Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, Reolink Lumus 1080P HD Plug-in WiFi Camera for Home Security System, PIR Motion Detection, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Waterproof, Cloud/Micro SD Card Storage

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Special FeatureMotion Sensor
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  • COLOR NIGHT VISION: With built-in spotlights, Reolink Lumus delivers full-color videos even when there is no light source surrounded. You can see more valuable details to identify people, vehicles, and other objects at night.
  • PIR + MOTION DETECTION: The combination of motion detection and PIR detection has decreased false alerts significantly. Besides, you can set activity zones or adjust motion sensitivity and schedule to fit in any situation and minimize unwanted alarms.
  • MULTIPLE WAYS FOR ALARM: When motion is spotted, you’ll get instant alerts – push notifications on Reolink App and alert emails – to let you know someone is approaching your home. Also, its powerfully loud siren and custom voice alarm can deter intruders when in an emergency.
  • MULTIPLE RECORDING OPTIONS WITHOUT FEE: Insert a micro SD card (up to 128GB, not included) to save motion-triggered events, choose 24/7 continuous recording with Reolink NVR (optional), or customize scheduled recording. Get a free 7-day basic plan and upload your videos to Reolink Cloud.
  • TWO-YEAR WARRANTY: 2 years warranty is provided for each Reolink product and firmware maintenance will be launched on a regular basis to upgrade the function and experience.
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Features and specification

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

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3.9 x 3.58 x 2.36 inches


Reolink Lumus

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Frequently asked question

Can this camera zoom? And if so ¿how do you zoom?

Hello, sorry to tell you it does not support optical zoom. You might use the two-finger digital zoom instead. Or consider the models like the E1 series with optical zoom function.

Can I connect this camera directly to my home wiring 110v or do I need a special adapter or something?

Hello, the camera needs to be powered up by a specific DC 5V/2A power adapter(Included).

Can it operaTe in sub zero wearher

Hi, there. The camera might not work when the temperature gets lower than 14°F, but when you move it indoors, it'll operate fine again. Please try to use it under proper temperature, making sure the camera functions well.

Can the usb used also for data transfer, via powered usb hub for example?

Hi, there. No, I'm afraid not. It is merely used for power supply. If you have other ideas or concerns, please contact us via Amazon Message.

6 reviews for Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, Reolink Lumus 1080P HD Plug-in WiFi Camera for Home Security System, PIR Motion Detection, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Waterproof, Cloud/Micro SD Card Storage


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  • Anonymous

    Nice camera if you don't need web access

    This is a nifty little camera. It has nice video etc.. I wanted it specifically to go in my garage, and the spotlight is kind of a motion-detected night light kind of thing. It’s a lot of camera for $39. BUT.. This camera is essentially a camera built to connect to a NVR. Therefore, it DOES NOT support accessing the camera directly via a browser. If you use the reolink app, you will be happy. In my case.. that fact didn’t really affect me, since I am mostly using the camera to check the garage when someone comes home. I have far more capable cameras outside. I would not use this camera as a security camera if you don’t have a NVR. I tried to connect the Lumus to other apps like Tinycam etc.. and the camera can be discovered on the network.. but no video feed could be realized. This camera is terrific in the right circumstance.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy setup, extra features, and good video quality

    Update: Now that we’ve had it a minute, we’re still pleased. It is a little hiccupy on Google home, but we’re pretty ok with that. To be fair, it interrupts the music streaming to display the camera anyway, so we haven’t done it that way much at all. The notifications are usually prompt on both of our android phones. When there is a delay, I’m pretty sure it has to due with the sleep status of the phone and not with the camera, though that’s really just my theory. The picture quality is great. Being able to block sections out of the motion detection has worked nearly perfectly – the angle of the sun does affect some shadows stretching farther than what i have blocked in the morning, but I haven’t decided whether to draw over that part, leave it be, or set up times when notifications are off. It’s obviously not a big problem or I would have fixed it. So anyway, that’s the update. We haven’t needed to use the speaker or microphone, but we did test them. Neat things…you have to have the volume on your phone on to be able to hear the person! (Duh, I know. I always have mine turned off, though, so I just didn’t think about it at first). Also downloaded the PC version, which was easy to set up and streams perfectly with no hiccups. Very handy while working, since I can pull the camera up that way and not interrupt my streaming music. And the light is very bright, according to my husband, who has to leave super early in the am for work each day. ,)
    Original review: Snagged this camera on a flash sale, but I had already mostly decided on this brand for good reviews, reasonable pricing, storage options, and Google compatibility. Before installing it, I plugged it in and set it up to make sure everything would work. No need to drill holes in the house until you verify it’s not DOA! Setup if the camera and app was super easy, though there wasn’t really anything in the instructions about it. The hard part was belly crawling through our super tiny attic multiple times to map, plan, and fish wires. The plug doesn’t appear outdoor rated, but it didn’t make sense to us to plug it in outside, anyway. I mean, then someone could just unplug it, duh. So in the teeny tiny attic I went. After several trips and most of the afternoon, we finally got the wires where we wanted. Since I had already set it up to test, all that was left was to mount the camera, plug it in, take a ton of tylenol, have some beer, and wait until the next day to aim it. As far as mounting, it’s a nice and easy base, and they even include a little paper template to drill the holes for anchors. The night picture is before going back out to aim the camera, but you get the idea. The field of view is great. The motion detection is adjustable. Neat feature in there, too- you can mark off areas where you don’t want it to detect motion. I’ve marked off the top right corner where it’s still picking up the edge of the road and the paw print dangling toward the top left. Turned the motion detection down a few times to eliminate notifications for shadows, etc. Less than a day in and I think I’ve just about got it fine tuned to pick up a car in the driveway or a person walking up to the house, but to ignore headlights passing, leaves moving, etc. Picture quality seems great to me. I haven’t viewed it on the TV yet, but it’s more than enough resolution on a phone or Google hub display. I’ve played with saving pictures and videos. I’ve seen plenty of screenshots taken from a variety of other camera which were grainy, poorly lit, etc, and you wouldn’t be able to identify anyone. These are much more clear than most I’ve seen, in case we were to need to ID a person or anything. Also, motion push notifications are prompt. The spotlight is plenty bright enough. The night vision is clear, both in grayscale and when it automatically switches to color. Pleased with all aspects.

