EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera Color Night Vision, 1080P AI-Powered Person Detection, H.265, IP67 Waterproof, Customizable Detection Zones, 2.4GHz WiFi Supports MicroSD Card up to 256GB(C3N)

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Special FeatureAI Algorithm for Person Detection, 3 Night Vision Modes and Dual Spotlights, 2.8mm Fixed Lens
  • Smart Spotlight Color Night Vision: C3N can actively monitor in the dark in black and white, and automatically turn on spotlights and color night vision when human movement is detected. Select between three modes on the EZVIZ APP: Full black and white night vision (spotlights off), full color night vision (spotlights on), and smart color night vision (spotlights auto activate when human movement is detected).
  • Intelligent Person Detection: Built-in AI algorithm does not require an additional subscription and allows C3N to identify human activity to ensure alerts are relevant to your home’s security.
  • Customizable Motion Detection Zones & Notifications: Draw specific zones within your cameras field of view where you would like to detect activity. When activity is detected, you will receive a notification in real-time.
  • Advanced AI Technology: Intelligent sensors combined with human detection will auto adjust image brightness to avoid overexposure and actively keeps subjects in crisp detail.
  • Optional Storage: Supports up to 256GB SD card(sold seperately). Or try EZVIZ Cloud with 1-week FREE trial. All data traffic between device/App to the server(in US). EZVIZ has been awarded ISO/IEC29151:2017 Personal Data Privacy Protection Management System Certification.
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Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Product Dimensions

9.1 x 4.1 x 3.8 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used



Item Weight

Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Is this camera compatible with the x3c vault plus? if not do you have a list of cameras that are?

Yes, EZVIZ cameras works with EZVIZ NVR

Will the camera function correctly in extreme cold, sub zero, temperatures?

The description states it is an outdoor IP67 camera. So this has to suitable for outdoors, please confirm and also notify the operating temperatures

need a notebook for these camers

A notebook? Sure, grab a pencil also, you'll want to write down your username and password you create for the EZVIZ App needed to setup and access the camera. Now if you were talking about a 'Notebook Computer'? No, you don't need a computer, a Smartphone or Tablet (Android or Apple) is all that's needed. You can h… see more A notebook? Sure, grab a pencil also, you'll want to write down your username and password you create for the EZVIZ App needed to setup and access the camera. Now if you were talking about a 'Notebook Computer'? No, you don't need a computer, a Smartphone or Tablet (Android or Apple) is all that's needed. You can however, access the camera and actually have many more settings available from the EZVIZ Computer program called 'EZVIZ Studio' that you download and install from their website. Overall a great and EZ... security camera. Enjoy!

whats the digital zoom x ?


6 reviews for EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera Color Night Vision, 1080P AI-Powered Person Detection, H.265, IP67 Waterproof, Customizable Detection Zones, 2.4GHz WiFi Supports MicroSD Card up to 256GB(C3N)


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  • Anonymous

    3xelente calidad

    Excelente calidad y muy fáciles de 8 stalar

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  • Anonymous

    Great Outdoor Security!

    We had a series of vehicle break-ins in our area. I installed one of these on our balcony facing the area of the break-ins. The infra-red definitely glows at night so you know the camera is there. I have it set to where the lights on the camera will blink during certain times of the night when it detects motion. We haven’t had a vehicle broken into since. Could be coincidence, could be the camera…either way, they’ve stopped! I especially like being able to pull up the camera on my phone at any time. The picture is always clear, day/night. I have an SD card in it so it records, however this has a cloud storage option.

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  • Anonymous

    NO DOCUMENTATION! But, great for monitoring bird nest and critters on deck if you get it going

