Smart Light Switch with BT Remote, WiFi Wall Switches Work with Alexa/Google Home Voice Control, Smart Life App, No Hub Required, Single Pole 1 Way, Standard Plate, Neutral Wire Needed, 15A 800W

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Operation ModeVoice & Remote
Current Rating15 Amps
Operating Voltage100 Volts (AC)
Contact TypeNormally Closed
Connector TypePlug In
BrandAvatar Controls
  • Convenient WiFi Wall SwitchPairing the smart swith to remote, very practical to helps you turn off the lights wherever in the house from your cozy bed especially in cold winter. You can also control the remote smart light switch from anywhere through the Avatar Controls APP. Make your smart life now
  • BT Remote & Voice ControlWith the Smart Light Switch, FOUR control ways are available for you choosing: VOICE, BT REMOTE, APP, and MANUAL. Control the lights was super easy for the aged and children
  • Alexa Light SwitchThe Bluetooth remote light switch was compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Control your devices through Voice Control, enjoy hands-free experience by giving simple command to your hub
  • Countdown Timer & ScheduleThis smart wall switch support BT remote and Wifi control, creat your smart switch to automatically turn on at dusk and trun off at dawn by APP built-in timer and schedule. Set your routine to get kids sleep better and save your pocket money
  • Easy Installation Smart Life SwitchAC100V~240V, 15A, maximum 800 watt. You can follow the detailed installation steps in the manual to install this wifi light switch. There is a video for your reference too. SPECIAL REMINDER : Neutral Wire needed by this remote light switch
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


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Special Features

Batteries Included?

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Product Dimensions

‎2.76 x 2.76 x 1.97 inches

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Certification Smart device certification

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Assembled Diameter

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Product guides and documentsUser Guide (PDF)User Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Will the remote provided still work if there is no wifi available?

The remote operates independent of your WiFi network so yes, it will work.

My old house only has two wires going to the switch. How would I install this?

Most existing light switches only have 2 wires - A hot and a load wire, going to the light. *Usually* in the back of the outlet box you will also have a white, neutral wire which doesn't go to the switch. So long as you have that white wire accessible in your switch box, you CAN use this switch

will this work for fluorescent tube lights?

Yes. The smart switch works for all kinds of light with max. 800W. But it is not a dimmer switch.

Can this work without neutral line?

Sorry, it can't. The neutral line is required.

5 reviews for Smart Light Switch with BT Remote, WiFi Wall Switches Work with Alexa/Google Home Voice Control, Smart Life App, No Hub Required, Single Pole 1 Way, Standard Plate, Neutral Wire Needed, 15A 800W


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  • Anonymous

    Read instructions

    I have a light switch that is located wrong. This was perfect solution to resolve this.

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  • Anonymous

    Great Switch With Issues

    I have wanted something like this for quite some time, however this switch as described by the manufacturer in China is not compatible with most American light switches. Common wiring has a black (hot), white (neutral), and bare ground wire. In many lighting situations, the power wires, hot, neutral, and ground, go to the light. A separate wire with black, white and ground goes to the switch. The black wire carries the current to the switch and the white wire is used to return the switched power to the light. Thus there is no ‘neutral’ wire in many light switch boxes (there is always a ground). This is particularly used in overhead lighting. Without a neutral connection this smart switch will not work, however since the white wire and bare ground wire are actually connected together in the panel box, for this switch, you can use the ground wire both for the ground and neutral. Not sure what an electrician would say, but it works. The other issue is make sure you have the battery the right way in the remote. The device is not clearly labeled. Finally, an odd thing about this system is the remote has two buttons but only one is paired to the switch, push on, push off. Not sure why there are two buttons, I guess you could connect the remote to two switches, one button for each… I only just installed this, not sure how long it will work. Hope a long time.

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  • Anonymous

    Mediocre, unreliable, finicky build quality but only switch with this feature set

