GE CYNC Smart Light Switch On/Off Toggle Style, No Neutral Wire Required, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Switch, Works with Alexa and Google Home (1 Pack) Packaging May Vary

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Operation ModeON-OFF-ON
Current Rating5 Amps
Operating Voltage120 Volts
Contact TypeNormally Closed
Connector TypeClamp
BrandGE Lighting
  • Upgrade your smart home and make traditional bulbs smart: The Cync smart toggle style light switch allows you to make traditional bulbs smart. You can control lights from the switch, or from the Cync App using scheduling and scenes.
  • Add convenience with your WiFi Light Switches: Get convenience and comfort with enhanced functionality like out of home control and scheduling, so you never come home to a dark house
  • Easy, DIY Installation: Easy to install on your own or with the help of a professional. Works in homes built prior to the 1980s and requires a ground wire and 2.4GHz WiFi to enable smart control – no neutral wire required
  • Alexa and Google Home Compatible (devices sold separately): Using the switch’s built-in WiFi, connect to a compatible voice assistant for hands-free voice control
  • Set schedules and save energy: Set a schedule for your lights to turn off when you aren’t home so you can save energy and money
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Device detailed description

The Cync On/Off Smart Switch adds smart bulb functionality to traditional bulbs and keeps smart bulbs smart. The smart Wi-Fi switch adds out-of-home control, scheduling and scene setting to traditional bulbs. When Cync or C by GE smart bulbs are installed, the smart switch allows app or voice control even when power is turned off at the switch. Pair the Smart Switch with Cync or C by GE Smart Bulbs in other fixtures like table lamps and control your all your lights in the room from one wall switch. C by GE On/Off Smart Switch wirelessly connects with other Cync or C by GE Smart Switches so you can control the same light fixture from multiple switches. Simple DIY set up. The Smart Switch connects directly with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices without a hub required. Works with most common residential wiring. NOTE: this smart switch requires a 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi for setup and 5GHZ network will not work for pairing process. This item is intended for use only in US locations.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Product Dimensions

‎4.21 x 7.24 x 5.71 inches


Power Source

Switch Style

Mounting Type



Controller Type


Included Components

‎One (1) CYNC Smart Switch On/Off Toggle Style

Item Weight

Control Method

Operation Mode

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Connectivity Protocol


Product guides and documentsUser Guide (PDF)Installation Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

If this is switched to the off position, will my automations still work? Or will that disconnect it like a regular household switch does?

I have a lot of these switches in use around my house and I love them. The app isn't always the easiest to use, but they have made some recent updates that fixed a lot of the issues. To answer this question specifically, the switch is never truly 'off.' While the lights controlled by the switch may not be lit, the swit… see more I have a lot of these switches in use around my house and I love them. The app isn't always the easiest to use, but they have made some recent updates that fixed a lot of the issues. To answer this question specifically, the switch is never truly 'off.' While the lights controlled by the switch may not be lit, the switch is always connected to your wifi network and, as such, will always be controllable via the app or through the scene automations.

Can this switch connect to and control C by GE smart plugs? and/or third party smart plugs?

It will work with the C by GE Smart Plug by adding them to the same room within the C by GE app. It will not work with 3rd party products.

Would this switch work with exterior flood lights?

Hi! Yes, this switch will work with exterior lights. However, the switch is indoor rated and will need to physically be indoors. It's also important to note that our 3-Wire switches require a 15W minimum on the circuit. -Cync Support Team

Does the Paddle rest in the middle. So press up on the paddle to turn on and press down to turn off?

Great question! the bottom part of the paddle is the only part that would need to be pressed to operate the switch.

3 reviews for GE CYNC Smart Light Switch On/Off Toggle Style, No Neutral Wire Required, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Switch, Works with Alexa and Google Home (1 Pack) Packaging May Vary


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  • Anonymous

    Not rated for 15amps!

    Bought couple of these. Item either defective or is not rated to 15amps like traditional switches. This switch controlled an outdoor lamp post in which I plugged an electric leaf blower in and tripped circuit. Came in house to find this.

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  • Anonymous

    GE/CYNC removes critical safety features without notice!

