BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub-WiFi IR/RF Blaster for Home Automation, TV, Curtain, Shades Remote, Smart AC Controller, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT (RM4 pro)

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Special FeatureVoice control, App control
Compatible DevicesHome Theater
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Controller TypeIFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, HomeKit
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Support RF (315MHZ & 433MHz) controlled devices such as curtain/shades motor, projector, light switch. Pls make sure your appliance does not use rolling code, Support 50,000+ IR controlled entertainment and life appliances, such as TV, Air Conditioner, Set top box, Streaming player, Amplifier, Sound Bar… Online updated IR library ensures the compatibility for new models. Manual learning is also available.
  • TV / AC CONTROL: Voice control your TV with On/Off, Volume control, Change channel by number/name, Switch input, Play, Fast forward, Rewind, Pause, Stop, Previous, Next…Voice control your aircon with On/Off, Temperature, Fan speed, mode. With free easy-to-use BroadLink App, you can remotely control your IR/RF devices no matter you are at home or away. Note: you can visit our website to confirm if your IR appliances is compatible with our devices: PARTNERSHIPS – APPLIANCE(IR).
  • VOICE CONTROL AND IFTTT: Works with Alexa or Google Assistant and IFTTT (“BroadLink” skill/service) . Simple setup with Amazon Echo or Google Nest to easily voice control your IR devices, and more home automation settings can be added by IFTTT. Siri voice control is also available on phone.
  • FEATURES: Create multiple timers and customized scenes as you need to control your Home Infrared/RF appliances. Frequency ranges are 305~335MHz & 430~440MHz, with fixed code, not rolling code.
  • QUALITY & TECH SUPPORT: NOTE: Require a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. If you have any issues on device connecting, pls contact our support team any time. Some special curtain motor and ceiling fan may not supportted, you can consult us before purchasing.
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Frequently asked question

There are 2 RM4 Pro listed on the store's page with different prices, both have no sensor cables, is there any difference between them?

Both are called an RM4 Pro, but in the description, one says it has TWO radio frequencies, 433 and 315MHz, while the other only says 433MHz. I have ceiling fan remotes that I believe work on the 315 frequency, so one can control them, and the other can't. I hope I get the dual-frequency one that ordered, but it doesn't… see more Both are called an RM4 Pro, but in the description, one says it has TWO radio frequencies, 433 and 315MHz, while the other only says 433MHz. I have ceiling fan remotes that I believe work on the 315 frequency, so one can control them, and the other can't. I hope I get the dual-frequency one that ordered, but it doesn't inspire confidence when the seller of both says they are the same. It means either the specs are wrong, or the seller was too lazy or careless to give the correct answer.

Can the unit learn the rf code for a 315 mhz car fob?

No, car fob has the factory private RF agreement. The frequency is encryptted, our device can't recognize the signal, or anyone can open it.

Is there any difference between the rm3 pro and rm4 pro?

Our RM4pro smart remote is an updated version with more compact in size, more database supports in compatibility, and better response in performance. It will come with a special sensor cable, which can real-time monitor and display room temperature and humidity in the App, allows you to set routines with the data.

Does it work with cox contour dvr? (rf uhc remote).

RM4pro is a IR/RF remote. Our remote support RF range 315 (305~335MHz) and 433 (430~440MHz), fixed code.

4 reviews for BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub-WiFi IR/RF Blaster for Home Automation, TV, Curtain, Shades Remote, Smart AC Controller, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT (RM4 pro)


