Nexx Smart Alarm Wi-Fi Controller NXAL-100 – Remotely Control Existing Alarm Security System with Nexx App, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, No Monitoring Service Required

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  • ️ COMPATIBILITY CHECK & CONNECTION – 2.4 Ghz WiFi connection required. Nexx Smart Alarm Controller provides SMART functions to COMPATIBLE, existing alarm systems. COMPATIBLE with most DSC, Honeywell/Ademco, and First Alert brands – check Compatibility picture in the Amazon picture gallery or on GetNexx website. ❌ NOT COMPATIBLE with the following brands: Apex, Bosch, DMP, FBII, GE, Interlogix, Napco, NetworX, Ring, SimpliSafe, Vivint. ❗ PLEASE CHECK COMPATIBILITY BEFORE YOU BUY! ❗
  • ️ CONVENIENT & SECURE REMOTE MONITORING & SMART NOTIFICATIONS – Arm & disarm your alarm system from anywhere anytime while SECURELY SHARING with family and friends. Always know who is coming or going (and when!) and receive notifications for alarm events. HISTORY LOG FOR SECURITY – shows the who, the when, and the associated alarm activity with date and time to give you that extra sense of security.
  • ️ ACTIVATE BY TAPPING, SPEAKING, OR SIMPLY USE YOUR OLD KEYPAD – Control using our NEXX mobile app by Tapping on the app, by Speaking to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, by connecting it in SmartThings, IFTTT, or OmniFob, and use it alongside your existing alarm control keypads.
  • ️ EASY INSTALLATION – Smarten up and automate your alarm system in 10 minutes. No need to buy or install new sensors. Our STANDARD FREE plan is more than enough for most, including voice activation using Alexa, Google, Siri, notifications, history log, and more!
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Frequently asked question

The description says 'compatible with smartthings'. can someone please explain what integration is possible? can i access the status of zones, etc?

It’s not compatible with SmartThings app

Can i restrict the remote arm/disarm features and just use the monitoring aspects? i'm not comfortable with an internet interface that might be hacke

it mimics your keypad, paranoids of hacking ? its best to keep your systems off the grid

If the installer code is known, will this system allow zone bypass?

No, you would need to subscribe to the PRO plan to bypass zones.

Compatible with ademco sa4110dlc?

The Ademco 4110 is not compatible with Nexx Alarm.

2 reviews for Nexx Smart Alarm Wi-Fi Controller NXAL-100 – Remotely Control Existing Alarm Security System with Nexx App, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, No Monitoring Service Required


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  • Anonymous

    If you hate wasting monthly security fees, buy this, you won't regret it, great/excellent product

    For 15 years I’ve been paying between $30-40 a month to ADT for security alarm. That’s totaling $5400-$7200 over 15 years and not counting year after year wasting time negotiating new prices because the contract would be up and they would jack up the price for service that over that 15 year span, I only used once, max twice. I never had any incident at our house. I understand that you’re paying for sense of security when no one is home or at night when you’re sleeping if something does happen. But from my experience it was money wasted.
    With indoor and outdoor cameras becoming more affordable plus video quality feed superb and notifications, I can monitor my home through my phone. I have several cameras installed inside and outside my house. Heck, if you have Alexa, she has an option of Guarding Home which when you activate, she listens for window breaking or unusual sounds and sends notifications to your chosen phones or devices. And it’s free!
    I have this option with Alexa and now adding this Nexx Smart Alarm to my existing ADT system(Safewatch Pro 3000), I can just monitor everything on my own. I’ve installed it and have used for about a month now and it is great. I just followed the instructions and wired to the ADT existing mainboard in my closet and had it connected to my wifi with ease. I had a little problem with the codes but technical support was great and instructed me step by step what I did wrong and what I needed to do to get it working. It’s been flawless ever since. The app takes a few tries getting use too but it’s just like any new product but not complicated at all. The app is more friendly than difficult from my experience. You can share with multiple users, turn whatever zones off or on, set notifications, it works with Alexa, Google Assist., Siri, SmartThings, etc… You don’t have too but there is a subscription for $3 a month which is dirt cheap and it allows for more users and more different options to be enabled. Like I said it’s cheap $36 a year and it’s worth it. There’s a 1maybe 2 second delay in notifications unless you have bad connection. That’s on par with the Alexa notifications so it’s pretty fast.
    I’m glad I found this and gave it a chance. It’s not expensive considering how much money I will save in the long run by self monitoring and securing my house.
    I highly recommend this product if you want to save money, and don’t have a problem calling the authorities yourself, then you need to give this a try if you have an existing compatible alarm system. I will be back with an update hopefully with a video when I have time.

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  • Anonymous

    Unreliable enough that I just can't trust it

    I previously used the Safe by Hub6 device. When they went out of business, I came across this device while searching for a replacement. Installation was easy enough, just connect a couple wires into the alarm panel and go through a couple steps to register in the app. For about the first day it seemed to be working pretty well…then the trouble started.
    It goes offline constantly even though the app reports that it has ‘Good’ wifi signal strength. The first time it happened, it went down for most of a day. I tried restarting several times and it would never connect. In dealing with the support team they told me that it was not due to signal strength but rather an AWS outage. Ok, fine…I can understand that. However, it continues to happen. Usually every day or every other day, it’ll just randomly go offline for several hours. Because the app says it has good signal strength and because of the previous reason stated by support, I believe this is being caused by something on their end. For a security related product to have so many sporadic outages is not acceptable to me.
    In addition…it just works kind of weird and has some stuff that I don’t think they though out very well. For example…I can’t arm my system in ‘away’ mode if I do so remotely from the app (this was confirmed to me by support). If I arm from the app, and don’t open a door, it automatically switches to ‘stay’ mode. So if I’m not at home and turn the alarm system on, it is always going to switch to stay mode. According to their support, this is a function of my DSC system…but Hub6 could do it just fine, so why can’t the Nexx? Also, if I arm the system using the keypad it works fine…so why doesn’t the Nexx just send the same code as the keypad? And another weird quirk…if I arm the system in ‘stay’ mode from the app but the system detects motion (ie…yeah, we have people in the house moving around, that’s why I’m using stay mode) it’ll tell me that I have to bypass the open zones in order to arm the system. Uh…yeah…that’s what stay mode is…it disregards the interior motion sensors and arms just the doors & windows. There shouldn’t be any bypass necessary. Again…Hub6 didn’t have an issue with this so why does Nexx?
    Lastly…the notifications. Sometimes they come right away, sometimes they take up to an hour, and sometimes you don’t get them at all. Sometimes your system comes back online after taking a little break and you get 16 ‘back online’ notifications over a 5 minute time span.
    I really wanted to like this system. When I emailed them, support was fairly quick in responding and I like that they are a US based company. However, as all the issues piled up I just realized that I was not going to be able to have any trust in a product as unreliable as this one.

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