DOGAIN Smart Light Bulbs E12 Base LED Light Bulb Color Changing WiFi-Bluetooth Lights Compatible with Alexa Google Home Tunable White Candelabra Bulbs 360 lm 35w Equivalent 6 Pack

Special FeatureApp remote control, Voice control, Dimmable Smart Light Bulbs, Group control, Timer schedule, App dimmable 0-100%, No hub required, Christmas gifts, Scene mode, Music sync modeApp remote control, Voice control, Dimmable Smart Li…
Light TypeLED
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Wattage4.5 watts
Light ColorRgb color changing
  • Voice ControlDOGAIN smart light bulb work with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, You can control the smart light bulb through your voice, and just need to give a voice command to turn on/off or dim/brighten your light (e.g. ‘Alexa, change the living room lights to blue’) Note that it is not supported IFTTT.
  • Remote ControlWhen you are not at home, you can also control the on/off of the smart light bulb through the Smart Life APP. You can set the smart light bulb schedule and customize the home lighting system, such as setting the light on at dusk and the light off at sunrise. You can also create a group for smart bulbs, so you can control multiple bulbs with one command.
  • RGBCW Multi-Color And Dimmable BrightnessRGB+Cool white+Warm white smart bulb Choose What Color You Want with 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable. The light brightness can be fixed percentages from 1% – 100% output.
  • Energy Saving&Mode selectionWith LED technology, this bulb will save up to 60% energy consumption compared with ordinary bulb. Save your electricity charge with the newest lighting technology. There are multiple modes in the APP for you to read, sleep, party, etc.
  • Smart and simpleYou only need a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and a smart phone to install the Smart life APP. Through this APP you can control the smart bulbs you install on living room lights, porch lights or ceiling fan lights.
  • Music SyncE12 led bulbs can dynamically change the color according to the rhythm of the music. These bulbs can make you active in various parties and festivals such as Christmas and Halloween.
  • Group Control&ScheduleYou can create a group for this set of wifi light bulbs on the APP, and control the color changes of multiple bulbs at the same time. You can also schedule the smart bulbs automatically switch on/off via your phone APP. And you can also set a countdown timer.
  • Home AutomationYou can set the rgb smart light automatically on/off/dim/brighten through weather/location/other devices status changes.(e. g, set the time, turn on the bedroom lights after turning off the lights in the living room)
  • Works with Siri ShortcutsThe “smart life”APP works with Siri Shortcuts, you can set voice commands on Siri to control this light. Support IOS 12 and above.
  • Support and WarrantyFriendly and professional support teams are at your service 24/7, Products are with our worry-free 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support.
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Frequently asked question

Can the bulbs be controlled by an app on an iPhone? (without a hub, Alexa, Google home or any other external devices)

Hi, Thanks for your question, With the WiFi e12 smart light bulb, you can download the 'smart life' APP to control the bulb, and you can also use the 'smart life' APP with Siri Shortcuts for voice control.

Do these bulbs work with magic home app?

Don’t know, but they work with the Alexa App and Google Home after you set them up initially with the manufacturer’s app.

I would like E26 bulbs, are they available?

Our E26 WiFi is not online yet, However, Zigbee E26 Smart Bulbs is currently on sale as a new product. You can pay attention to: … see more Our E26 WiFi is not online yet, However, Zigbee E26 Smart Bulbs is currently on sale as a new product. You can pay attention to:, Hope this helps, Thank you!

Will these lights work with Samsung Smart Things?

they should



87 %


87 %


87 %

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  • Anonymous

    Nice lights

    It’s nice lights but need more brightness on white color, rest good.
    Application smart life is not smart, you can’t group in application and ON/off all in group also can’t set same color to all on one tap. You need Alexa and tell Alexa do change color an example Alexa bedroom color red, then it’s make red color to all, when you use app that’s stupid app.

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  • Anonymous

    Great functionality but one burnt out in less than a year.

    They work great but not for long. One of the bulbs is already burnt out less than a year after purchase. Would be 5 starts otherwise.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Easy to install Candelabra bulbs, with a nice app to control them.