    I have two granges where the lights on the outside of each garage are controlled by wall switches inside each garage, I.e. nowhere near the front door of the house where you’d normally expect to be able to turn the outside lights. The prior owner installed some wireless wall switches and had both controlled by the same frequency. This worked fine for the most part, but didn’t allow me to control them from the internet, but allowed me to at least control them at the front door. I had thought about getting some internet connected wall switches for these, it’s pure idiocy if it forces me to have my phone handy or to rely on Alexa, just to turn them on when I’m inside my own home at the front door. Only Silicon Valley fantasy dwellers assume that WiFi connected devices work reliably. I certainly don’t.
    Never less, when I recently replaced the compact fluorescent bulbs in these lights with $30 LED bulbs, low and behold when the light are turned “off” these bulbs still glow light at 10%. This was due to the fact that existing wireless light switches didn’t utilize a neutral wire and therefore there was some current leakage that resulted from the low wattage of the LED bulbs and hence the light emission even when the lights are supposed to. be off.
    This glow was irritating, so I decided to look for a wireless wall switch that used a neutral wire so that this off glow would stop, but I also needed the switch to be controlled by a remote switch, not just from an unreliable and inconvenient app or Alexa.
    This switch was the only one that appear to meet my needs, plus it had the bonus feature of being app controlled in addition to the wired wall switch and the wireless remote clicker. Plus, the remote had the ability to be control two different wall switches. Seemed perfect.
    Not even close,. These switches have a very poor build quality without the foolproof wire connectors that you might find with a higher quality wireless switch, like a Wemo. The wire needs to be inserted perfectly in the center of the hole and held ca3fully in place while tightening the screw, or the thing won’t work. The $2.00 traditional light switch you buy at the big box hardware store is more user friendly than this switch.
    I’ve installed about 10 Wemo switches in my house, and each one took maybe 6-8 minutes to install. The first of these switch took me 3 hours. About 40% of the time, the switch didn’t power up at all. It may seem easy to attach four wires, but these switches re so finicky with how the wires are attached it’s total crapshoot. Another 40% of the time, upon power up, it would beep once, beep twice, then beep continuously with a loud high pitched tone. Performing the rest procedure in the instructions didn’t help, even cutting the power at the circuit breaker for 1. Knute didn’t help. I had unscrew everything and remove one of the wires and reinstall it again just to get it to stop. Worst part is, during the 20% of the time when it does work, if I then killed the power at the circuit breaker before shoving the switch and the wires into the box and screwing everything in and turning the power back on, it would go back into that continuous beep mode again. Same thing if I got it working but then tried to pair the remote clicker with the switch. After 3 hours, I was about ready to give up, when I finally got everything working and stable by pure guesswork. It was a real pain to get the app configure as well. It defaults to a manual setup mode that just didn’t work. Eventually I figured out that I could switch it to an auto-scan mode, and that worked much better.
    I did install and set up the second switch, and that went much smoother because I was already familiar with the finicky wiring, plus the second one didn’t seem to have the continuous beeping mode that the first one had. I think the first one might be partially defective, but usable.
    How bd is the quality of the decide? If you do not insert the correct length of ground wire, and insert too much, it will start to push out the top physical switch. I almost broke the first switch as a result.
    Also, Ethernet the two switches, they came with different instructions and the second one came with a set of stickers to labels your wires. I’m wondering if the first switch was crappy first generation switch, while the second one was an updated one. I’m thinking of returning the first one.
    Also, the app is registered to a company in Shenzen China. Since the app does need your WiFi name and password to work, it would surprise me if the Chinese government is using it to hack my home network. I’m going to setup a network monitor to make sure it’s not using gobs of data back to the communist party.
    I a more trustworthy company made a switch with these features, and a higher quality switch at that. That would require, however, that they pull their blind faith in WiFi reliability out of.of their @#$%^ and make a physical remote switch like this product.

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  • Anonymous

    Works well. Easy to install

    I have installed three Name Brand wifi switches so I was prepared for a little bit of trouble. There really was none for my application.
    Easy to install the switch in my junction Box.
    The App download process was easy and set up through the App went quickly.
    The remote was easy to pair.
    Every thing works.
    The instruction booklet has small print and needs to be read several time, particularly if this is your first effort,
    The actual switch is larger than the normal switch so you need a full size box. If you have an older home, the box might be a tight fit.
    You need a neutral wire (White) for this to work. Older homes sometimes do not have neutral wires to overhead lights.
    Overall, the App is much less user friendly than the Name Brand Apps and not as polished. The remote uses RF NOT Wifi to turn on and off the light. This makes me think that since the switch can be turned on or off from the wall and the remote that you do not have to use your home network and wifi to make the light go on and off.
    I do not plan to use Alexa to turn this light on so I have no idea how well that process works,

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  • Anonymous

    It works

    I was going to install a second light switch on the garage entry side of my kitchen so i can turn on the lights when i come through the garage door. the alternative was to have an electrician droop a line from the main switch on the other side of the kitchen all the way to the new location with the cost of around $250. and may be cutting up part of the ceiling. But a good friend suggested this switch which was A LOT MORE cost effective and much easier to install. now, i have a remote on the garage door that i can use to turn on the lights. the only issue is that I have to open the garage door to the kitchen, for some reason, so the remote has a better connection to the home base, to turn on the lights.

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