    I bought this to control outside lights on my home and driveway. This was initially difficult to get working properly, because GE’s Amazon description said it worked with incandescent, LED, and Compact florescent bulbs. After several calls to their support team, one of their members found a technical document that stated CF bulbs were incompatible! So finally it worked OK for a year or so, but then I noticed it was not adjusting the ON time automatically when it was set to turn on at sunset.
    I ‘chatted’ with tech support and they said: ‘Currently, ever since we switched to the new Cync App, we have removed the Sunrise / Sunset feature as it’s no longer apart of the scenes / schedules and the times would have to be manually update. ‘
    These are important safety features they’ve removed without notice. My lights were going on at a fixed time, which is a clear signal that no one is home, but GE and their vendor did not see fit to tell anyone ever! And there is no plan to restore that function. Their only response (see the complete text of the chat below) was to see if I wanted to put a request in to add it back in. Which they have never done. Nor will they accept a return or refund my purchase.
    Avoid all GE/Cync products as they do not care about your security or safety.
    Full text of the chat with GE support:
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 3:32:18 PM): Hi, this is Phillip. How can I help you?
    Bob (10/23/2021, 3:34:36 PM): Hi, I have the C by GE 3-Wire On/Off Paddle Style Smart Switch that I purchased in October 2020. I have noticed that it does NOT adjust the sunset time, but instead uses the ‘on’ time I to sunset of the day I set up the settings for ‘on’. How do we get the app or switch to automatically adjust the sunset time?
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 3:37:15 PM): Hey Bob, thank you for reaching out to us over here at the Cync Support Team. I would be more than happy to help with this.
    Currently, ever since we switched to the new Cync App, we have removed the Sunrise / Sunset feature as it’s no longer apart of the scenes / schedules and the times would have to be manually update.
    This is a highly re-requested feature and I’d be more than happy to pass the feedback along to our team. How does that sound?
    Bob (10/23/2021, 3:39:23 PM): Does not sound good. The old electro/mechanical timer switch I used automatically adjusted the sunset time, but your ‘smart’ switch removed that feature? That makes it a dumb switch. How can I get my money back?
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 3:41:04 PM): The feature was recently removed when we transitioned from C by GE to Cync earlier this year. I know that this has been a highly requested feature to return in the Cync app but there is no ETA on when or if it will be added back into the Cync App.
    We do not handle refunds directly as they are only handled where the item was purchased.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 3:41:39 PM): I bought it on Amazon.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 3:44:41 PM): Then Amazon would be the ones to handle the refund. In regards to your schedules and timers for the device, I can forward you the information that we currently have for Scenes / Schedules for the Cync app that can show you all the ins and outs of the currently Scenes functionality in the Cync App.
    I can also pass along the information about the request for Sunrise and Sunset automation for Scenes in the Cync app to the team. Would that be ok?
    Bob (10/23/2021, 3:49:17 PM): Amazon has no process for refunding of this as I purchased it a year ago and it is now worthless as it cannot properly control my outside lights due to your removal of this critical feature. Cync shoud refund the money since you are the ones that removed the feature without notice or compensation. This is now a warranty claim. How do you process that?
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 3:51:14 PM): If this device is no longer working, I’d be more than happy to troubleshoot the device further with you. Are we able to control the device from the Cync App?
    Bob (10/23/2021, 3:52:32 PM): Yes, but as you stated, Cync removed the feature that makes this switch inoperable.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 3:54:59 PM): If we are able to control the Switch within the Cync App as well as set up schedules through our Scenes function, then I will not be able process any kind of warranty request as it would involve us replacing the switch for a defective product.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 3:57:31 PM): I’m not sure what that means, as the switch is now a defective product. Where do I send the switch and get a refund for it.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:01:10 PM): The product itself defective as you are able to control the device within the Cync App.
    The Sunrise/Sunset feature that was provided was an application implementation previously. As I mentioned before, we’ve received requests to get this feature added back into the Cync App. This is something that I believe we are working on, on the backend but I do not have an ETA on if or when it will be released.
    Again, we do not handle any refund requests as this is handled by the Point of purchase. However, if the product is not turning on or off with the app control or physical control, I would be more than happy to troubleshoot that further for you.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:03:12 PM): Please proviced me the name and address of the CEO for CbyGE.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:04:14 PM): We are no longer C by GE and we are Cync and apart of the Savant Team.
    I would be more than happy to escalate your case but the soonest the someone could be in touch would be Monday.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:05:14 PM): OK, please provide the name and address of the CEO Of Savant or Cync.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:05:37 PM): I do not have access to that information. The best that I can do for you is escalate your case to the next level of support.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:06:05 PM): Who is the parent company, Cync or Savant?
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:06:37 PM): Cync is apart of the Savant team.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:07:25 PM): I don’t understand what that means. Is Savant the controlling business?
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:08:19 PM): Savant is the primary company while Cync is just apart of the company.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:08:48 PM): Would you like for me to escalate your case to the next level of support?
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:12:25 PM): If they can restore the sunset function, then yes. Is Savant the manufacturer of the switch? If not, who is?
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:13:19 PM): The next level of support would not be able to restore the Sunset Functionality. This is worked on by a team of developers who I would be able to pass your feedback along to but they wouldn’t’ be able to provide you with a immediate Sunset Functionality nor could I provide you a direct line to them.
    I am not sure about the manufacturer of the switch but this has nothing to do with the app implementation of the Sunrise/Sunset feature as that is all App side functionality.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:15:57 PM): Please advise your team that the removal of the sunset feature without notice or compensation has destroyed the key functionally that I (and others) purchased the switch for, ie, controlling outside lights to turn on at sunset. And have them contact me with the schedule for returning that critical function to the app.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:18:05 PM): I can provide that feedback to the team but they will not be able to reach out to you. You can use the Scenes function in our app to set a time for your lights to turn on or off at a scheduled time and on certain days of the week.
    I’d be more than happy to provide you with that information through our support links so you can review what features and functionality the Scenes feature has in the Cync App.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:25:36 PM): I know how to manually set the app. But that does not solve the failure of the switch to perform the function that it formerly did.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:25:59 PM): And that it was sold as capable of .
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:28:48 PM): The Sunrise and Sunset functionality is a feature of the old C By GE application itself and not the switch. At this current time, I am providing the feedback you’ve provided to me to the appropriate team. Currently there is no ETA of when or if this functionality will be restored with the Cync App but I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for updates that we push out in the future.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:29:16 PM): At this current point in time, is there anything else that I can assist you with in regards to getting your switch to work within the Cync App.
    Bob (10/23/2021, 4:30:14 PM): Goodbye.
    Phillip S (10/23/2021, 4:30:47 PM): I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your night. If you run into any issues with your C by GE or Cync products in the future, please feel free to reach out to us again.

