Roborock E4 Mop Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, Internal Route Plan with 2000Pa Strong Suction, 200min Runtime, Carpet Boost, APP Total Control, Ideal for Pets and Larger Home

Model NameE4 Mop
Surface RecommendationCarpet
Special Feature❤Oversize dustbin, ❤2152sqft/200mins one charge, ❤Intelligent Z-shape cleaning route, ❤2000Pa strong suction, ❤APP and Voice Control❤Oversize dustbin, ❤2152sqft/200mins…
ColorE4 Mop
Product Dimensions19'L x 16'W x 6'H
  • Note:Sellers other than Roborock Technology Co. Ltd are fake and don’t have a warranty.
  • SMART NAVIGATION & METHODICAL CLEANING: Equipped with OpticEye, dual gyroscopes, and precision internal mapping, Roborock E4 cleans your floors n a quick and effective Z-shape pattern. With various infrared sensors and cliff-sensors, the robot vacuum can avoid hard collisions and falling down ledges.
  • 2-In-1 VACUUM AND MOP: Equipped with a large water tank, its mopping range reaches over 1600 sqft. When you fill the tank with water and adjust the water flow, the robotic vacuum cleaner will vacuum and mop simultaneously, better removing the fine dust that vacuuming alone may miss.
  • HANDLE MESSES & DIFFERENT SURFACES EASILY: Designed with strong 2000 Pa suction, Roborock E4 can lift hair, cereal, paper scraps, soybean, etc. from floors easily, and run without problem on wood, tiles, and carpets. It is a super-slim 3.55 in design, making it low enough to reach under beds, sofas, and other areas where dirt hides.
  • LONG-LASTING & AUTOMATICALLY RECHARGING: The battery delivers up to 200 minutes of runtime, equivalent to 2152 sqft in a single charge. If the battery runs low during cleaning, it will automatically recharge, then continue cleaning where it left off. Ideal for large house cleaning.
  • SMART APP & CONVENIENT CONTROL: Schedule cleanups, change the clean mode with the Mi Home app. You could even let the robot vacuum cleaner start and stop cleaning with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. (See User Guide below for more details)
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1* E4 Water Tank, 1* Charging Dock, 1* Power Cable, 1* User Manual
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Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Product Dimensions

19'L x 16'W x 6'H

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E4 Mop

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1* E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1* E4 Water Tank, 1* Charging Dock, 1* Power Cable, 1* User Manual

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)User Guide (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Do you leave the mopping pad and empty tank on the machine if you only want it to vacuum?

It is suggested to remove the mopping module if you want the robot to vacuum only.

Does it have a storage tank for dirty water? I have an older dog that sometimes pees on the tile floor and I'm wondering how it will work for that

No. The robot will be damaged if absorbed any liquid on floor by accident. Please note to keep the floor dry before using the robot.

How is the mopping function? Work well?

It’s not great. The tank is very small and the robot is such that it doesn’t apply much pressure to the floor. It’s like dragging a wet cloth across the floor. However, if you run it fairly often, it does a decent job of preventing buildup—I just spot clean with a rag afterwards. As someone who hates mopping, I like it… see more It’s not great. The tank is very small and the robot is such that it doesn’t apply much pressure to the floor. It’s like dragging a wet cloth across the floor. However, if you run it fairly often, it does a decent job of preventing buildup—I just spot clean with a rag afterwards. As someone who hates mopping, I like it cause it keeps my floor cleaner than if it was up to me to mop regularly!

Is the mopping feature water only, or am i able to use fabuloso and ofher cleaning liquids?

Hi. Thank you for your question. Usually, we don't suggest our customers add anything into the water tank because the bubble made by chemical substance in cleaner may cause the mopping feature to malfunction. You could give it a shot. If all is fine, we think it is OK to add. … see more Hi. Thank you for your question. Usually, we don't suggest our customers add anything into the water tank because the bubble made by chemical substance in cleaner may cause the mopping feature to malfunction. You could give it a shot. If all is fine, we think it is OK to add. But if there's anything wrong with mopping, please clean the tank with water and don't use the cleaner any more.



