Geeni LUX Edison B11 Filament WiFi LED Smart Bulb, B11 Candelabra, 4W, E12 Base, Dimmable, White Light, Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home – No Hub Required- 4 Pack

Special FeatureSet schedules, Dimmable, Save Energy, Voice control with Alexa and The Google Assistant., Group BulbsSet schedules, Dimmable, Save Energy, Voice control with Alexa and The Google Assistant., Gr…
Light TypeLED
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Wattage4 watts
Light ColorWhite
  • WI-FI LIGHT BULBS: Easily control your lights from across the room or across the country with just your voice or the Geeni app (iOS, Android). Geeni smart bulbs have Wi-Fi built right in for simple set up so you’ll never get caught in the dark again.
  • NO HUB REQUIRED: These Geeni Wi-Fi light bulbs require no hub or smart plugs to set up or use. Simply download the app, twist in bulbs and connect! Our customer support team is available 7 days a week via email and live chat to assist as needed.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Geeni LUX CANDLE B11 Light Bulb is only compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. It is an energy-efficient lighting option at only 4 Watts but still bright at 360 lumens—the equivalent of a 40-Watt incandescent bulb.
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: With the Geeni app, you can control your hubless smart light bulbs from anywhere. Set a lighting schedule, adjust brightness, and turn on/off with a touch of a button. Lights can also be grouped or kept separate.
  • VOICE CONTROL: In addition to the smartphone app, Geeni smart bulbs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and so they can be controlled by voice, creating a truly customized home lighting experience
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Features and specification

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

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Included Components

‎4 x B11 Smart Bulbs

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

If I use these in my ceiling fan will I be able to tell my hub to turn just the lights off or will it shut off entire fan?

They should work for your fan, that’s what I have mine in. The only problem you might have is how you control them. If they are shut off and on (the fan and lights) with the same switch, you can’t turn off the fan with the switch anymore. You have to leave the switch on all the time for the bulbs to work. I have a remo… see more They should work for your fan, that’s what I have mine in. The only problem you might have is how you control them. If they are shut off and on (the fan and lights) with the same switch, you can’t turn off the fan with the switch anymore. You have to leave the switch on all the time for the bulbs to work. I have a remote for my fan, so I can leave the light switch on all the time. If you don’t have a remote, you might have to turn the fan off and on with the pull chain.

Can these be used outdoors?


Will the E12 bulbs work with my Alexa environment without an app on my phone?

You need app for initial setup. After that the app is no longer needed.

Can the bulbs be used in a glass fixture on an outdoor covered porch?

The manufacturer will probably say no that they’re for indoor use only but I have another brand bulb on my front porch for years. It’s installed in a covered fixture mounted high so even slanted rain can’t hit it. Also, I’m in southeast PA so we get temp swings with the seasons.



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  • Anonymous

    Setup was infuriating and dimming is not great, let's see how this goes

    The good:
    about $10 a bulb for candelabra-base bulbs, instead of literally $50 each for Hue candelabra color bulbs or $35 for two Hue white candelabra bulbs. I need six bulbs for my chandelier, so this was the biggest pro.
    Classic candle shape bulb, not as chunky as the weird faux-flame LED bulbs I was replacing. These look like they’d work well with miniature clip-on shades if that’s the look you’re going for.
    Warm white light – 2700K is what the bulbs I was replacing put out as well, not bad light for a dining room.
    They are dimmable.
    Alexa integration was pretty seamless.