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  • Anonymous

    Improving control

    Update 27-Oct-20: Changing from 2 stars to 4 as the vendor has really spent time effort and communication with me showing real interest to increase compatibility and correct issues. I’ve also learned a bit more about IR remote control – there are a lot of different protocols/techniques used and there is no standard. So it’s very challenging – probably impossible – to be 100% compatible with every IR device. Fortunately, one of the main things I want to be able to control with this looks like they will be able to get working!
    Update 19-Oct-20: Changing from 1 to 2 stars as the vendor has replied – so far not any fix. Read updates at bottom.
    Have wasted lot of time with this poorly engineered product, and the bottom line is: It WILL NOT connect to my TP-Link Archer A7 router (2.4ghz wireless).
    I have tried lots of things, including even disabling wireless security, changing the support for A/B/G/N, etc. The same thing happens every single time: this Broadlink device makes attempt to connect to the router, but it fails. I can see the Broadlink mac address as it connects to the router with 100% signal quality, and it shows in the wireless devices for a second or two, disappears, and will keep repeating the unsuccessful connection attempt.
    I have a spare older Netgear router, and in my troubleshooting set it up. This Broadlink will connect to it – but it’s not the router I want to use. So, is the problem the TP-Link or this Broadlink? I would have to say it’s the Broadlink because I have never had a problem connecting any wifi device to the TP-Link, including Amazon echo devices, Google home devices, smart plugs, smart thermostats, phones, notebook computers, etc., etc., etc.
    Extremely disappointed, but not entirely surprised as I look at other reviews. As I see it, there’s something funky about the wifi setup/firmware on this device and it will work with some 2.4ghz routers, but definitely not all. So, even if it works for you, would you want a device that may not work in the future if you change/upgrade your router?
    UPDATE 1: Was ready to request RMA to send it back, and thought, well maybe I should at least see how it would work if it could connect to my network, so I hooked my old Netgear router up to the Internet, connected my phone and setup the Broadlink device. After it connected and finished the initial setup, it immediately downloaded from the internet new firmware. Aha. So, with that maybe it will connect to the router I actually use? I then put the TPLink back to the net and the Broadlink back to setup mode and….. It now connects to the TPLink router….
    SO, we have a product that ships with bad firmware that prevents it from connecting to at least some routers/wifi, and the only way to fix it is to connect to a router/wifi and download new firmware! What really needs to happen is the vendor needs to re-flash these things before sending them out as new product….
    UPDATE 2: After getting the hub on my network, started adding my remotes. No issue with TV, but had immediate issue with my set-top-box which is a Cisco ISB7150 – a ‘cable’ box with DVR provided by Hawaiian Telcom for their ‘cable’ provided by fiber using IP technology. I didn’t find the remote listed by BroadLink, so tried to add it as custom. No matter what I tried, it would not learn a single button. Believe me, I tried and tried and tried. I have 2 remotes that can operate the stb – the one provided by Hawaiian Telcom (URC 2025B1-BB) and my old Logitech Harmony 650 which is perfectly able to learn any of the remote codes and is in the Logitech database. Almost ready to give up, I noticed a BroadLink database listing for: Iptv Cisco! (Under ‘I’ not ‘C’). Well, that worked for the basic function of the stb, but none of the DVR-related keys are programmed, and many of the ‘less-used’ set-top buttons as well are not there – with no success in getting BroadLink to learn any of them.
    I rec’d the product from Amazon on Sat. BroadLink support is ‘5×24’ no Sat/Sun. But on Monday I did receive an email response from BroadLink to my problems. They acknowledge firmware update can resolve some compatibility issue with wifi (but that’s catch-22 for most people as it requires connecting to a different router before it can be fixed and there’s absolutely no mention of this potential issue anywhere). And, I was told they will change the database listing from ‘Iptv Cisco’ to ‘Cisco Iptv’. And, I was asked more about the remote that can’t be learned as if they are interested in addressing that. Will see what happens….
    Finally, my ultimate goal is to use this with Alexa, and that does seem to work, but until I can get the STB remote functionality, it’s too limited to be useful.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great Way to Automate Remote Controlled Blinds

    I purchase eight battery powered remote controlled solar window shades from Lowes a couple years ago, I had to press button on the remote control to lift the shades up or down, when I’m out of town on vacation I wanted a way to open and close the shades and the BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub-WiFi IR/RF Blaster solved my problem, the BroadLink app is very easy to use, now I can program the shades to automatically lift up in the morning and down in the evenings without having to press the remote button, all eight blinds left up or down at the same time.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Mostly OK.