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  • Anonymous

    Love/Hate relationship with the Help.

    I started off absolutely in love with the new Help but that changed to aggravation most days as she tends to get stuck under the edge of the furniture every single time I run her. The same.exact.furntiture. Every. Single. Time. She has greatly controlled the amount of dust in our home so that is a definite plus but she will skip entire rooms and call it a day while sliding back home to suck up some electricity. One day she will vacuum every square inch of our home and the next? A quarter of the home is vacuumed and she is done. She has given me a few midnight heart attacks when she chooses to randomly activate herself and start cleaning. I’m sure she’ll end up meeting her demise one night when she decides to do her unscheduled middle of the night cleaning gig.
    I can’t speak on the mopping and Alexa features as I’ve not tried those yet. The only mapping feature she has is to show where she has cleaned. I will keep her but likely end up buying a newer version one day and passi g her down to my daughter & law.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t have to vacuum

    Works very well, but you must have all wires & electrical cords off the floor. Gets under the beds. I run it every other days since I purchased it & it’s still holding up. I have 2 dogs & it’s unbelievable how much hair it picks up. Only problem is it sometimes has trouble finding the dock or gets stuck under something. Then the battery runs low & you have to play hind & seek. I do recommend it.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Mapping Disappointing, Mopping Underwhelming, Vacuuming Decent

    I bought this based on the mapping + smart navigation to price ratio which seemed great. It seemed like it was a better idea than my initial plan of saving up for a top quality unit with LIDAR. I checked vacuum wars and a few other reviews and they seemed to validate this.
    For vacuuming it does a good job.
    The Z pattern dead reckoning navigation works pretty well, and running it on a schedule twice a day keeps our windows-open medium sized apartment tidy of cat/human hair, kitchen debris, and whatever the wind blows in. It slows near walls & doors so that bumping is almost silent. It will still noisily bump furniture legs at full speed. Once in a while when it returns to the dock, it takes an efficient path down the middle of the hallway. It takes forever to get itself back on the charger and occasionally fails halfway on. It also fails to clean about a 1.5 meter radius around the dock requiring your intervention. The clear dust bin is easy to empty with a few shakes & taps into the trash can.
    Mopping is fair.
    On good days the coverage is good and your house smells freshly mopped, but it leaves very noticeable streaks on shiny light tile, and seems to wipe/smear footprints & errant food/drink oil droplets around more than pick them up. On bad days (at least 50% of the time) the mopping attachment sticks and/or the wheels slip on the wet tile rendering the robot useless when you expected it do to a chore. On tile you can install the loaded mopping attachment and leave it for a few hours (for example if you schedule it to run an hour before you get home from work and the solution won’t all leak out or make a mess).
    Climbing is annoying.
    We have no carpet or raised thresholds so I can’t speak to that. Bath mats are a problem and we started hanging hanging them when not in use to prevent the robot from getting stuck or damaging itself. The climbing ability is too good – the robot will climb the 1′ high/thick bases for pedestal/tower fans, cat tower etc, destabilizing itself, scuffing the bases instead of cleaning them, and derailing the navigation such that it seems to repeatedly return to the problem area wasting 5-10 minutes noisily failing. It would be better off it if the robot could just quietly bump off of these instead.
    !!!Mapping is misrepresented!!!
    The snazzy photos/marketing copy materially over-hype this function to the point of misrepresentation. The E4 does not use the Roborock app, but relies on Xiaomi MiHome, which has pretty limited control of the robot, flaky at connecting to Alexa, and consistently fails to update firmware. It does generate a fairly accurate map of the apartment AFTER it finishes the job which I guess shows you what it covered/missed, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t use that map for the next job, starting from scratch by blindly probing around every time, which is not significantly better than the random bump navigation of the G1 Roomba I bought off of Woot in 2007 or any other cheapo. If this had been presented accurately, I would have given this the swerve and held out for real LiDAR/AI navigation where you can use voice commands and schedules to clean specific rooms & areas.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    If you care about the warranty or mopping, avoid Roborock