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  • Anonymous

    Picky switches when it comes to bulb selection

    It look me much longer than expected to get a review written for this switch. I ordered one via the Vine program, and ordered a second one myself for use in one of my kids’ rooms (I needed two for a 3-way switch application). After ordering them, my son decided he didn’t want a smart switch, so it took me several months to figure out a location I could install them in. I settled on my stairwell to the basement.
    I had also ordered a pair of Cree 75W equivalent bulbs, with the thought that these two bulbs (12W each) would put me well over the 15W minimum load requirement. Unfortunately, the stairwell light fixture only uses one bulb, so my single 12W bulb wouldn’t put me over that 15W limit. I went forward with installation and sure enough, the bulb would flicker (closer to a strobe effect) when on, and when off, it would not fully turn off and flickered. From reading the instructions this was a symptom of an incompatible bulb, so I tried one of the included screw-in bulb adapters, which solved the issue with the bulb (it operated normally), but the extra length of that adapter wouldn’t allow the bulb to fit in the fixture anymore (totally enclosed with a glass dome).
    The instructions stated to call the GE customer service line, and to request a ‘fixture adapter’ – which is a wired equivalent to the screw in type that comes with the switch. Their customer care was very helpful, and I was sent a fixture adapter within a few days. This morning I went to install it behind my light fixture (it just ties into the hot/neutral wires at either the fixture or in a switch box), and frustratingly, it didn’t work. I double checked my wire connections and even reversed the wires of the adapter (hot/neutral swapped – even though it isn’t supposed to matter which way it is installed), and the light would still strobe when on, and wouldn’t turn off completely with the switch off. I then chose to remove the fixture adapter and installed the screw in bulb adapter with it hanging out of the fixture (no cover)…
    I decided to try to see if I could find a smaller bulb that would fit in the fixture with the screw in adapter, and I found an E26 base candelabra bulb (75W Cree) that was shorter and smaller in diameter than the standard bulbs I was using. This one worked perfectly with the screw in base, and finally allowed me to finish the job and install the fixture cover with no issue (I also made sure that the bulb was rated for totally enclosed fixtures). I even bought a box of incandescent bulbs as a backup – but those will get returned.
    The reason for the 3 star rating is as follows:
    – I deducted two stars for the bulb issues and some app issues – it just seems to respond slowly and often shows the switches going offline for short periods of time, but they usually come back online after 4-5 seconds.
    – I added back a star for the good customer support in sending out the fixture adapter free of charge
    – I deducted another star for the fact that the fixture adapter didn’t work at all.
    This all amounts to a difficult ‘out of the box’ experience. If the fixture adapter had worked, I would have given 4 stars overall. The paddles for the switches are a bit unintuitive as well – you always press the bottom of the paddle whether turning on or off. I would have preferred to see the top AND bottom of the paddle as a push button to make it more intuitive.
    The majority of my house’s smart switches are Lutron Caseta switches/dimmers, which are more expensive, but they work very well in my experience, and I don’t see the app glitches with those (I have had them for at least 3 years now).

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