    The bad:
    Setup was infuriating and help options through the app were not helpful at all. Finally, in an act of desperation I reset my router and that enabled me to set up the bulbs. While they were in pre-setup mode, they flashed the whole time- half quickly, half slower, all strobey and headache-inducing(see video.)
    Even 1% is still pretty bright – yes, turning the whole fixture to 1% does appreciably dim the room, but I was hoping for a little more range. 100% should obviously be bright, but 1% in these bulbs feels equivalent to 15% from my Hue bulbs. The photo of the fixture shows the left bulb at 1% and the two on the right at 100%.
    Not tunable at all, despite what they say. If warm/cool white light color range is important to you, I’d maybe go with the color bulb version – but those were out of stock for another two weeks so I figured ‘if I can tune the white light, these will do what I need!’ You cannot tune these from bright/cool white to a warm white. They do thankfully sit at an agreeable light temp for the room I’m using them in, but the product description says ‘tunable white’ when it should say ‘dimmable warm white’
    The app is hot garbage. Thankfully now that they’re up and working, I will hopefully not interact with it again until it’s time to replace a bulb with one of the two extras I have since they were sold in sets of 4 and I needed 6. It’s not clear how to group bulbs into a room or a fixture, and while I’m all in favor of being multilingual, maybe not in the same app? there’s a setting in the ‘smart scenes’ tab that is clearly on and off, but is not labeled in English. Only after messing around with it did I realize you apparently need to create one entry to turn the lights in a scene on and another entry to set their brightness. Like I said, not planning to interact with the app with any regularity, but if I have to have an app for these lights, it could be better.
    The actual bulb base is longer than either of the bulb types I was replacing, so they sit higher in the fixture and look a little wonky and bobblehead-y. There’s also a weird silicone-ish collar around the base of the bulb that I don’t know the purpose of – it’s see through and blends with the bulb, but what is it?

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  • Anonymous

    No problems on my end

    I wanted lights that showed the cool filliment inside, but were also alexa enabled. Lot’s of the more affordable lights are all frosted over and plastic.

    These were exactly what I was looking for. I would have really loved if they also could transition from Daylight to SoftWhite but beggers can’t be choosers.

    People said they had issues with it connecting to alexa, or constant blinking issues, but i haven’t ran into that. Been using for 2 days now. Followed the instructions and they all connected just fine.

    The chandelier is in the back patio so it’s at least 30 feet away from the router but it all works great!

    Granted I will say that dimmed setting 100% to 10% are still pretty damn bright. Which is fine with me, but that comment from other customers is true.

    In either case- I love em, they look like old school filiment bulbs but are smart enabled. Exactly what I wanted. Posted a photo of it during the day and at night with the lights on.

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  • Anonymous

    1 bulb did not work

    1 of the 4 bulbs would not connect

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  • Anonymous

    A little tricky to get all four...

    Having all four on the same lighting fixture and getting them ALL to cooperate was challenging. You’ll find the first and the second are no problem, but then the others force you to do the reset process, which then resets them all again. So the reset process is flick the on/off light switch 3 times slow…then you can re-install. Further, Alexa struggled a bit with them, but Google Assistant handled it with out issue, after Google took over, Alexa did seem to fall in line. Strange. Anyway, I needed the dimming feature to be darker as a home defense/security feature, but it’s not dim enough. Oh well, can’t win them all, just glad I was able to find all four for $37 versus 1 for $40 at best buy.

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  • Anonymous

    Expensive, they don’t dim much, good warmth compared to others

    The level of dimness you can adjust is minimal and hard to notice. I could not figure out how to set all bulbs as a lamp on the app. You have to turn on/off and adjust dimness for each bulb one at a time. I paid more money to have the feature of controlling via app and ability to dim. I was let down by the degree to which these features function.

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  • Anonymous

    Geeni bulbs are easy to install and high quality...

    Geeni has been the most straight forward smart light bulb I’ve ever installed. But that’s probably because I learned my lesson from previous fails. So here’s the most important tip… Be sure you are on 2.4 ghz wifi. This is very important, and was the source of my rookie headaches. If you have Frontier Fios, check to see if you’re on TOTAL WIRELESS. It’s a feature that allows you to have one wi-fi SSID and it will simply auto optimize and switch to 2.4 or 5.0 ghz for your devices. By default this feature should be disabled, but I had enabled it a long time ago and forgot. If you have this enabled, you need to disable it for the set-up process to go smooth. You do this in your router admin. You will need to download the Geeni app to go through the set-up process. After your bulbs are all set-up, you can return to total wireless if you wish. To connect to Alexa, you need to go through the add device process in the Alexa app, and select Geeni. It will then relay you to the Geeni app where you make the registration. You then go back to the Alexa app and enable the Geeni SKILLs. I hope one day, there is some sort of coalition/unification app for all smart devices and bulbs. I am managing way too many apps. LOL! 5-Stars!

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