    Tip: If you do end up buying this and talking to customer support about a defective device, tell them you’ll write a review. They’ll treat you quite differently.
    Most of the negatives for my review come from the mop and the warranty/customer service.
    TL,DR: the vacuum seems pretty good, the mop is effectively nonfunctional for me, the customer service for non core issues is worse than nonexistent.
    4/5 for the vacuum, 1/5 for the mop, 1/5 for the warranty.
    So first, the good: I haven’t owned any other robot vacuums for comparisons, but overall this seems pretty effective: while it takes weird routes and sometimes stops and turns around for nothing, it does trundle around my wood floors well, and is pretty impressive at climbing over obstacles like doorframes. So long as I get everything off the floor such as power cords, for vacuum mode, I can generally let the vacuum roam around and do its own thing. It will miss spots, but I can use the spot cleanup mode over those. I use magnetic strips to keep it where I want it to go.
    The bad: I purchased this (and paid a premium) because of the advertised mopping ability. The mopping, at least for my device, is somewhere between defective and nonexistent. First, it isn’t really mopping– it has a microfiber cloth it drags behind it that may or may not pick up water, and a little water tank that will keep the cloth damp. The problem is that the mop seems to hang too low or something: on a flat, pretty clean linoleum floor, it will continuously slow down to a crawl, get stuck, and try to avoid nonexistent walls before stopping entirely and reporting ‘error 8’ error code. While I can get it to mop sometimes, any time it’s around a lot of corners (e.g. in a bathroom or my small kitchen) it can’t mop at all without doing this. Removing the mop fixes the problem.
    The ugly: I eventually contacted customer service about the issues with mopping. After a very long back and forth (it took multiple months, which was mostly my fault for missing their replies asking for random extraneous info) where they asked (separately, rather than all at once, leading to the length of back-and-forth) for: a video, a picture of the S/N, a proof of purchase, amazon order number, they sent me the the generic troubleshooting info available on their site (check if there is something stuck in the wheels, feel if they are too loose or too tight). When I said that I’d already tried that before contacting them, but had tried it again. They then said that I could send it to them for repair, but:
    * I would need to pay for the label to the repair center, which was multiple states away and would cost me ~$25-45 depending on carrier.
    * I should only send the device, not (crucially!) the mop, and if I did, they took no responsibility for losing pieces of the device
    * their technicians would look at the device and decide whether it was in warranty (and due to my lackadaisical replies, I was near the end of warranty, so by the time they looked at it, it might be outside warranty), if they didn’t consider the problem in warranty, they would charge me for repair.
    * Almost the entire message was a series of warnings that they took no responsibility for additional loss or breakage, that they would decide whether the issue was in warranty, and that I could be charged for repair.
    Given that my issue isn’t a ‘core’ part of the device from their perspective (the mop) even though it’s the reason why I paid a premium and bought their device, I’m extremely skeptical from the way the message was couched that they would do anything but break the device further, especially since they said if I sent the water tank, they would not return it!
    When I said I didn’t want to throw good money after bad *and* would certainly share my experience in a review, they changed their tune slightly and said ‘as a gesture of good will’, would pay for shipping my defective device to them.
    At this point, I was sufficiently convinced that the repair was simply theater as they didn’t want me to send the water tank, which is what makes it a mop! and so declined and wrote this review instead. After all, the vacuum part works fine even if I chose this device and paid more for it based on the mopping, and the entire process was a series of warnings that they disclaimed responsibility for breaking or losing the device, let alone repairing it, if I sent it to them.
    If I ever buy another robo vac, I’ll certainly make sure I buy from a reputable brand who warranties full functionality I paid for.

    Verified Purchase

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