Sengled Zigbee Smart Bulb, Smart Hub Required, Work with SmartThings and Echo with built-in Hub, Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home, Amber Warm 2000K Smart Edison Bulbs, 60W Equivalent 1 Pack

Special FeatureEasy to Install, Voice Control, App Remote Control, Group Control, Works with Alexa and Google Home
Light TypeLED
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Wattage7.2 watts
Light ColorAmber
  • Zigbee Hub RequiredPair Sengled Zigbee smart light bulbs to a compatible smart hub, like Sengled Smart Hub(sold separately: B0828KXVGQ), SmartThings Hub, Wink and Habitat. Also compatible with built-in smart hub devices such as Amazon Echo Plus, Echo 4th Gen, Echo Show 10. You can use Apple Homekit & Siri if you have Sengled Hub(4th Gen). OUR BULB IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HUE HUB
  • ZigBee Smart Bulb with a Vintage LookSengled smart bulbs combine the antique filament look and modern technology, bring you the convenience of smart control. Smart vintage light bulbs are an energy-efficient lighting option at only 7.2 Watt and have a color temperature of 2000K, giving it an amber yellow tint replaces a 60W equivalent incandescent and produces 600 lumens. Also our e26 smart filament light bulbs support adjusting brightness ranges from 1% to 100%.
  • Simple Voice ControlYou need to pair our Edison smart bulbs with a compatible hub to activate complete voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. Easily turn on/off or brighten/dim your Sengled vintage smart light bulbs directly with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant. With the Sengled Hub, you can control up to 64 Sengled Smart lights and accessories throughout your home (even outdoor).
  • Group & Remote ControlWith the Sengled app (iOS, Android), you can also create a group for all Sengled light bulbs, and easily group controls your smart light bulbs with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. Wherever you are, you can monitor and control your lights right from your smartphone. Setting your smart light bulb to make it seem like someone is home even when you are away.
  • Worry-free ThroughoutCreate a complete set of smart home ecological chains through Zigbee hub, which is more stable and safer than using a wifi system. Long-distance Signal Transmission and Worry-free that the Zigbee Smart Bulb signal quality is affected by the wall. Zigbee light bulb is also not disconnected as often as most WiFi smart light bulbs on the market. Support 3-years free warranty, please contact us in time when you encounter product problems.
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Device detailed description

Sengled LED Vintage Filament Smart Bulb combines timeless design and modern technology to help make your home look and feel smart. Transform your retro-style lighting fixtures with Amber smart lighting that mimics the warm glow of vintage edison bulb. Impress company with elegance and style. Enjoy smart convenience for your everyday routines. Use the Sengled Home App to turn your smart lights on/off from anywhere anytime, set brightness, schedule wake-up and sleep routines, and use vacation mode for peace of mind. Smart light bulb that works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, and SmartThings for smart home automation.

Features and specification


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Country of Origin




Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Type of Bulb

Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Special Features

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Included Components

‎1 Sengled Smart Edison Bulb

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎2 year manufacturer.

Product Dimensions

‎2.56 x 2.56 x 5.75 inches


Product guides and documentsUser Guide (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Will this bulb work with 4K fire tv stick.

Hello! Unfortunately, no it won't work with 4K Fire TV stick.

Does it support 220 volts? O just 110?

This product does not support 220V.

Can i use (2) of these 100w equivalent led bulbs in an older fixture designed for (2) 60w incandescent bulbs?

I don't see why not. Your fixture is rated up to 2 x 60w or 120w maximum and the Sengled 100w equivalent bulbs take just 14.5w each so 2 x 14.5 = 29w should be more than safe. In addition, LED bulbs generally run cooler than incandescent bulbs so there shouldn't be a heat issue. Nevertheless, in case your fixture has… see more I don't see why not. Your fixture is rated up to 2 x 60w or 120w maximum and the Sengled 100w equivalent bulbs take just 14.5w each so 2 x 14.5 = 29w should be more than safe. In addition, LED bulbs generally run cooler than incandescent bulbs so there shouldn't be a heat issue. Nevertheless, in case your fixture has a fabric shade, I always try to assure that ANY type bulb doesn't make direct or even close contact with fabric or plastic shades less there be discoloration.