    Installed easily enough, controls my TV and integrated with Alexa. My only grip is with the instructions. They are printed in a 0.2 font, using a gray color. Impossible to read and near impossible to photograph. I went to the company website and that was no better. Hey! Not everyone has superhuman vision. How about making instructions for normal people??

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Nice and Economical Way to Make IR and RF Device Integrate with Smart Home Assistants

    I have the RM4Pro now controlling 8 banks of lights (14 sockets) that were previously just controlled with a 433.29 [Mhz] BN-Link remote and 315 [MHz] Westek RF remote. The RM4Pro is also controlling my Sony receiver, Samsung TV, and Samsung DVD player. The IR signal strength is very good, and works in the same room from about 25 feet away and through a metal grate in the cabinet doors. The RF signal strength is also very good, and I control sockets in cabinets and on different floors of my house. The RM4 Pro is very stable on the WiFi network and I have never had it drop or not be found.
    However, the Broadlink app is not more convenient than a physical remote control, and is less well laid out, and has less button mapping, than the apps that come with my receiver, DVD, Lights, etc. The real improvement is the ultimate goal of controlling the RM4Pro with my smart home assistant. I use G—-e H–m Assistant (‘GHA’), one of the two Alexa competitors. And this works pretty well. The switches have to be set up as ‘bulb’ in Broadlink, or GHA won’t recognize them. The control with GHA for the receiver/DVD is basic: on and off. But I really only wanted to control the lights, and the other device on-off control is really “gravy.” If you want to control more, like volume, changing source, etc., you should use the Broadlink app, physical remote, app that came with the device, or set up scenes in Broadlink (then you have to use the ‘activate scene’ terminology in GHA).
    Con: I accidentally included sub-devices, temperature and humidity, when setting up the RM4Pro, and I cannot find a way to remove them without starting all over. Given how long it took to learn all the remotes and buttons, I actually ordered the sensor cable so that they will be functional rather than have to set everything up again. The sensor and humidity are interesting, in that they confirm my thermostat readings and are more precise (to two decimal points).
    Note: The RM4Pro cannot control Bluetooth controlled devices, like a PS4 or FireTV, but they do not advertise that they do, and could not do so without cooperation from the manufacturers anyway.
    Con: If you have a 5 [MHz] and 2.4 [MHz] WiFi broadcasting the same SSID, you have to disable the 5 [MHz] when setting up, or the device won’t connect.
    Con: I had some trouble getting the RM4 Pro to connect to my WiFi LAN. I tried about 7 times, and, after the Broadlink app connected to the device, it just kept failing when trying to send the SSID and password to the device. I tried in AP mode and smart mode. I unplugged it and re-plugged it several times, and one time and it finally worked. Be persistent and keep resetting the device. Once set up though, it has been rock-solid.
    Con: This device does not come with a USB power supply. You must supply a USB micro that can put out at least 1 amp. I tried an old supply that put out 0.7 amps, and the device was flaky with this underpowered power supply.
    Overall, this Broadlink device paired with RF/IR is a much cheaper way to get smart on-off control than buying lots of smart lamp sockets individually. I’m already paying a significant amount to control overhead lights with Lutron’s Caseta hub system as I slowly replace switches for $150 a pop as I get the version with the built-in preset and matching Pico remote and pedestal.
    Conclusion: I’m actually very happy the RM4 Pro solution the more I use it. Now I am going to buy some of the RM4 Pro’s little brothers, the IR-only remotes, to hit some IR fans in other rooms. Looking at some information on-line, it looks like I’ll get the on-off functionality with GHM easily, and will have to use Broadlink’s scenes for oscillate, speed, etc.
    2021.06.10 update: Con – No Ethernet over USB support, so must use WiFi.

    Verified Purchase

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