Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K Outdoor Security Cameras with Spotlight & Siren, ieGeek Wireless Surveillance Cameras for Home Security, 3MP Color Night Vision/2-Way Talk/IP65/PIR/Cloud/SD

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Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Video Capture Resolution2K FHD video
Special Feature10400mah Battery-Powered Camera, Dual 4dbi antennae, 60m wifi Transmission distance
Number of Channels4
Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
  • Longer Battery Life & Multiple Users Access ControlBuilt-in rechargeable Tesla battery guarantees the ieGeek security camera outdoor lasting power per charge. CloudEdge app supports multiple users access on different devices, different region simultaneously.
  • 2K FHD & 100ft Color Night VisionieGeek Outdoor security cameras equipped with the newest HiSilicon high-end chip & SONY 1/3CMOS Colour sensor providing the best stability and clarity in images and videos at day time. 4 IR lights automatically sense the ambient light and switch to the night vision mode, The monitor distance is up to 49ft/15m.
  • ‍♂️ Smart Pir Sensor & Real-Time AlertAs cameras for home security outdoor wireless wifi, this camera has optimized algorithms that significantly enhance human-like recognition to reduce false alarms. Built-in Photo-diode allows you to receive real-time motion alert push to mobile phone within 0.2s-5s. Alert notifications can be pushed to you and users you share in real-time wherever you are.
  • 4dBi Dual Antennas & 2-Way TalkieGeek cameras for home security only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi, 4dbi dual antennas make the WiFi connection more stable and wider. Built-in microphone and radio, real-time two-way voice function allows you to talk to the person in front of the camera through the APP.
  • ☁️100%Wire-Free & Cloud / SD Card StorageAs outdoor cameras for home security,this camera does not need to be connected to the house power cord or network cable, can be used simply by fixing it on the wall.Support SD card storage (up to 128GB, not included) and free 7-day cloud storage trial.
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Frequently asked question

Why did it disconnect from my phone after four days?

Maybe you connected with another device? CloudEdge only allows you to be connected to one device at a time (where you receive notifications), which really stinks if you monitor from more than one device or you have multiple people in a household that need to see what is going on!! Also why it won't work with Alexa or E… see more Maybe you connected with another device? CloudEdge only allows you to be connected to one device at a time (where you receive notifications), which really stinks if you monitor from more than one device or you have multiple people in a household that need to see what is going on!! Also why it won't work with Alexa or Echo! So if you connect on another device, it will automatically disconnect the other device you were connected to! :-(

Does it come in black?

Dear customers, we currently sell only white versions, and the black version is no longer sold.Thank you.

Does it work with CloudEdge installed on my windows 10 pc?

Hi there! Currently, all ieGeek battery cameras do not support PC access to the camera. Since supporting the PC system requires a lot of power for the camera, we did not add this function to the camera after comprehensive consideration. You can still access the camera anytime, anywhere from your phone or tablet.Hope my… see more Hi there! Currently, all ieGeek battery cameras do not support PC access to the camera. Since supporting the PC system requires a lot of power for the camera, we did not add this function to the camera after comprehensive consideration. You can still access the camera anytime, anywhere from your phone or tablet.Hope my reply is helpful to you. Good day!——ROCO from ieGeek family

What is the largest SD card you can use ?

128 gig. I would not get a expensive SD card because it's not necessary. And food for thought 1 GB will record about a thousand minutes. I hope this helps sincerely Richard

6 reviews for Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K Outdoor Security Cameras with Spotlight & Siren, ieGeek Wireless Surveillance Cameras for Home Security, 3MP Color Night Vision/2-Way Talk/IP65/PIR/Cloud/SD


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  • Anonymous

    Excellent camera

    I have two of these cameras set up around the property and have had no issues with them excellent picture quality

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent customer service!

    My original review was one star, as the camera stopped functioning in two months. A few days after that review, the camera company contacted me, and offered to either refund or replace the camera. This alone I thought was excellent. I never realized that these companies actually read the reviews. I opted to replace the camera and it was done in days. This camera is working fine, and I am so happy with the customer service too. I have purchased two others. Those are working fine as well.