Will this work with Echo Plus with built in hub 1st generation?

Yes, this bulb can be added to the Echo Plus.



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  • Anonymous

    Deceptive stock photo, top center does not light up.

    First thing I notice when I open the package is the golf ball looking top for heat venting. I can understand the purpose since this bulb will put out a lot of heat. Its also very heavy compared to the 800lm bulb. You can feel the weight difference, not really a big deal though. What bothers me is when it’s installed, the top golf ball looking vent, does not light up. I had to double check their stock photo and their photos show it lit up. This is a huge turn off for a lot of people and will not work with a lot of applications where the bulbs that can be seen or exposed.

    Install & setup was easy. Twist off old bulb and twist on new bulb. I’m using a SmartThings hub so adding and discovering the bulb took 1-2 seconds. It’s bright! Compared it to my philips 100w equivalent bulb, the sengled looks slightly brighter. Compared to the classic bulb the design is a little different. It’s also slightly taller. Then of course the golf ball vents.

    Price wise it’s a bit expensive. Over double of their standard 800lm bulb. Is it worth it? Maybe but the unlit golf ball top will not work for a lot of people. Until sengled can make the whole bulb light up I can’t recommend this bulb as I cannot put it any other location without seeing the dark spot. It just looks weird.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works as advertized but 100 watt equivalent? Maybe?

    I use a lot of sengled products with a conbee II zigbee adapter and Home assistant. So far they all work. The only thing with this one is it doesn’t seem that much brighter than the 60 watt equivalent bulbs although it does draw exactly 50% more power. It MAY be that home assistant isn’t detecting it’s range so maybe it’s my setup. Otherwise works perfectly. Since I don’t use a sengled hub I can tell you that it’s definitely not proprietary (any more than any zigbee setup is, they all are to some extent. I don’t see any range issues but zigbee relays through other devices. Over all I am satisfied except that brightness is not as much as expected. I have other bulbs that are much brighter while rated at 800 lumens. Still does what I really needed it to so I only dinged 1 star, would have only taken 1/2 if it was an option.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous


    Sengled is hands down the worst of the smart bulbs.
    First, most Sengled bulbs require a hub, which is simply one more device that can lose (and more often than not) connectivity. Choose a smart bulb that does not require a hub such as the brand Stone, which uses the “Smart Life” app. Second, Sengled bulbs, that require a hub, are heavy and burn hot. They burn almost as hot as an incandescent bulb. And, even though the stated wattage may be only 10 watts, I cannot believe that for as hot as they burn, that they are using only 10 watts. Third, Sengled bulbs require a setup procedure that is hit and miss at best. Often, when setting up this brand, I am forced to “reset” the bulb, which requires turning the light switch on and off rapidly at least 10 times. The MAJOR problem here is if you have more than one smart bulb connected to the same switch, the reset button resets ALL the correctly setup bulbs. Fourth, the worst of the problems is connectivity or lack thereof, which the latter more accurately describes the major problem of connectivity problems. I do not recommend the Sengled brand. There are numerous other brands available that I have either hassle free or about one-tenth the hassle of the Sengled smart bulbs. One star only because it is impossible to “give” zero stars.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Forget this if you have a large Zigbee footprint which can interfere with the bulb

    I am a sucker for punishment, really I am. I should have learned my lesson with the original Sengled bulbs which pretty much sucked crap and are just paper weights around my house. I bought 8 of them and I think only a couple of them work. Oh, they work as bulbs alright, they just are not very smart.

    So yeah, I should have learned my lesson. I am sick of trying to get these connected to either my Hubitat hub or Echo Show and have them stay connected. I have a very large scale smart home with over ten Echos, over 50 smart plugs, bulbs and sockets etc. I have cameras and thermostats working with my Echos. But for whatever reason, these refuse to connect. After much troubleshooting, I have determined these are not shielded well and easily prone to interference. So, if you have a huge Zigbee footprint, like I do, be careful with these.

    I hope I have not thrown the boxes away. I hate these so much, I will be paying tons of money to return them to Amazon all the way from the Middle East. It’s a matter of principle, I couldn’t do it with the first eight, but I am not gonna get suckered into another Sengled product ever again!

    Verified Purchase

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