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  • Anonymous

    Ok camera

    I like the quality of the images on reolink but I have already gone through two camera replacements. They can be difficult to get up and going if you aren’t tech savvy but at least their customer service is great!

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing customer service

    I have 6 Reolinks and they are all great. I had an issue with one power adapter after several months and was not expecting quick responses excellent customer service. These guys are great to deal with.

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  • Anonymous

    Brilliant & Hide-able

    Love the small compact design that delivers big results. I have this outside my home in a non disclosed place and already sent two thieves to jail. I like that it had a two mic so you can talk to delivery people without having to interrupt their day letting them know the bottles of ice waters are for them as well as the cold face towels and the frozen are theirs to keep. I’m ordering more for the other side of my home

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  • Anonymous

    I install Cams at offices and homes via BizACT in Silicon Valley, and I am impressed.

    I (engineer) just finished running most of the initial tests on this camera and I am impressed. Well done Reolink!
    Please know that even though BizACT installs these cameras, I am not paid or get any benefit from writing this review. I was simply so impressed with Reolink’s accomplishment on this camera, I thought it deserved a free $225 evaluation/review, which is what it costs for me to do a evaluation and review of 1 cam, since it takes about 2 to 3 hours.
    * Camera packaging is good.
    * Camera quality build is good.
    * I am surprised there is no external antenna, and have concerns it may have wifi distance difficulties, and I have not tested signal reception yet.
    * The pic quality is very good.
    * FINALLY, a proper motion detection in this price range. The motion response is prompt, and accurate. The motion zone squares are small so you can define areas accurately.
    * It even has a feature that allows you to black out an area for privacy, especially useful if used in a bedroom as an example or if the recording of the content of a video monitor (like passwords typed) not wanted.
    * The mic sound pickup is okay, but it definitely needs to be improved by Reolink, but I was satisfied for the range considered.
    * The Siren sound is not super loud, even at the maximum setting. Suggests better/stronger speaker is needed.
    * The one feature I would have really like this cam to have is some kind of AI without payment, or freely given Human-only detection.
    * The app install went well.
    * The adding of Wifi went well.
    * Taking snap shots and video recordings WITHOUT A MEMORY CARD and without cloud service was pleasing, kept on phone’s memory.
    * Its flood light works well.
    * Night vision is very good.
    * The UI (User Interface, the App) is designed well for usage.
    * It’s power cord is long enough to go through any thickness/hole lengths.
    * It is a BIG problem not being able to set the Siren volume sound before the siren is enabled, since after you turn the siren on, and increase the volume and turn the siren off, then you need to turn it on again to reduce the volume, and volume adjustment response is poor, but it is just a momentary inconvenience.
    * I have not tried the memory card usage yet to see if there are any issues with retention or access of data, but judging by it’s software and hardware design so far, I do not expect any problems.
    * Also, the mount design is done brilliantly. I have not mounted it, but I can tell, it provides the ease of usage and movement needed.
    * It automatically turns on the flood lights upon motion detection.
    * One thing that MIGHT become a problem once installed/tested outside is that it HAS NO OVERHEAD COVER protection for rain and sun. So, I may end up seeing water droplets on the cam lens distort images.
    * To Reolink, if you want to add additional software features, I suggest adding ability to save data onto a local server (via NAS, or FTP, etc.), and Human-Detection-only setting.
    In summary, what really sets this camera apart from others in this price range and higher is its well done motion detection and motion control, and picture quality for both day and night, and truly usable flood light, and a well done UI.

    Verified Purchase

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