YoLink Smart Garage Door Solution Kit – Convert Any Garage Door to Smart in Seconds! Battery-Powered, No-Wires, No-Tools Super-Easy Installation. Compatible with Alexa & IFTTT

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StyleHub + Garge Door Kit 2
Assembly RequiredNo
  • World’s Longest Wireless Range: Powered by LoRa technology, the long-range yet low-power system offers the industry’s longest receiving range in the market (1/4 mile). Our long-range coverage enables its use in areas challenging for most residential Wi-Fi systems, such as basements, outdoor porch/patio areas, sheds, free-standing garages, even remote outbuildings on your property.
  • Universal: YoLink Finger is 100% compatible with all garage door openers. You can mount it on the side of your wall controller or mount it on the side of your garage door remote. In seconds, change all brands of garage door systems to a smart garage door system
  • Early-Warning Notifications: Receive real-time early-warning notifications in the form of smartphone banner alerts, limited SMS/text messages, and emails, each optional and configured per your needs. Please note: YoLink Garage Door Sensor does not alarm or chime, it only sends notifications, For an audible alarm, consider our Siren Alarm
  • From Simple to Super-Smart: After setting up your notification preferences, keep it simple and let the YoLink system do the rest and monitor your home and property for you. Or, utilize available advanced automation features, including 3rd-party integration with Alexa and IFTTT, to interact with other YoLink and 3rd-party smart devices. Limited only by your imagination!
  • Plug, Plug & Play! Plug Hub into an outlet, plug Hub into your router, scan in new devices, and enjoy your new system, in minutes! Your Hub is the only device that connects to the Internet, and a wired or WiFi connection is required (wired required for easy & fast Plug, Plug & Play, and most reliable and secure connection). WiFi connection set-up difficulty varies and requires changing settings to your network and/or your phone Changes to your network, passcodes, etc, require changes in the app.
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Frequently asked question

Why does the opener go threw so many batteries?

Thank you for your message. The YoLink Finger is powered by 2*AA Alkaline batteries, and the Garage Door Sensor is powered by 2*AAA Alkaline batteries. I guess there are some problems with the batteries, you need to change to the total new batteries and retry. Please do not mix the new batteries with the original batteries.

I've marantec synergy 270 model garage. Does it work with it?

Yes, Finger works with all garage door openers, it is a smart button bot, there is no limit. Thanks!

Can you buy just the finger separately? If I already have a hub?

Yes. But it is not available on Amazon yet. It is on the way to Amazon warehouse. It may be available sometime on June. Thank you!

Can I still use my present Car button and handheld and remote keyboard devices without interferenc or re-programing?

yes, they are independent of each other

6 reviews for YoLink Smart Garage Door Solution Kit – Convert Any Garage Door to Smart in Seconds! Battery-Powered, No-Wires, No-Tools Super-Easy Installation. Compatible with Alexa & IFTTT


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  • Anonymous

    Solved a major issue with my daily life

    My garage is in front of my house and instead of using the front gate to go in and out to go to the mailbox or take the trash out, I use my garage door. The problem was I didn’t want to have to take the garage door opener with me to close the garage door when I left. The fact that I can now use the phone to open and close my garage door is a major convenience. Also having the peace of mind to know that I didn’t leave the garage door open is awesome. Finally knowing when someone else in the house has opened or closed the garage is great too!

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  • Anonymous

    YoLink - Garage Door Controller and Door Sensor

    With the Garage Door Controller & Sensor I no longer have to worry about whether or not I have the the garage door open or closed, due to email or SMS notifications on my mobile phone. Or by IFTTT app it gives one the ability to control the events of when the door is opened or closed then to do certain things. Like for instance I have mine setup to call my mobile phone every time the garage door opens, as well as send me email notifications. Its one more thing that I can rest assure that I complete notification of all entry into the house. Also with the Yolink app I and the Garage Door Controller installed (very easy to do), I can open or close the Garage Door. The Yolink app displays the current status of the garage door at all times, all in all a great product by YoLink, and has helped to make my home smarter and my life easier.
    thank you,
    Chris W.

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  • Anonymous

    Great product, just didn't work for me

    This item works great. I see Lorawan being the future of home automation with 3+ year battery life and ¼ mile range. The problem I had with this is that it wasn’t strong enough to press my Craftsman garage door button so if you have a Craftsman door with the three button controller with temp display you might want to try a different product.

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  • Anonymous

    Brilliant Idea to convert any Garage Door to Smart!

    The garage door finger is a brilliant idea to turn the traditional garage door opener to a smart one. My Lift Master opener is around 8-9 years old and came with an App, which allows me to open or close the garage door, and set up a timer for how long to keep it open. However, it is an isolated App only for the Garage Door. I want to combine all of the doors(with motion sensors or door sensors or door locks), water leak sensors, sprinkler controller and Thermostat, etc. into one App. So it is great to add the Garage door into the my Yolink system.
    I love this finger and consider it as a very smart design since it is compatible with any garage door opener and there is no any real installation needed, just needs to scan the QR codes and peel off the cover of the tapes of the finger and sensor, stick the finger next to your opener, and the sensor to the top panel of the garage door, Done! Now I can check the garage door status and open or close it via Yolink App from anywhere.
    The only thing that I would suggest Yolink to improve in the APP is to add a progress indication for opening or closing the door, it is typically a few seconds of process to show the changed status.
    Overall, I am very happy with this finger and all of the Yolink products I have purchased and used in the last a couple of months.

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  • Anonymous

    Works well with some hiccups.

    The device has worked flawlessly since installation. Installation was a bit more difficult than I expected. I had to re-orient the control unit for the door in order to use your product. Also I was unaware that if I had purchased the unit as the cheaper kit I wouldn’t have been able to use it because it requires your hub to work.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Eats a lot of battery UPDATED 6/15/2020 TRASH!

    Update – This Garage door opener after 3 weeks has stopped working. This is utter trash, Skip buying this. Look for something else. I am now looking for something that works.
    (Amazon) Please pull this item off your website. People should know this is complete junk and should not be sold to anyone! Period!
    This opener, the problem is, is in just 3 days , i have recharged 4 AA’s just to run this unit. Works every time.
    This unit has like a 5 second delay after you press the open button.
    Getting alexa to work was fun. Voice does work, tho have to say a 4 digit code outloud isnt very cool.
    I do not understand why this was not made with 18650 batteries. Double A’s do not last long.
    I am looking for a new garage door opener. There is nobody that could afford 6 batteries a week. Crazy!

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