Aqara Smart Hub, Wireless Smart Home Bridge for Alarm System, Home Automation, Remote Monitor and Control, Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Compatible with Alexa

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Item Dimensions LxWxH3.15 x 3.15 x 1.63 inches
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Item Weight0.3 Pounds
Control MethodVoice
  • NOTESAqara Hub requires a secured 2. 4 gigahertz WiFi network connection. One Aqara Hub can connect up to 32 Aqara devices.
  • WIRELESS CONTROL CENTERConnects all Aqara devices and allow for seamless integration across Aqara’s sensors and home automation devices.
  • LOCAL ALARM SYSTEMWorks with Aqara sensors to deliver a home alarm system with unauthorized entry detection, flood detection, and remote monitoring and push notification via smart phone.
  • HOME AUTOMATIONWorks with all Aqara devices to create a comprehensive, smart home automation system.
  • REMOTE CONTROLControl the connected lights and other appliances from your smart phone. Schedules, timers, and scenes can be set through the Aqara Home app to help you run the house more easily. In addition, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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‎1 year

Product Dimensions

‎3.15 x 3.15 x 1.63 inches





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‎Aqara Hub, Quick Start Guide, Customer Letter

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Connectivity Technology

Frequently asked question

Is there a device to close and open a main water shut off valve that can be controlled with the Aqara Hub and water sensors?

Any water valve that can be plugged into the Aqara Smart Plug can be used with the Aqara Hub and Water Leak Sensor can be used to automatically shut off the water in case of a leak.

Will this work with home assistant?

Sorry, we make no claims about being compatible with Home Assistant. An Aqara Hub is required.

Is there a way to arm the hub for stay and night guard from HomeKit?

I'm sorry but only the away mode is currently supported in Homekit. Our newer models of hubs will support all 4 native modes in Homekit.

Funciona para america latina? Pornlo de los 4ghz

Sí, el hub funcionará en la mayoría de los países de América Central y del Sur donde el tipo de enchufe de los Estados Unidos es estándar.

6 reviews for Aqara Smart Hub, Wireless Smart Home Bridge for Alarm System, Home Automation, Remote Monitor and Control, Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Compatible with Alexa


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  • Anonymous

    No proper door chime noises. Flush mount with sillites receptacle (from amazon)

    Update 2/10/21
    I messaged Aqara customer service to address the issues I had with door chime
    Options. I got a very professional and compassionate response from customer service letting me know that I wasn’t the only one to comment on this and that they agree, there really isn’t a great door chime option. They also said they would send it on the the developers and that I may be a while before they can do something about it. But the fact that they acknowledged it at all and that there may be a solution coming has me upgrading my review from 2 to 3 stars. As a work around I am currently using Alexa set up to announce when my door is opened on our echo dot I got for free years ago. I’d still like to see a chime option come in but this will do for now.
    On a side note I flush mounted mine into the wall. I found a flush mount self contained receptacle on amazon by sillites (Photos included). It was about $20 and allowed me to put it into place without using a double receptacle, which is not realistic because it looks kind of silly and covers up both outlets leaving the other useless. I also wanted to mount it up high so the kids, or no one else for that matter, can easily unplug it. It was an easy install and just requires me to run a wire from our attic down the wall a smidgen to the new receptacle. It’s now mounted above our fridge in the soffit and resembles a fire alarm. Additionally leaving it visible from two of the most used doors in the house which is great because I set up an automation to turn the light red when armed and white when disarmed (so I don’t try to let the dog out while the alarm is still armed one morning.
    Original review.
    I really like this system a lot. It is reliable with notifications and HomeKit. It is affordable yet has many options for alarm noises and settings.
    One area where it falls very short is that it doesn’t have any proper door chime setting. The whole reason I wanted this was to know when my doors were opened. I have small children and live on a busy street. I want to make sure no one is trying to come in. Or out. When I’m not standing by the door. The way they want you to put a door chime in place is through an automation. OK that’s fine, it took me a minute to figure it out, but I got to it. The problem is they don’t have any proper noises. Your options are rather silly. You can have a dog bark every time you open your door? Or how about a car alarm arming sound? They also let you choose a doorbell? And a bunch of other not realistic because they are either annoying or too long sounds. My security system in my prior house just played a nice little peaceful tritone chime or something like that. My in-laws security system just place a simple little beep beep. It’s short, loud enough, not annoying. I feel like it wouldn’t be hardly anything for the company to just toss in some nice little chimes for your door.
    So I guess in a way I’m asking the developers, can you please add some proper Doors chime noises? At this point I’m not even sure I can use this for what I wanted it for. I’ll see if I can make one of these not realistic noises work for me. If aqara decides to add some proper door chime noises I will be happy to update my review to five stars. I like it besides this huge issue.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy setup, but went offline after two weeks. Useless for remote monitoring.

