4-Channel WiFi Wireless-Relay Switch Module – Smart Momentary Inching Controller,DC 7-32V DIY Remote Control Garage Door,Compatible with Alexa Echo Google Home IFTTT

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  • [Remote Control ]: You can remote control your garage door, computer,fan,curtain,gas fireplace or other home appliances by using TUYA or Smart Life app.
  • [Inching Mode]:In the inching mode, if you press the button on the app (or the manual button on the board), the switch will be opened, and then auto closed after 0-60 second according to your setting on the app(default one second).
  • [Self-locking mode]:In the Self-locking mode, when you press the button on APP (or the manual button on the board) , the relay will activate to keep ON or OFF.
  • [Voice Control&Scheduling Features ]:Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant,IFTTT. Time Schedule function will help you never forget to turn off the appliances.
  • [Easy to Set Up]: Support 2.4G WiFi network connection. Download TUYA or Smart Life APP and register an account. Then follow the instructions to complete the WiFi configuration.
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Device detailed description

-Remote control&Multiple control
-Inching Mode/Self-locking Mode/ Inter-locking Mode
-Voice control
-Status Tracking
-Timing Schedules
Package List:
1*4CH WiFi Relay Switch Module
1 *English User Manual
– WiFi relay module need enable location to connect your 2.4G WiFi.Don’t worry,we won’t record your location.You may rest assured that use it.
– If you plan to install it in a place where the WiFi signal is weak, you may need a wifi extender.
– Any malfunction, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Service team will reply you within 24 hours.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Special Features

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎2.91 x 2.87 x 0.67 inches


Power Source

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Is there an api I can use to trigger this with python etc?

These devices work well with an Android app called Tuyasmart but I believe there is another in Python called tinytuya or Tuya Python.

In the Smart Life app what is the device category when adding device?

1CH, 2CH and 4CG modules in Smart/Tuya treat them as Smart Plugs (outlet icon), once detected and installed, the app should now be able to see each channel as a separate 'plug' and Settings should allow you to configure the mode for the module.

What is the maximum relay load in amps when switching 120 volt AC circuit?

The relay labelled: 10A 250VAC and 15A 125VAC. There are very small relays that I wonder they would really be using at that big amp.

Can each channel have a different mode assigned to it?

NO. I have not found a way to individually control the mode of each channel. I would like to see this feature as well. I have two units and one will not change the mode from the board but the remote works. Another problem is a glitch where all of the relays close for a second and then open upon power up. Other th… see more NO. I have not found a way to individually control the mode of each channel. I would like to see this feature as well. I have two units and one will not change the mode from the board but the remote works. Another problem is a glitch where all of the relays close for a second and then open upon power up. Other than that, a good product.

6 reviews for 4-Channel WiFi Wireless-Relay Switch Module – Smart Momentary Inching Controller,DC 7-32V DIY Remote Control Garage Door,Compatible with Alexa Echo Google Home IFTTT


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  • Anonymous

    Works like I wanted for Generator

    Tuya smart automated generator prime, start, and shut down using a 4 sec momentary configuration. Awsome! I’m off grid. So my 12v google mini can automate voice commands to the generator when my batteries are low or I need the extra power. Added weatherproof box and a antenna since I’ve got the generator far from the house.

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  • Anonymous

    Works well

    Use control to drop a hog trap. I like that there is no delay when you push the button. Having a issue sharing control with someone else.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Used to setup an smart garage door opener

    Works great! Used it to make my garage door opener smart rather than buying a whole new one for $150.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works Great, Easy to Use

    My Four Channel wireless switch arrived on time and well packaged with no damage or minor imperfections. The boards themselves looked well made and designed with thought. Use for the four channel switches is to turn outside LED floodlights off and on either through the provided smart phone app, by time of day or leaving and arrive through using a smart phone as a geo locator. LED floodlights we’re chosen because I could use a standard 12 volt power supply and run low voltage cabling as opposed to adding 120 Volt outlets everywhere I wanted an outside floodlight. The switch can be linked to Alexa and it works quite well. Two of the four channel switches were mounted in a plastic box with external Wi-Fi antennas as well as a volt amp display. A plug for adding an external Wi-Fi antenna is on the board of the four channel switch. Since I used two boards for a total of 8 switches I used two external antennas. After construction, setup, connection and mounting the Wi-Fi control has worked much more consistently then several varieties of smart outlets that I have in my house. The boards have been in service for around a year now with not one failure or missed command. The corresponding smart phone app is basic but works consistently and well. Included in the Tuya smart phone app is the ability to program events through simple commands. Such as turn on certain floodlights and sunset plus a delay, activate certain floodlights when a smartphone is within a certain range and turn off based on a time interval since the switch was activated. It’s all simple to set up and use and has been performing well for the past year or so. Other options on the switch are available such as momentary off and on or a step like function. Overall I’m impressed with the reliability and ease of operation of the board and I would certainly recommend it. A very good product!

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  • Anonymous

    Works with Google Mesh Router

    I use this to open my garage door with Google Home but my old one stopped working when I upgraded to the Google Mesh router, probably because of the 2.4 ghz vs 5 ghz issue. This product and many other 2.4 ghz products connect with Google Mesh no problem using the Smart Life app.

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  • Anonymous

    Great little relay board that supports open-source firmware like Tasmota!

    We’re in the process of becoming a resource (foster) family, which means we need to equip some cabinets with locks to ensure cleaning chemicals, medications, and knives can’t be accessed without our knowledge. Child safety locks aren’t an option, because we may need to keep older kids struggling with self-harm out of things. Plus, they’re annoying. Lots of families just add some padlocks to certain cabinets or drawers, but those too are a pain to deal with and I totally know I’m gonna forget a combination at some point.
    So, being a maker who likes to tinker, I decided to build my own access controller like you see in many office buildings, and integrate it with our home automation system. It sounds like a fun project, for one, and two I don’t have to worry about losing keys or combos. And, if a kid needs access to something, I can unlock the right drawer from my phone or computer wherever I happen to be! Cool!
    Since I have an existing home automation setup using Home Assistant, I knew I wanted something that could be flashed with OSS firmware like Tasmota or ESP home, and this vendor totally allows for that: the board is based on an ESP8266. Instead of controlling the relays directly, like in some boards, this unit uses a TuyaMCU – which is well supported by Tasmota with some simple configuration, but also means it ships with a user-friendly firmware that lets you use the Tuya or Smart Life apps, if you want to keep things simple. Soldering some header pins to the board only takes a few minutes (yay!), and from there a flash with Tasmotizer is simple. When configuring tasmota, I’d suggest using the template for the Eachen ST-DC4 relay board, which not only exposes all the options but configures the board with some rules like an ‘all on’ feature, along with setting things like the unlock time for ‘inching’ (e.g. timer) mode.
    For mounting the board to something, like a project box, M3 screws fit the pre-drilled mounting holes nicely. For power, you can use a USB cable, or run DC power into the green terminal blocks next door. I’m using 12v power so I only need one adaptor for the whole project. The lack of polarity on the terminal block did confuse me at first, but it turns out the lack of marks is because polarity doesn’t matter – all the power is going through a filter stage (yay good!) that takes care of it.
    In addition to the buttons on the board that control each relay, headers (K1-K4) are provided to allow you to wire in external buttons if that’s what your project needs, and the WiFi antenna also has a u.fl connector so you can add an external antenna if needed. It is only 2.4 GHz wifi, like any ESP32 device, but the device isn’t gonna be using a ton of bandwidth so that works fine.
    All in all, it’s a great board that works wonderfully for my needs.

    Verified Purchase

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