Cree Lighting Connected Max Smart Led Bulb A21 100W Tunable White + Color Changing, 2.4 Ghz, Compatible With Alexa And Google Home, No Hub Required, Bluetooth + Wifi, 5Pk

Special FeatureColor
Light TypeLED
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
Wattage100 watts
Light ColorWhite
BrandCree Lighting
  • LIGHT TO LIVE, WORK, RELAX, AND PLAY – Turn on, off or dim your favorite shade of white light for everyday use or get the party started with millions of colors via app or voice assistant (not compatible with standard dimmer switches)
  • FOLLOW THE SUN – Automate your lights to gradually shift throughout the day to mimic natural sunlight, which can improve your mood, well-being & productivity
  • GUARANTEED PAIRING, NO HUB NEEDED – WiFi + Bluetooth makes pairing simple and easy. Guided setup takes you step-by-step to create the perfect smart home for you
  • VOICE CONTROL: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant devices for complete voice control.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: 1600 lumens A21 BULB – good for indoors or covered outdoor fixtures for where you want the most light
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Device detailed description

Exceptional smart lighting made simple. Turn on, off or dim your favorite shade of white light for everyday use or get the party started with millions of colors. Control and manage your Cree Lighting Connected Max LED Smart Bulbs from anywhere. Control on the app or with your favorite voice assistant. Set up is fast and easy – pair your bulbs quickly using Bluetooth and then control with WiFi. Enable “Follow the Sun” and your lights will gradually shift throughout day to mimic natural sunlight, which can improve your mood, well-being & productivity.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Special Features

Included Components

‎Light Bulb

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎5 year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Dimensions

‎5 x 2.63 x 5 inches


Color Temperature (K)

Frequently asked question

Is it possible to connect with Bluetooth only not WiFi?

Shouldn't be advertised as bluetooth capable. Whats the point of bluetooth if it requires WiFi?

Does anyone know what chip is running these? is it an esp32?

It's probably one of Tuya's proprietary chips, Tuya WB8P or similar. They've moved away from esp32 based hardware over the past couple years, if you're asking about the chipset I'm sure you know why.

How do they behave after a power interruption? I.e., do they come on automatically, do you have to turn them on, do they remember the last state?

I just installed one last week and for me when the power goes out the cree light does not remember the last state it was in. If my bulb was off and the power goes out, when the power comes back on the cree light comes on and stays that way. I have to go into the app and turn them all off.

Will these bulbs work with 5.0ghz wi-fi?




87 %


87 %


87 %

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  • Anonymous

    Good but could be better...only mediocre light pattern

    I want LED lights that have the same light distribution as incandescent bulbs. These are better than some but not great. I have some other Cree lights (not smart lights) that are fantastic. When you put them in a lamp, the light should be balanced between going out the top and out the bottom…and illuminate the shade evenly. These bulbs, like many LEDs, have a greater amount of light going out the top. Much less is directed down. This affects the quality of lighting in the room and is less satisfying. I know it can be done because Cree has done it on other bulbs. I don’t why they don’t do it on all bulbs.

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  • Anonymous

    Very nice once it’s set up on 4G…YouTube helps

    Very cool for mood and bright sunlight effects just some issues with setup so I had to watch a couple YouTube videos on how to connect with Cree. Need G4, there’s a workaround. I am really enjoying my lights after 2 weeks.

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  • Anonymous

    Very impressed, setup isn't easy

    I have a few of the TP-Link Kasa LB120 bulbs and wanted to buy 3 more. But when I looked at them again, they were $43/ea! When I first bought them, they were easily half the price. Not wanting to spend that much money on them, I looked for an alternative and found these. I am familiar with CREE LED’s in other applications (automotive lighting) so I was comfortable trying these bulbs.

    1. Setup: Setting up the bulbs isn’t nearly as easy as the Kasa bulbs. It is a similar process, but it took 3-4 attempts per bulb. I’m competent with tech and IoT devices, so I knew how to troubleshoot the problem. However, it was annoying and unexpected given the easy pairing and quick success I had with the Kasa bulbs.
    2. Longevity: I can’t speak to this yet as I installed them yesterday. Again, given CREE’s reputation with their LED’s, I’m optimistic.
    3. Ongoing troubleshooting: Again, I don’t have the history with these. However, I’m hoping that they are at least as consistent as the Kasa bulbs. In my experience with the other bulbs, they will drop the network from time to time – not often, maybe only a couple times a year. But it’s annoying and the bulbs are outside and kind of a nuisance to set back up again. I’m hoping that the CREE bulbs won’t have that problem.
    4. Features: I have these bulbs in a couple living room lamps and wanted them for the 100W equivalent brightness as well as the color temp feature which follows daylight. The app also supports scheduling, scenes, and grouping, which frankly is expected with smart bulbs. The fact that they are color shifting is a fun party trick, but I don’t know how much I will use that. Maybe I’ll setup a movie viewing scene with a color?
    5. Smart Assistant Integration: I have an Android phone and am using the Google Assistant and the integration works perfectly. I have tested the following: on/off individual bulb, on/off group, set brightness, set color temp (tried 3500k and 5000k), and change color to red. I tried to set a scene with the assistant but was unsuccessful. Given my success with the other tests, I’m sure I just don’t have the command correct.

    Summary: I bought the bulbs for $13/ea. Even after only 24 hours, I am really happy with them. There are some things that only time will tell. I purchased them only for the ability to change the color temp at a given time of day – as long as they continue to do that, everything else is gravy. If you are looking at bulbs that essentially have the same functions as other smart bulbs, I suggest you give these a shot. Why would you pay 3-5x’s the amount for the same features?

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  • Anonymous

    Work well - really bright

    I only use these for white light and they do work really well. I really like how bright they can be and that the app is relatively easy to use. I just don’t like that the app tracks you every time you open the app but other than that these are some great bulbs. I recommend it for anyone who has a particularly dark area they wish to light up.

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  • Anonymous

    Decent bulb at a decent price

    I bought this bulb for a specific purpose, realized it wouldn’t work, but I had to test it out rather than send it back and I’m glad I did.
    The brightness and range of the tunable white mode is great and that’s what sold me on it. We like the lower temperatures, closer to ‘candlelight’, for general lighting and the higher if I’m, say, working on something and need the extra light.
    I have it installed in a living room floor lamp that’s near our TV, and it’s nice to be able to set it to a color rather than shut the light off when we’re watching something in the evening.
    I do not use the Cree app because the ‘smart’ hardware in this bulb is manufactured by Tuya, so I set it up with the Tuya app and used localTuya to integrate it with my Home Assistant system. It works great like that, just keep in mind there are settings to tweak if you’re using localTuya and you want HA to be able to properly control all the modes on the bulb. That info is available on the tinytuya project page on
    Integrates well with Google Assistant.
    I can’t speak to the wifi range on this bulb, because it’s installed very close to my router.

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  • Anonymous

    Great smart features and works great although it runs really hot

    Love this smart bulb but want to take away one star because I thought I control most of its feature via Alexa. I could turn it on or off with Alexa but changing brightness and color is not available. I have to use the app instead. For some reason, the app is asking for location permission though which could be a turn-off to some people. After installing it, I removed the permission from the app and only add it when I need the app, which is rare since I can use Alexa to turn it on and off.

    At 100W equivalent, this can get really bright which is what I want. I did not measure how accurate it is but I can tell its a lot brighter than my 60W bulb.

    Follow The Sun feature is my favorite setting. It starts the day with the yellow light and bright white light most of the day and goes back to soothing yellow night ligh after sun down. But there are a lot of other lighting scenes to choose from and even ones that changes color in rotation.

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