Lorex 4K Security Camera System, Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Cameras with Motion Detection, Color Night Vision & Smart Home Compatibility, 2TB 8 Channel Wired DVR, 8 Cameras

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Connectivity TechnologyWired
Video Capture Resolution2160p
Number of Channels8
Memory Storage Capacity2 TB
  • Complete Security Camera System – This system includes a DVR and 4K outdoor security cameras that provide ultra high-definition video quality for clear recordings
  • Active Deterrence – Each camera has a motion-activated LED warning light and a remote-triggered siren for an added level of security
  • Smart Motion Detection – Only sends alerts when a person or vehicle is detected and not for motion from moving branches or animals
  • Color Night Vision – Get full color video in low light settings, or crisp black and white video in dark nighttime conditions with the infrared LEDs, up to 150 feet
  • Weatherproof Cameras – These cameras can withstand rain, snow, wind, and temperatures ranging from -40 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Product Dimensions

20 x 16 x 16.3 inches

Power Source



Item Weight

Compatible Devices

Connectivity Technology

Video Capture Resolution

Signal Format

Low light technology

Number of Channels

Memory Storage Capacity

Other camera features

Night Vision Range

Video Input

Product guides and documentsSpecification Sheet (PDF)User Guide (PDF)

Frequently asked question

How long are the bnc cables that are supplied?

The included camera cables are 60ft/18m long.

It’s this coming with the wires?

Yes, all wires necessary to install and operate the system are included.

Can i run the software with Windows Vista Home?

It may work, but Lorex cannot guarantee compatibility with Windows Vista as it is no longer a supported operating system.

Can I view remotely on my windows PC?


6 reviews for Lorex 4K Security Camera System, Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Cameras with Motion Detection, Color Night Vision & Smart Home Compatibility, 2TB 8 Channel Wired DVR, 8 Cameras


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  • Anonymous


    I bought this system for home security and I live in Iowa where it gets very cold. All of the cameras were positioned underneath the eaves of the house 22 feet in the air. Rain and snow should never have touched them. After 1 winter 4 of the 8 cameras don’t work. Including one that I replaced once last July and it still remained blurry and then as seen in the picture which is a screenshot from the app that is what you see all the time now. A driveway still from January. Even if I was to say I had not used the best installer there is no explanation for the still frame. The other 3 cameras just dropped working on the southwest corner I’m guessing during a wind storm the low quality and durability probably ruined them…I have no idea. So much for weatherproof.
    The customer service is possibly the worst I’ve ever had. If not the worst they are a close second and in 43 years old. Upon calling I wasted time in frustration being asked ridiculous questions. Are you using our power cord? Yes. Who did you buy it from, on Amazon the vendor was Lorex, so I said from Amazon through Lorex. They tried to dispute saying that many vendors sell on Amazon and I was like…it has your customer service number. They literally asked me what are the Ohms on the power cord…I said how would I know im an accountant. No person should be ever put through such garbage and hassle customer service.
    Lastly for the few months it did work the picture quality saying 4K is a joke. The thing you need to realize with camera systems is range. If the range is 8 to 10 feet like this trash and you put it up high or not right in front of a burglars face, you can’t make out anything including license plates of parked cars.
    Do not buy and find a good quality contractor locally so you don’t have to go through this nightmare.

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  • Anonymous

    Exceptionally Poor Customer Service

    The cameras provide amazing quality pictures. The DVR stopped communicating with the network within a few days of installation. I was on the phone with a technician for more than 1.5 hours and could not get the problem resolved. There was no MAC address on the DVR and the tech recommended resetting my router so they could access my system. When he finally determined that the DVR needed to be replaced, I was told it would take 10-14 days. I had to request a supervisor 5 times before a supervisor finally came on the line. The supervisor agreed to get the new DVR to me in 5 days. 7 days later, I still have not received it. Despite the excellent camera quality, I do not recommend Lorex. Customer service was exceptionally poor.

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  • Anonymous

    Decent system for price.

    Analog system works great, excellent clarity. When resolution is set to 4K the 2TB drive is good for about 72 hours, which is the main negative. Will need to look into extra storage options, if at all possible. The mobile app is not great, but you can still access the live feed without issue. Controlling the individual camera features on the mobile app is where you start to have issues. Making these changes on the system itself works fine. The light under the camera can be turned on and will stay on for only 10 seconds at a time.

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure yet

    I bought for security at my camp house…worked good for about two weeks and quite working. Not sure what’s wrong, thought maybe camp lost power and camera’s need rebooting. Got to camp rebooted system, still don’t work.

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  • Anonymous

    Great Buy, Simple Setup, Clear Picture!!

    We’ve purchased these cameras to place on the outside of our home. Set up was a fairly simple process and the quality and clarity of the picture is superb. We are happy with the purchase and will be sure to recommend to family and friends!!

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing system

    Great system. Picture quality is hi res even in zoom. Links up great with their doorbell. Those people that complain are wrong

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