    Took me about 10 minutes to get the bulbs working. Which is not bad, because I never did this before. Other bulbs I had came with a remote for each bulb, that responded in group only when all were in range.. Not these.

    They use an application (Android is what I have, and used) but is available in IOS as well, that lets you set them up, and control them individually or in custom groups (see photo)

    Initially when you turn on the bulbs in a multi light candelabra lamp, as I have, you trigger the pairing mode with turning on and off 3 times… Once you get them setup, you can just use the app and not switch. If you do not set them up within a few minutes, they leave pairing mode and stop blinking.

    But the blinking is what you want to go into the app, and find them. I found it did not work well at first to be like 10 feet away, so I went right to the lamp and set them up there. No problems once I did that. Now once they are setup I can be anywhere in my apartment and control them, so long as I have a wifi capability.

    I have them all setup as one group, for my own reasons, and like the ability to control all at once, but you can still manipulate each bulb individually (ie: shut some off) if you want.

    These bulbs are really cool, and I paid at the time of this review about $58 with tax for receiving them FBA Shipped. That is about 11.60 per bulb, which to me is reasonable, especially seeing all they can do.

    I am including a video of a simple light show, as well as the static photo of them in a pinkish hue. They are really cool.. 🙂 I am very happy with them.

    One big thing too, is I Don’t have to walk up to the lamp to power it anymore, power on/off individually or in group as well as lightshows, all that is in the app. Nice app and easy setup for that, just your email and a passcode.

    You will need your wifi passcode, and to setup you need to be using WPA2 in my bulbs case, and AES encryption, which it happened to be setup that way for my router anyway. Make sure you are on 2.4ghz band. These will not show up if you pick the 5ghz option.

    All in all I think they are awesome and the price fair.
    There are many premade lightshows in here, and this one was a preset called ‘Gorgeous’ if you play the video.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Easy setup - no homekit connection

    I have lights and switches from Phillips Hue with a hub. They work well, but are very expensive. I bought these chandelier bulbs for half the price and some Meross bulbs with regular base as well as Meross strip.
    * very easy to set up. Most bulbs require you to connect to their own AP. These have a mode that connects directly to your wireless (2.4 GHz) network directly. You just have to watch the mode (quick blink – flip switch 3 times to change mode if it blinks slowly) and setting up 6 bulbs was extremely quick
    * The app has some good features. It allows you to create automatic scenes based on temperature and location, which will turn lights off when you leaver the house, change the hue of the light to warmer when it drops below 0, etc.
    * Alexa connection was a also quick and easy and works well
    * No Homekit connection (Expected for a cheaper bulb.) There is a work-around that involves Raspberry PI bridge, which I’m going to try. Homekit lets me connect all my smart devices through a single app instead of going to a separate app for each vendor, but not a deal-breaker.
    * Brightness. These bulbs are not as bright as others (Meross, e.g.). However, because these go in a chandelier of 5 bulbs it not a killer, either.
    * I could not figure out how to group the bulbs together. I finally stumbled upon the capability, but I’m still trying to do it again… Could be a bit easier to use.
    All in all I think that for the price this is a terrific buy. With a good app and Alexa connection and an easy setup.

    — Update
    I was able to install Homebridge on a raspberry pi w, and add the Homebridge Tuya web plugin. I’m now using Apple Home to control all devices including these bulbs. Total cost under $20 ($10 RPw + $3 micro SD + micro USB cable) and a couple of hours of googling.

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  • Anonymous

    scheduled timer

    Great programmable wifi bulbs.

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  • Anonymous

    Good bulbs

    The bulbs were great once they we were able to link them.
    Hint: they will not work if you have a 5g connection. You have to link them via a 2.4ghz connection only initially. So if you have a dual band router you will need to configure this manually.
    The App is good, easy enough to use. Only downside is that each bulb is individually connected in the app with no way to group them as one, for say a ceiling fan with 4 bulbs. So when changing colors you have to change them one by one. Overall it’s a good bulb, so far. So, apparently you CAN place the bulbs in a group now on the app. When your on your bulb screen, click on top right, click create group, add your other bulbs to the group.

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