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  • Anonymous

    it really pays for itself in the end

    i was hesitant to buy this because reviews can be faked and it wasn’t very high priced for all the features it claimed to have, but i took the risk and have to say, we‘re lucky. it’s a great deal for the price?! not 100% perfect but still really great, which is why i gave four stars. now buckle up folks, i’m gonna tell you everything i would’ve wanted to know before buying.
    first, setting up the camera to wifi was a little frustrating, since the instructions were vague and confusing. i managed to get it to connect by connecting the ethernet cable (?) it comes with between the camera and the router first, rather than ‘wireless installation’. but other than that, it’s a great camera so far! wide angle so you see plenty and it picks up GREAT on sound, so even if your camera is a bit a distance away from the sound source, you still hear basically everything perfectly. may be annoying if you live near a busy road and want to hear other things, but that’s not the case for me. the two way communication is great too and very loud, but depending on the device being used, it may take a couple of taps on the microphone button (in the camhi app) for it to work. for me, this happens on my ipad. but on android and iphone, it works fine. you can set up on pc as well with a different app though i’m not sure if it has 2 way comm because i haven’t tried.
    night vision is very nice, you can see everything great. it’ll switch to night vision on its own once it’s dark enough out. the alarms that come with the camera are loud enough, but the dog one sounds like a WISH chihuahua barking, i wouldn’t recommend. record your own or use the standard ringing alarm if you must. i actually have this feature as a whole turned off though because i couldn’t find a way to stop the alarm once it got going. you can choose duration but i see no way to stop before a full 5/10/15/30 seconds (whatever duration it’s on).
    motion detection is nice in concept because you can choose the ‘area’ it focuses on, sensitivity, whether or not you get notifications, whether or not it records, and where those recordings save. however i find that no matter the sensitivity setting it’s TOO sensitive and goes off at anything. headlights from cars, bugs flying in the night. it’s very annoying that my notifications go off at every little thing, that’s probably the only downside i can think of besides initial set up. better to be safe than sorry though i guess.
    overall image quality is great, you can choose standard definition or high definition in the camhi app. high is obviously superior but SD is great too, you can still see everything just fine and you can also zoom in on certain things, even after they’ve recorded. i found that very cool and helpful.
    you can take pictures and videos from the app and it will store locally on your device, but the camera can automatically do the recording for you and save it to a private server just for your viewing. put in an SD card and change the settings to your liking. my camera records when the motion detection alarm goes off and any other time too, at 10 minute intervals. 24 hours a day. no issue with the SD card, it just overwrites when full so save videos you might want to keep.
    overall, like i said, it’s a great camera and makes me feel safe now that i see everything happening outside of my house. believe me i’ve seen some very interesting things i wouldn’t have seen otherwise had it not been for this camera. it’s worked just fine through all types of weather (minus snow which i can’t speak for because i live in the south where it doesn’t snow). never had any issues as far as connectivity or power either (it plugs into the wall though, it’s NOT bluetooth). i’d recommend it for the price. i have the app on multiple different devices and i like that when i’m away, on a completely different wifi network, i can still access and view what’s happening outside my house. i’ve had it installed for two months now and it’s still going strong.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great Value and Quality

    Love this camera. Easy set up. I bought another one the very next day. Great quality and easy to customize on the app.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    updated: it IS as good as I hoped for, and better!

