Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights, 32.8FT Bluetooth Segmented DIY Control Color Changing LED Lights with Music Mode, Timer, App and Remote Control for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Party (2×16.4FT)

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Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Special FeatureColor Changing
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourceAdapter
  • RGBIC Lighting Effect: Unlike RGB lights, our RGBIC strip lights’ built-in IC chip could customize 15 segments to display multiple colors. Equipped with bright 5050 LEDs, the 32.8ft strip lights are long and bright enough to light up your life!
  • For DIY Lovers: With creative Govee Home app, you can easily enhance indoor decor. The app grants you access to 16 million colors, multiple scene modes and effects, all of which can be personalized in DIY mode and saved for future use.
  • Vibrant Music Mode: The LED strip lights can sync with music thanks to a sensitive, built-in mic. Choose from four lighting effects (Energetic, Rhythm, Rolling, and Spectrum) to liven up your holiday parties or relax after a long day.
  • Choose Your Scene: Enjoy 64 dynamic scene modes in the Govee Home app that can fit any occasion. Bring the vibrant oranges and yellows indoors with our Sunset mode or enhance your viewing experience with a visually appealing Movie mode.
  • Simple Installation: the LED strip lights can be installed securely to any dry, clean surface with the provided adhesives and support clips. Manage your lights with the control box or from up to 10m away, via Bluetooth, with your phone app.
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Frequently asked question

Can we cut them?

It looks like they're just standard WS2812B LED strips, so yes you can cut them at the solder pads between LEDs. You'd need to solder the cut end to another RGB controller if you wanted to make use of it, but the section attached to the included controller should work just fine.

Can the color be just white?

This one mixes colors to be almost white. To get one where you can choose cool or warm white, it needs to be RGBW.

How can we group control them.

Please add the strip lights into the same group via Scene function.

If you purchase a 32.8ft kit and then another 16ft kit, can you connect the strips together and control them with one controller? (like an extension)?

RGBIC strip light cannot be cut or connected because of the individual IC. It's possible for you to group control Bluetooth or wifi strip lights in Govee Home app.

6 reviews for Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights, 32.8FT Bluetooth Segmented DIY Control Color Changing LED Lights with Music Mode, Timer, App and Remote Control for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Party (2×16.4FT)


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  • Anonymous

    Good product, I'd recommend the single 32ft strip over this 2x16ft one though

    First to tackle some complaints the ‘most helpful’ comment listed:
    -They do not get hot, in fact even at max brightness i can touch the LEDs no problem, they get warm and parts of the strip itself get warmer than that. If you use them whilst they’re still rolled up (which you aren’t supposed to do) then they get hot
    -Most 32 feet LED strips are NOT 600 LEDs, only more expensive ones are, the 300 LEDs on this strip are not an issue, the LEDs are fairly close together, cheaper strips than this will have less than 300 LEDs
    -Anytime power is applied to the lights (wall switch on or plugged in), they cycle through red, green and blue then go back to your previous setting, this takes 1 second maybe 2 at most, it’s very quick and definitely not as long as 5 seconds
    -When powered off, but power is not disconnected, the strips will continuously consume 3W. Yes, they have to consume some power because the control box is still on listening for a bluetooth connection (for the app)
    Now to my review:
    I thought that the two strips would get treated as one big strip in the app but it’s basically just one 16ft strip with another that mirrors it, so you only get half the customizability compared to a single 32ft strip and it’s not as good (this wouldn’t matter with regular RGB strips but with a RGBIC strip with rainbow modes and customizable sections it matters). Two separate strips are also harder to position perfectly if you really care about aesthetics, and the mirrored colors and effects compound this.
    You can’t have an effect where the rainbow flows all the way around your room from one end to the other with this strip the way you can with one big long strip, though the rainbow mode is there
    In my case I want just one part of the strip behind my head to be on while I sleep but the fact that it’s two strips means there’ll be a second part that turns on that will be shining into my eyes. All that to say, get the single 32ft Govee RGBIC strip and not this one unless you specifically need 2 separate strips for whatever reason (these are fixed to the control box permanently btw you can’t unplug one FYI)
    The remote is good and very convenient though it doesn’t have anywhere near the functionality of the app

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  • Anonymous

    After almost 1 year of use

    I was really pleased with this product but sadly it did not last for at least 1 year – used it for 10 months. Very disappointed. I have ordered 4 sets of this same trip light so I’ll be getting ready replacing the others as well coz it will not last long. The very first one that I bought is now flickering and some of the lights stopped working, it is slowly deteriorating. One or two light goes out each day and its changing colors by itself. I used it for my computer table and never touched again after I had placed it so I don’t know what happened or what caused the issue.

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  • Anonymous

    Perfect little light strip, exactly what I needed!

    I grabbed a totally different random light strip a year or two ago from some big box overstock store to put behind our bed board and make our bedroom feel like a spaceship. Sadly the thing barely worked… It wasn’t sticky and fell off all the time, it kept randomly flickering off, and it was always a fun contortionist competition to figure out how to get the strip to respond to the remote. Garbage.
    This thing? It’s literally exactly what I was hoping for! The adhesive is perfect, the lights are bright, the app was easier to connect than any of my other smart devices, and I L O V E that you can customize which sections of light are which color. Each inch of the strip has *2* lights instead of one, so they can blend together to make a larger spectrum of colors. They live on my cabinets mounted on the wall and they’re perfect, especially for insomnia nights when I wanna just chill and have something dim to lull me to sleep.

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  • Anonymous

    These lights are awesome!

    Just finished installing two sets of these lights in my gaming/music room to replace a pair of old LED strips. I chose Govee lights because I have had three of their Dreamcolor sets in my work office for over a year now and they have worked flawlessly. In fact they frequently add new features and scenes to the app as well as updated firmware to the lights. I have been surprised with the level of support Govee has provided and have never had a set of LED lights where the company added new features constantly.
    I love how you can control the lights via the included remote, the attached controller and especially the phone. The segmented sections of lights allow really cool effects either using your own creations or one of the 50+ selectable scenes in the app. I also use the timer to turn them on/off automatically which is awesome. Govee says these lights can’t be cut, but I ended up having to cut mine to fit the room and had no issues. There are marks along the strip like most other LEDs where you can cut them. The music mode has many different options and you can adjust the sensitivity of the mic which allows you to get the effects you want when music is playing. You can even set them to wake up or sleep so that they slowly increase or decrease in brightness like the sun going up or down at your set times.
    Installation is a breeze with the included clips and the super sticky 3M tape already installed on the lights. I put them in a HunHun v-shaped aluminum channel and it took me no time to peel the tape and push them down to stay put. Just make sure to clean the surface with the included alcohol pads to remove any surface contamination. The Govee Dreamcolor LEDs I installed in my office have been up for well over a year and I stuck them directly to the ceiling and walls and none of the three strips have come loose.
    I will try to update this post with pictures, but Govee is now my go to for LED lights, in fact I just ordered another set yesterday to do the room where I store all my records. 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Great product for my grandaughter's room!

    My granddaughter adores these lights and has been wanting some for a while now! I told her I’d think about it and ended up getting them! They look super cute in her room and she loves them so much. The adhesive goes on smooth and slays perfectly with no lifting, the brightness is great for both day and night!

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  • Anonymous

    Stays on last setting

    Replaced old lights in a soffit. Wired a plug in and use the existing switch. As long as I don’t turn the led off with remote and use the existing power switch it comes back on.

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