Smart Light Switch, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home IFTTT, App and Voice Control, Timing Function, No Hub Required, Suitable for 2/3/4 Box, Neutral Wire Needs MICMI, 2 Gang

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Current Rating15 Amps
Operating Voltage125 Volts
Switch StyleTouch Switch
Mounting TypeWall Mount
  • VOICE CONTROL FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Perfectly Compatible with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap), Google Assistant for voice control. If you don’t know how to control your devices, please refer to ‘How to control Smart Devices by Amazon Echo with voice commands’ or go to Amazon Alexa Support page for further information.Samsung SmartThings and NEST compatibility will be supported soon.
  • REMOTE ACCESS: Control devices connected to the Smart Switch wherever you have Internet using the free ‘Smart Life’ app on your tablet or smartphone (Compatible w/ Android 4.1 or higher & iOS8 or higher). No hub or subscription required.
  • SAFETY SCHEDULE TIMER: Take full control of your home or office lights thanks to the schedule timer that will allow you to plan the exact time lights and appliances are turned off. Save energy and money on bills by planning your electricity consumption every single day.
  • NOVELTY SENSITIVE TOUCH CONTROL: Unlike most similar products, Micmi light switch features a smart TOUCH CONTROL button. Chic, elegant flat surface, safely lit in the dark due to the LED light, it will definitely make a stylish addition to your room décor. NOTE: NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ELECTRICAL BOX WHICH HAVE AN OPENING less than 3-1/8′ (79mm).
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Use the Micmi Smart wifi Light Switch risk free for 60 days. If our WIFI Smart Light Switch In-Wall does not help you, we will refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.
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Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Material Smart home device material

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Certification Smart device certification

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Frequently asked question

Does it support 3 way switch?

You can create automations which work same as IFTTT but way faster and you can add more devices to the triggers and actions in Tuya, in fact it's instant. I compared IFTTT and found that it always triggers exactly 1 minute after with Tuya products. I tested IFTTT with other brands such as Lockitron and the triggers… see more You can create automations which work same as IFTTT but way faster and you can add more devices to the triggers and actions in Tuya, in fact it's instant. I compared IFTTT and found that it always triggers exactly 1 minute after with Tuya products. I tested IFTTT with other brands such as Lockitron and the triggers we're always triggering after 15 to 20 minutes. I created 2 automations for the stair case switch's where the 1st is if either is turned off then turn off each other and 2nd automation is if either is turned on then turn on each other. This is my 3-Way switch and it works instantly with each other In conclusion, triggers/automations with Tuya/Smart Life are always instant as if they are connected to each other.

Is this switch dimmable?

No, you need a different model that explicitly says dimmable. The more costly models do offer that feature. They must be z-wave capable too.

Does it fit us standard light box

Yes. But. If your box is old enough (say, 60 years like mine) then the wires (3-4 of them) in the box may be made of solid copper, 10 gauge?, 12 gauge?, and they're thick and hard to bend. The depth of this switch is such (1.25 inches from the back of its faceplate) that it might not fit. Check your available space first!

I have a router that doesn't support wps, can this work without wps??

Yes. It will work. You need to download the App, and setup each switch.

3 reviews for Smart Light Switch, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home IFTTT, App and Voice Control, Timing Function, No Hub Required, Suitable for 2/3/4 Box, Neutral Wire Needs MICMI, 2 Gang


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  • Anonymous

    One of THE best Smart Switches out there.

    With the growing trend of smart homes and smart home switches one can easily lose their mind when it comes to what to buy. When it comes to smart home light switches there are many options out there and many brands. As someone who’s very deep into technology let me help you in this area by telling you this is one of THE best if not THE best light switch money can buy. It’s a small non known major brand that many people will write off right from the back but let me assure you this this is awesome. I have at this point installed 4 of these and have yet had 1 glitch, issue, or concern. I use them all with our Alexa systems so can’t and wont comment on Google side but with Alexa these will all work flawlessly. The wiring may take another 5 minutes or more as it does require you to splice into the neutral but the rest is self explanatory. All in all the entire install process should take about 10 minutes or less. But, as I noted once it’s installed the rest is flawless. The design is beautiful, the build is perfect, and functionality is on the spot. My only wish would be to have this for a 3 way or a 2 way as it’s only available for a single pole switch only. If none of those terms make sense to you go ahead and Google them and make sure you are installing this for single pole only. Any other questions let me know I will be glad to help. I have now 4 of these and 2 have been up and running year + so know all about it inside and out.
    I am in no way associated with company and my reviews are all honest as the rest.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Until smart witfi true rocker-style switches are available, these are a good choice.

    These have been so reliable and work so good, I have installed them all over the house. I must have about 20. The only thing we don’t love about them is that the way to use them is not very intuitive. You’ll get the hang of it. We’ve learned to sort of fist bump them with your knuckles on the way out the door and it works reliably. But what are the people that visit your home going to do? Probably stare at it. Or push it and it won’t work the first time until they press a bit harder. That is not a great experience. It drove my wife nuts for a while, but she got over it. That being said. These are $15 per switch or less when on sale and they are reliable and other than the nit I just explained, they work great. I say buy these until somebody makes true rocker-style smart wifi switches. I think that is what we all want, it’s just nobody has it ….. yet.
    Finally, save yourself the long term risk and near term hassle and hire yourself a real electrician to install these and forget about installing these yourselves or a handyman. Did you know if you leave some of the copper exposed and not pushed all the way into the wiring hole, your switch could be arcing and overheating inside your wall and you’ll have no idea? That has happened to me and that isn’t the product’s fault, it’s poor installation and if I could given one nugget of wisdom to the guy that comes after me, it would be, forget about trying to save a buck on installation by hiring handymen or by doing it yourself. Get yourself an experienced electrician that will give you a good price by doing work on the side or use Amazon installation services and just be prepared for that cost. It seems like the market is about $30/switch (notice that is double your product cost …. you don’t want to have to pay this twice and three times). If you can find an actual experienced and conscientious electrician (the kind that will re-wire the other switches (the entire box) when he was not asked to when he finds your other switches weren’t wired well at risk of not being paid for it), hire that guy and keep hiring that guy for all your switches and when he gives you his low price take care of him and pay him what he really deserves. IMHO, unless you really are already some electrical genius, that’s the moral of my story and that’s what you want to do.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Must add on for smart homes !!

    In short – a must add on for any smart home. This works great and gives enough flexibility. Great build and good enough direction for installation to setup. Needs neutral wire so buy only if you are sure that you have one behind your electric boards.
    My home is smart but never installed any switches. Was relying on smart plugs and bulbs till now but kitchen has 7 bulbs via one switch , so had to try smart switch first time. My review is completely based on first hand experience of installation to usage.
    First go, it’s not so easy to install hardware for beginner like me. Opening board and figuring out the load/live/ground/neutral wires from a mess of wires might be fearful for first install but just refer any youtube videos and take your time to install first one. You will get addictive to these switches and i am sure you will be faster in installation from 2nd go.
    The switch itself needs enough room in board compared to default non-smart ones, but with some efforts you can fit into any board. However, you can’t put 2 such switches side by side in 2 gang board due to wide space of these new switches. It’s better to buy 2-gang model for that.
    Setup is easy via SMART LIFE app which basically i have been using for all my plugs and bulbs. However for some reason pairing failed for me in first attempt but alexa showed as new device found. Going back to home page of app, I was able to see the new device.
    After connection, everything is breeze. You can create routines and even set timer from the app. Loved the flexibility of smart switches.
    There might be other famous brand which are better but those are very costly compared to these.

    Verified Purchase

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