    I’ve uploaded some videos and photos of installation. Here is my initial review and thoughts.
    Up front, I’d say, I did a lot of research, and have used several indoor cameras and doorbell cameras. I actually returned the indoor camera due to the poor smart phone app functionality. The picture was great, but wasn’t consistent and kept disconnecting. I opted to go for an outdoor camera instead of replacing the indoor. After much research, reading reviews, looking at other’s videos and pictures. I decided on this one.
    Intial picture quality was very good inside the house when starting it up to test. I turned off most lights and the indoor black and white (simulating night time) quality was quite good.. But that was inside.
    the App downloaded easily and connected to my internet connection (ethernet) and wifi quickly and easily. It seems that there have been improvements to the setup that is more automatic than what my research indicated. Also, the automated steps are not indicated in the ‘Setup’ pamphlet that came with the camera, seems they are old instructions, but was pleasantly surprised.
    Now…Installation. Equipment security was my number four (after camera operation (1), functionality (2), and SmartPhone App (3). Price was a close 5). I wanted to have a clean looking job (doesn’t look like it, but after closing up the wall and painting it will be , ). The problem that I had to overcome immediately was that, I wanted to hardwire the camera, since I had to drill a hole through my brick face anyway, but I didn’t want to mount an ugly electrical box on the front of the house. so, I had to bring the wiring inside. which meant I had to have the cord coming out of the wall somewhere on the inside of the house. (I could have gone through the attic, but would have extended a 1-day job to two days) just to run the wiring through the attic). Bringing the cord in is the only way to ensure someone doesn’t simply walk up and unplug the camera, which would turn it off, or cut the cords. So I didn’t want them exposed at all.
    I mounted an outdoor electrical box and ran the cords directly out the back and through the hole in the brick I could have mounted directly to the brick, but my setup was to mount the round electrical box (i painted black to match the light) and put a blank plate cover on it. I drilled a hole in the center and mounted the camera to the heavy duty cover which is screwed into the metal electrical box. If adjustments need to be made, I simply turn it to the new location and drill/screw back into the cover instead of the house.
    Potential Problem to be aware of if you plan to run the plugs inside, the ethernet plug is large. In fact, it was larger than the hole in the electrical box. my solution (since I had already tested the camera to make sure it worked, it connected to the app, etc) was to take my utility knife and shave a little of the extra rubber on the plug housing off all the way around until it slid through the hole in the electrical box, which was also necessary to fit through the hole I had drilled through the brick with the largest masonary bit that I had. It just fit after the modification to the plug (hope it lasts, because I may not be returnable…unless ieGeek accepts my rationale as a necessity and there is a hardware problem not caused by that retrofit)
    So, to get the cleanest job on the inside, I ran all ethernet and camera cords through an interior box and joined to the house ethernet (I wanted to use ethernet connection instead of wifi as I just assumed there would be some quality advantage to this…and had to run the electric anyway). I, of course, separated the electric supply from the ethernet in the boxes and the setup allows me to, as cleanly as I could think to make it, get everything connected without having wires comply protruding out of a hole in the wall or hanging.
    Had I gone with wifi, I could have put in two single-gang boxes (camera cords and electric) instead of one double-gang and one single (adding the hard-wired ethernet cable).
    I’ll fix the drywall and it will look as good as new, except for the new plugs now adorning my entry way. I kept them as high on the wall as I could to keep them out of direct sight, and will blend a little, once I put the family pictures back on the wall.
    I’ve only taken some short videos (uploaded one) since I just finished and its time for bed. I’ll test more throroughly and set up on IE and in the app tomorrow. I’ll also adjust it to see a litte more sidewalk for motion detection, and less of the porch light. I intend to use the motion detection, and purchased a 128 GB Highj Endurance (for video) ScanDisk SD card as I want to have at least a week of motion detected video available to scan if needed.
    I think the fact that I have the front porch light so close and in the video view, makes the picture adjust darker than it might otherwise. I’ll play around with it tomorrow after church. and will update the post with more findings and daytime video.
    Updated review after 1 month…
    1. Still love the camera!
    2. 128 GB card gives 3 1/2 weeks of 24/7 video including alert videos @ main video format. Which is the best video for the best video size for efficiency. (Got this advice from igeek service.
    I have the video schedule set for 24/seven. I also set up to alert zones from the computer browser to the alert when someone enters the sidewalk zones. The system works very well the alerts sensitivity are adjustable.
    3. The app is working perfectly. I have no complaints there
    4. After the initial installation, one month later, I would still install the same way, hardwire with boxes on the inside. I’ve only thought of a couple of small adjustments I would’ve made to the installations it would not have changed install, generally.
    5. Upgraded to 5-stars. The IeGeek team deserves it.
    6. Don’t miss the fact that you can only access all features with the the Internet Explorer browser. I was able to access the camera with Google Chrome, but couldn’t set the alert zones. It worked perfectly in IE.
    Updated review after 1 year
    1). Video Quality is still as good s as the first day.
    I had a recent glitch that I thought was the camera night infrared feature going bad. It wasn’t. I have two cameras about 1 foot from one another. Left camera points right, the right camera points left. This would usually be fine but at that close range the infrared of one camera was creating a halo around the video picture of the one. It only happened at night so I knew it had to be a night IR issue.
    I wrote the company and the sent me a replacement camera. When I installed the new camera I got the same halo. I was stuck, until I looked at the s at night and saw the IR lights. So the next day I changed the angle of one of the s and… no more halo.
    I contacted the company to let them know that the halo issue was the fault of my two cameras being too close to one another, and offered to pay for it. they let me keep it at no cost.
    2). The 132 gb cards that I purchased for the cameras gives me about 3 weeks of continuous video 24/7.
    3). The app allows me to download any part of the video to my phone and move to the hard drive easily. There are more ways to save your videos but this works best for my needs.
    4). When mounting. Camera, it has three adjustment screws. So it can be adjusted to just about any angle.
    I already have 3 cameras and will now have one more to install in back yard.
    I love the ieGeek exterior camera. It’s like metal so it can take the weather. After a year I purchase 2 more. I’m sold.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Helped me catch numerous loose ponies!

    At first I was not too thrilled with this camera. I quickly learned that it mostly alerts you for human movement, which is fine, but I also like to see when vehicles are coming and going into my driveway. After about a month I completely changed my mind, it has notified me not only once, twice, but 3 times that one of my ponies was walking around loose in my yard. This camera catches and alerts you very quickly of human/dog/pony movement LOL. The picture quality is great as well. Would definitely reccommend!

    Verified Purchase

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