Nooie 360 Cam Home Security Camera, WiFi Baby Monitor, AI Motion Tracking and Sound Detection, 1080P HD Night Vision Two-Way Audio for Pets Dog Nanny Monitoring, 32GB SD Card Included

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Recommended Uses For ProductDog,Pet
Model NameIPC100A-TF32-US
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Wired
Special FeatureMotion sensor, HD resolution, nitht vision, imagn sensor, frame rate, local recording, portable
  • ✪ 360 ° MOTION TRACKING: Automatically senses and tracks the action in your home in full 360°. Nooie Cam 360 has 101° field of view — rotates 355° horizontally and 94° vertically. Pan and tilt easily with the Nooie App.
  • ✪ 1080P HD + SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION: 1080P HD camera lens and two 940nm infrared LEDs. Night vision up to 32ft (10m) in pitch-black. Optional status light.
  • ✪ STYLISH, INTUITIVE, EASY SET UP: Camera and App are easy to install, simple to control, and a breeze to maintain. Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFI network. Download app from App Store or Google Play. Works with Alexa.
  • ✪ MOTION + SOUND DETECTION, TWO-WAY AUDIO: Live streaming 24/7 with real-time motion and sound alerts. Listen and talk to family or pets with built-in anti-noise mic and speaker.
  • ✪ SECURE DATA & DATA STORAGE: Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Multiple security protocols to keep your data and privacy secure. Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Micro SD card or cloud subscription service (sign up via Nooie App).
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Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Product Dimensions

3.07 x 3.07 x 4.9 inches



Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Do you have to buy anything extra eg a memory card or is everything you need in the box when it arrives?

Everything is in the box. You don’t need to buy memory card or anything else.

is there an actual bark detection on this?

No. You need to check the app to see how they are doing.

does it tell tempature


Does my phone have to have wifi on in order for me to see my pets while I’m gone or can I view it with just data?

I dont know how this works technically, but i set it up on home wi-fi, and i can watch from wherever my phone works (wi-fi or cell). I love it, its like magic!

6 reviews for Nooie 360 Cam Home Security Camera, WiFi Baby Monitor, AI Motion Tracking and Sound Detection, 1080P HD Night Vision Two-Way Audio for Pets Dog Nanny Monitoring, 32GB SD Card Included


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93 %


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  • Anonymous

    New Puppy parents.... YOU NEED THIS!

    This is an item that you didn’t know you needed for puppy parents. I brought home a 11 week puppy that is acclimating to the new place, potty, and crate training. I use this every single day and night. I have this camera on where my puppy is crate training and supervise when I am not in the room or in a room where I cannot see him. My puppy seems to have separation anxiety due to never being alone before. This is so helpful to see how he reacts when I am not in the room and that he is being safe in the crate. I used the app the first three days at night to make sure that he is sleeping. If he makes noise or whines, I would check through the app and did not have to get up to see what was going on. I can supervise during his crate training/nap time to make sure he is sleeping and around the time he should be waking up, I check through the app to take him out to potty. SO USEFUL! I’m sure any baby/pet camera would suffice, and I decided to go with this brand. Signing up to the app did not give me hell, it was fairly simple, quick, and easy. I didn’t think I would be using the app so much but I am so happy I purchased this!
    Motion and sound detection works perfectly fine, has not given me any issues thus far. Night vision is very helpful. Quality of the video is ok. Not the best. it does the job. If you want high quality video, might not be the one for you.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great for Keeping an Eye on the Dogs while we are out!

    We have this camera in a bedroom where we lock our dogs up when we are gone. It does a great job allowing me to check in with them. If I see mischief, I can use the mic to tell the dogs to lay down and they respond. It is funny to see them look up at the camera and wonder how I got in there! But, I can pan the room to see where they are and listen in, as well. It is also easy to unplug and take with you on the go.

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  • Anonymous

    Great camera for a constant traveler

    I use this camera to keep an eye on my apartment (and my cat) when I’m out of town.
    The features you get, without having to pay a monthly subscription, are pretty decent for what you pay for the product.
    The motion detecting is pretty good at catching movement. I believe there is also a sensitivity feature you can adjust for this.
    Rotating the camera’s line of vision can be a little challenging with the swipe functionality. Be sure to know your range of view when you set it up so you’re not trying to adjust it on the fly!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    GREAT for the price

    For the price, this little camera is perfect for what we needed. Our doggo has separation anxiety so we use this camera to keep an eye on her and see what she’s up to while we’re at work. Through the app, we can hear her without her hearing us, and talk to her if we need to, take photos, and record. The camera spins in it’s little top white portion to turn side to side and the black middle portion turns up and down for a full spin.
    Only things I wish: if I yell into the app, there is no distinction in volume on the camera so its impossible to yell for the doggo to stop barking lol. Also if sitting on a shelf it does not pan down far enough to see under the shelving if the dog is laying there.
    The app is easy to use and if I take a photo, it saves to my phone as a screenshot of the camera view (see attached photos). My boyfriend and I use the same account and just log in and out as needed throughout the day so we can both check in. I get notifications when I’m logged out because he logs in, and vice versa.
    We have not done a recording yet but also we know how she is so we haven’t had a need yet. But it did come with a sim card to record onto too, which again we have not loaded yet.
    When we did research before purchase, there was a lot of negative feedback on the app but we haven’t had any issue with it so far.

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  • Anonymous

    Great camera to keep an eye on my new puppy!

    Having this camera has substantially improved life with my new puppy, who’s now 4 months. I keep it trained on his playpen area, and it gives me a great way to keep an eye on him as I try to get things done around my home or have to leave him for a little while to go to the gym or the basement to do laundry. It’s also fun to catch him when he’s being naughty. He’s probably thinking how did she know?!
    Night vision, motion detection, and picture quality are good, not great.
    Overall, it works pretty well, so I bought one for my dad’s house too for when he starts spending time there.
    If I could improve a few things it would be the following:
    1) The app – I’m pretty tech savvy, but it’s one of the less intuitive apps I’ve used. For example, trying to get to a specific timestamp of a recording is tedious.
    2) Allowing more than one device to login into the app at once. It’s annoying to have to log out from iPad to iPhone all the time and would be nice to allow a family member or friend also log in.
    3) Two-way sound – there’s a huge lag/delay when using the mic feature. Sometimes it seems as if the audio staggers a bit as well
    4) I have great high-speed internet, but the video constantly is buffering
    5) Moving the camera view within the app can get frustrating at times. If you accidentally swipe too hard, sometimes the camera gets stuck. There should be an option to reset the view.
    6) the connection with Alexa never works. Alexa is always waiting for the camera to respond.

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  • Anonymous

    Just what I wanted

    Shows everything

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