    I have not used this camera for long. I just got it set up, and it works. Good picture quality. The sound seemed not to work at first, but it seemed to fix itself. The sound now works. NOTE: the user must first go into the settings to enable the sound + video, which is not stated anywhere in the instructions.
    I also installed a 64GB micro memory card, just to see if I could record. Yes — it now records, and is set to record only when motion is detected. You can switch between Live camera and previously-recorded video. You can view images anywhere along the timeline. BUT — I do not see any means of fast-forwarding the saved video. Maybe there is a way to do this, but it is not obvious and there are no instructions.
    The camera seems to be very good. But, I have to say, the instructions are HORRIBLE. So, I can’t, in good conscience, give a 5-star review to something that is so difficult to set up. I spent several hours trying to get it set up. I used a combination of Amazon Q&A for the product, and Google. Finally, I was so thrilled when it worked.
    Manufacturer’s support: This is the first big big weak point. If there was good manufacturer support, including documentation, I would give this camera 5 stars. There is NO CHAT available on the website. You can submit a question via email or via filling out a form. But, from my experience, you will NOT receive any answer for several weeks. In my case, I asked how to get the sound working, and gave the settings that I had, etc. I DID NOT HEAR BACK FROM EZVIZ for about 4 weeks. By then, the issue had resolved itself.
    The lack of documentation is the 2nd (and most important) big weak-point of this product. Unfortunate — because the company could easily prepare the documentation for their software. In my search for documentation, I came across a useful youtube review from a British guy. Just google ‘video review of EZVIZ C3N’. This is a fairly comprehensive review – including reviews of the cell phone app and the pc app, etc. He points out the complete lack of documentation, and the frustration that this brings. I had thought that I was the only one! He points out that the pc app is much better than the cell phone app and recommends the pc app as the primary control. The two apps have different settings and are not consistent between the two apps. This is another big failure for this product. But, it is something that the manufacturer can easily fix.
    FYI: I did not intend to use this camera with my cell phone. I just wanted it to connect to my laptop pc. I wanted to use the camera for monitoring a bird nest (Eastern phoebes) next year and I did not want to have to change batteries in the camera when the camera is only 6 ‘ away from the active nest.
    Here are the pitfalls that I encountered with setup:
    1) No info in the instructions re: simple connection to a pc (via ethernet or via WIFI). In fact, the description on Amazon would make you think that this camera only works with a cell phone.
    2) I relied on info in the Amazon Q&A that said to go to the EZVIZ website and download the pc software. This worked. The download takes a while, and it was not clear to me that it was being downloaded. (My Windows 10 Firefox screen has recently changed how it shows what is going on with downloads. It now shows a little circle with a 1/4 section lit up, showing download in progress. Never saw this before.) It is NOT necessary to use a QR reader on a cell phone to set up the camera. You would never know this from the instructions included with the camera.
    3) The setup kept asking me for a ‘Device Verification Code’ . There is NO MENTION of this in the instruction manual. I couldn’t go any farther in the setup without inputting the correct verification code. Google suggested that there was a default user name of admin. That didn’t work. It also said there was a default PW of 12345. That didn’t work. The PW and user name that I had already created during setup didn’t work. Next, I looked at a Youtube video. It was not very clear, but it seemed to show the base of the camera with its QR code and some other info. It was difficult to read (due to poor imaging), but it did seem to show a ‘Verification Code’. So, I looked on my camera base, and found the label. The printing is VERY TINY. The label has a QR code but also has other info (serial #, etc). The printing is so tiny, that I had to use a magnifying glass to read it. Anyway: the device verification code is located on that label, and I got the software to register my camera. Finally!
    4) I set up the camera at first using a direct ethernet connection. I got video on my pc. This proved it was working.
    5) But WIFI would not work. I spent another hour trying to look at my interface and see where I could set controls, etc. After simply fooling around with the menu for awhile, I found a section that had WIFI info. So, I clicked the Search button in that section, and clicked on my WIFI signal that it found. It fills in stuff automatically, then you hit Apply. There is no info about this in the instructions.
    6) I logged out, then logged back in to the program. This time, it automatically found my camera, and was using WIFI.
    7) So, it took me awhile, and it would have been so much easier if EZVIZ had provided instructions.
    8) Installing the micro memory card was easy — but, the ‘slot’ is extremely small and the card goes in very loosely. It is deceptive, and you are not sure that it is inserted properly until you try it out. You must use the software program to format the card. Then you must set the motion parameters, etc — none of which are explained. It is all trial by error.

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  • Anonymous



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  • Anonymous

    Human Alerts is great!

    This is the 3rd outdoor security camera I have had. It’s a big improvement compared to the previous 2 I have had.
    The picture quality is sufficient and it has a good field of view. Night vision is acceptable also.
    It’s nice that you can make it flash when it detects a person to draw their attention to it and they know they’re on camera.
    In my opinion, the best feature is the human detector. You can set it up to only send you notifications when it catches a person on camera. My past cameras sent so many notifications that you start to ignore them after a while because 99% of the time it saw a bird, bug, or shadow. I don’t care to know about those things.
    The only things I wish it had are 2 way talk and a higher resolution image. There are more expensive models from EZVIZ that provide that, though. For the price, it’s hard to complain that it’s missing those features.
    I would recommend this camera to people looking to put some outdoor security for their homes.
    As a side note, if you’re wondering how to power it outside, we have can lights in our soffits outside. I bought a light socket to power outlet adapter plugged in the black power adapter to that and then put a shower can light cover at the bottom of the can with a hold drilled in it for the end of the black power adapter to poke out. It takes a bit of time to set up that way, but it works well and keeps bugs out of the can.

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  • Anonymous

    Love my camera

    I love mine, had it for two years roughly. Image quality is good, motion detection is good as well as night vision. Normally any issues I had could be fixed in the settings if you Google how to fix it. Great quality security camera!

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