Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Security Camera with Motion Detection | IR Night Vision | Ultra Wide Angle Lens & 2-Way Talk – Includes 16GB SD Card [Requires existing doorbell Wiring]

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Recommended Uses For ProductVideo Doorbell
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensor
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
  • ULTRA-WIDE COVERAGE – Clear 1080p resolution and an ultra-wide 160-degree field of view.
  • NIGHT VISION – Clear coverage, day or night with the video doorbell’s infrared LEDs. When light levels drop, the IR night visions provide clear night vision up to 33ft(10 m)
  • LOCAL STORAGE WITH NO MONTHLY FEES – Each doorbell comes with a built-in 16GB microSD card, which provides you with ample storage space and no monthly fees.
  • TWO-WAY TALK – Listen and speak to anyone on your doorstep with the built-in mic and speaker, using the Lorex Home app.
  • LOREX HOME APP – Monitor your home or business from anywhere with the Lorex Home app for Android and iPhone. Just install the app and scan your system’s unique QR code to connect your security system to your phone.
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Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Product Dimensions

1.7 x 1 x 4.7 inches



Item Weight

Product guides and documentsSpecification Sheet (PDF)User Guide (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Kind of a silly question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere. Can the chime for this doorbell be customized to different chimes?

no you cannot.

How wide is this doorbell cameta

The product dimensions are 1.7 inches/45mm wide x 1 inch/25mm deep x 4.7 inches/120mm tall.

Wil this camera show up on my wired lorex 1080p security system? Will the system record this cameras video to its hard drive?

It won’t show up on the actual hard drive. It has its own memory card that it records to. It does show in the app which can be used for live viewing as well as accessing the memory card. If you us the app for accessing your wired camera views the doorbell will appear on the same page but not on your hard drive

Does this doorbell detect people or just movement?

The doorbell detects general motion within its field of view.

6 reviews for Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Security Camera with Motion Detection | IR Night Vision | Ultra Wide Angle Lens & 2-Way Talk – Includes 16GB SD Card [Requires existing doorbell Wiring]


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  • Anonymous

    So far so good

    Granted it’s only been a few days since I installed this doorbell, but so far so good. The main issue I had installing was mounting it on my wood trim. It doesn’t lay flush so the little itty bitty screw they enclose to go up into the bottom of the unit doesn’t work. Right now I have one that is too long sticking out until I get a little shorter screw.

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  • Anonymous

    Good camera/motion detection. Fairly complex Installation. Needs good Internet service!