    I bought the Aqara Smart Hub and a bunch of sensors (temperature/humidity, water leak, door) to monitor our house while we’re in another state taking care of an elderly relative. Since the house is unoccupied, I wanted to be alerted if the AC failed, or a door opened, or there was a water leak in the basement. Installation was pretty straightforward. Setting alerts wasn’t particularly intuitive, with no easy way to test. The BIG problem came two weeks after installation. The whole system just went offline. Since everything went offline at the same time, I’m guessing the problem is the Hub rather than individual sensors. If I were home, I could probably solve the problem by unplugging the hub and plugging it back in. But if I were home, I wouldn’t need to have spent a couple hundred dollars on this sensor system. So now I have a big, beautiful, offline sensor system, and I have absolutely no visibility to whether the house is OK. For me, this system is worthless for remote monitoring. A remote monitoring system has to stay online to do its job.

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  • Anonymous

    Drops connection randomly

    I might go with a different option in retrospect because this hub consistently disconnects from whatever wireless router are use, despite the fact that it is as close as possible to the router.

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  • Anonymous

    Very capable product... not so great instructions for the app

    I am very pleased with what I am seeing in this product. However, you definitely have to do some customization in the app in order to make it work. I am a programmer but I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to make everything work. Could not find any useful instructions regarding the app. Some are definitely needed.
    Don’t get me wrong… the app looks very powerful and I love that. I am just not sure how to utilize it to its fullest.

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent setup, features, and price

    I’ve been trying different HomeKit devices for the last few years and I finally decided to try the Aqara system. Unlike other standalone HomeKit devices I already have, this is my second hub-based system (the first is a Philips Hue lightbulb and switch) – and right from the second I plugged the hub into the wall, getting the Aqara system integrated into my HomeKit ecosystem was probably the fastest I’ve ever experienced! I’ll say it only took about 20 seconds from the moment I opened the Aqara app to having the Aqara hub included in my HomeKit.
    The Aqara app is fairly easy to use, but completely not required if you want to use the Apple Home app as the primary control. So far everything seems to be working as intended, and I like the fact that if ever my Internet connection disconnects, I can still control all of my Aqara devices through LAN and the hub.
    I also bought several Aqara add-on devices (contact sensors, vibration sensors, and some smart outlets) and adding each device was just as quick. So far, this has been a good smart home system and I am looking forward to building it out more with more accessories (replacing all of my Wyze devices that are such a pain to deal with). At just $49 for the hub/bridge and around $18 per accessory, I think the Aqara system has a pretty good bang-for-the-buck ratio.

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  • Anonymous

    A bit large, quit working

    Stopped working recently after purchasing 10 months ago. It had worked fine for what I needed it for (a hub to control my various Aqara water sensors, door sensors and buttons). The setup within the app was confusing, but there really wasn’t another product out there which had all the sensors I needed (wanted). Bummed that this hub crapped out especially with a relatively steep price point. Also, the hub is a bit too large. It’ll take up both sockets of a normal power outlet.

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