple Airport Extreme has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. Since the installation process does not ask me for which network to attach to I assumed correctly that it was using whatever my iPhone was connected to and used that network. Apparently my iPhone was on the 5 GHz channel. I then went into my AirPort Extreme and created a 5 GHz network. Now I had two separate and identifiable networks broadcasting from my router, one was the name of my network and the other was the name of my network with ‘5GHz’ attached to it. I then connected my iPhone to the network name that didn’t have the 5GHz in it’s name and was able to get the device installation completed, the device registered, and the firmware updated.
    The plug has been working great ever since and so I changed my rating from 2 stars to 4 starts. I am taking 1 star away for the poor installation error messages and the poor customer service I received from the company. Now that I know what to look for and how to install them, I will be ordering a second one for my home.
    I hope the above helps others in figuring out their issues with the installation process and are able to use this pretty good electrical plug.
    ——–Original Review———-
    7/22 – Well, I really, really wanted to like and use this device. It came in a very nice box and was quite easy to install. I was able to get the NFC code to register and then scanned in the Apple code with no issues. It then tried to attach to my network (and like others have said in other reviews, it just tries to grab onto the closet network without giving you the option of picking the network, nor entering a WIFI password. Mine then after a couple of minutes reported an Error had occurred and that it was unable to register the device. I tried everything I could to get it to register to no avail. I even contacted the companies customer support (via email as they don’t have a telephone number you can call) and I did receive an auto reply that my request had been received and would be sent to their support department. Several days later and no response from company. Tried to do a Factory Reset to start over and that failed as well. Finally gave up and sent back to Amazon for a refund and I will look else where. It’s too bad as I really wanted to use this device, as each plug can be operated independently and you can look up your power usage for the devices you have plugged into this plug.

    Verified Purchase

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