    Warning: This is long and detailed.
    We chose Lorex for our first video doorbell purchase because of good Consumer Reports ratings, the fact that they’re an established security company (not a consumer-hyped name like Ring, which works but has data privacy problems), and the fact that video storage is LOCAL, not in the cloud (that’s IMPORTANT–see below). We are pretty satisfied now, but installation and operation have been a bit disappointing. Be SURE you have adequate Internet speed.
    Installation in our 20-year-old home with a limestone exterior wasn’t a do-it-yourself job. Our ‘handymam’ daughter did the physical & electrical stuff, expanding the old doorbell hole in the limestone wall for a secure fit, etc. The advertising didn’t tell us about having to check the doorbell transformer–usually located in the attic–for appropriate voltage before installation. We needed to shim the unit in order to cover more of our porch, but it was still impossible to cover both a person’s face and the porch floor (where packages would be left). Otherwise physical installation went OK.
    Connecting the WiFi functions was another story. Following the instructions wasn’t easy for me. The QR image referred to in the WiFi instructions is on the BACK of the doorbell, hard to access if you’ve already done the installation. (Tip: Take a picture of it before installing.) A duplicate QR code is on a VERY small sticker inside the box, with a very tiny device ID number for manually entering the QR information. I had to get a good light and a magnifying glass to read it.
    Once the software was enabled, basic response by the doorbell itself was good–an ‘event notice’ popped up on my phone almost immediately with either a doorbell ring or motion in the vicinity–BUT, our marginal rural Internet speeds made the video and audio functions non-usable (4-5 second delays, and no ability to play back recorded events). Our ISP tweaked our Internet connection to fix that, but it’s still a bit jerky. Rebooting the doorbell software helped, as did setting the video resolution to standard definition (SD rather than HD). Apparently, the video and audio functions require the cloud even though storage is on the doorbell’s own microSD card. (If I were doing this again, I’d search for a unit that doesn’t use the cloud for anything except software updates.)
    The only way to delete past events is to remove the doorbell (with the included special, small torque screwdriver, then find the SD card, remove it, put in into your computer, wipe some or all of the files, replace it (or insert a new one), and re-hang the doorbell. That’s good for being sure saved video isn’t accidentally changed or deleted, and making it hard for bad guys to mess with the recording, but it’s a PAIN for routine deletions or replacing a full card, especially if, like us, you mounted the doorbell a few inches above a masonry shelf and have trouble getting the screwdriver underneath it. (DO NOT lose the torque screwdriver, it’s got a special head that’s different from most of those you find in a hardware store.)
    The on-phone adjustments (setting resolution & notifications, sharing function with a second phone, etc.) are a little difficult to locate. I was able to set up my wife’s phone to share the doorbell signals & videos, but it wasn’t as intuitive as the instructions suggested. The unit requires a smartphone or Alexa-like device. I haven’t tried to share it with my Windows laptop.
    Finally, if you ‘share’ your video feed with others, such as a neighbor or police department, it’s IMPORTANT that you understand that accidental private–or embarrassing–video is also shared. If you step out in your skivvies to pick up a delivery or newspaper, the motion sensor video will send it to them (and save it–which is another reason to have local storage rather than using the cloud).

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  • Anonymous

    Very good product that does not require a subscription fee

    Small unit with big bang for your buck. I like this unit as it works great and is easy to set up. Camera is good day and night and with night vision you get a very good almost clear picture. Best part is there is NO subscription or payment for service. It runs and save the video on a SD card that comes with it. Hooks up to already existing doorbell and runs through an app. A good buy for sure

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  • Anonymous

    Good quality, had some trouble installing it

    I have Lorex security cameras on my house, so I bought this to have a one-stop shop – it’s convenient to view all of the cameras from one app. All of the cameras are decent quality. After a little research, we decided a wired doorbell would work better – I’ve read too many reviews on battery-operated systems being a pain to keep replacing the batteries. The doorbell was a little challenging to install – the wires kept popping off if I screwed them down too tight and falling off if I didn’t screw them down enough. I used the extensions that were included because they were connected to a washer. This created a problem with too much stuff behind the camera making it difficult to mount. I finally had to mill a larger hole in the block I fashioned to sit on top of my brick molding, which worked. The hole at the bottom to secure the unit in place could be oval instead of round to allow for a slight tilt upwards to the camera. Doorbells are not normally head height. I can see the whole person while approaching the door but can’t see their head when standing too close. In all, I’m happy with the product.

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  • Anonymous

    Great Product

    I purchased this doorbell to replace our Ring doorbell. I have owned three different versions of the Ring doorbell, by far I like this Lorex much better. I don’t get as many unwanted motion detection‘s, the night camera works great and I like the fact that my video is recorded on the device and not in the cloud. Plus, this is free and I don’t have to charge up a battery, which was becoming a hassle on my Ring. I have been using the Lorex for a few weeks and like it very much. I’ve only experienced some minor issues, which are nothing compared to my Ring device. I have not had the need to call technical support. I am a 65 year old female and installed this on my own as well as the inside doorbell attachment, very easy.

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty good over all

    Over all it works pretty good, installation isn’t too hard and it works reliably. The app could use be a little more user friendly and the motion detection on a busy street could be better. But over all it seems to work pretty good.

    Verified Purchase

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