Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip 65′ (Sync with TV, Music and Gaming), Hue Hub & Hue Sync Box Required

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BrandPhilips Hue
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Special FeatureColor_changing
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourceCorded Electric
  • GAME-CHANGING ENTERTAINMENT: Philips Hue syncs your color-capable smart lights with movies, music and games. Hue Sync technology captures content before it reaches your screen to create a real-time light script.
  • PREMIUM SURROUND LIGHTING: With 45-degree light projection, the Play gradient lightstrip reacts to the entire screen in real time.*
  • SEAMLESSLY BLEND COLORS: Get a seamless blend of multiple colors of light at the same time in a single LED smart light strip. The colors flow together naturally, casting light against the wall for a unique effect.
  • MOUNTS TO TV: The LED strip light is designed to mount behind your TV and comes in three sizes, fitting TVs 55′ and larger. Mounting brackets are included to make installation quick and easy.
  • PREMIUM MATTE SLEEVE: The gradient lightstrip features a premium silicone sleeve with a milky white finish that provides softly diffused light.
  • *Requires the Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box and Hue Hub (sold separately).
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Device detailed description

Take the excitement of surround lighting to the next level with the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip. This LED strip flawlessly blends multiple colors of light at the same time, mimicking the content on the entire screen for an immersive, full-room entertainment experience unlike any other.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , , , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Special Features

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎2 year manufacturer.

Product Dimensions

‎65 x 0.4 x 0.8 inches


Power Source

Number Of Pieces


Mounting Type

Controller Type

Included Components

‎65-inch Lightstrip for specific TV size, adhesive mounting clips, power supply

Item Weight

Control Method

Theme support

Connectivity Protocol

Number of Light Sources

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Frequently asked question

Why is this so expensive? because you can charge this much?

I think he's talking about scalpers trying to sell this for $400. Yeah, they're charging this much because they think they can get away with it. Show them they won't, wait until it gets restocked and is ship and sold by Amazon, or get it at Best Buy, which doesn't seem to have supply issues with this particular item.

Old bridge? I have the older model of the phillips hue lights. Will the older model bridge work with this newer model of lightstrip?

Yes, the older Hue Bridge works with the gradient light strip. I know because I have this exact setup myself (and it says they are compatible on the Hue website).

Can i mount it upside down? Will it still work fine with sync? I watch ufc and the bottom part of the screen is blue, id like to match that.

No, the sync box will be matching the top part of your screen but the lights will be upside down.

Can you connect 2x 65” strips with a sync box to backlight around a fixed 130” projector screen?

The Gradient light strips do not connect into each other as you are suggesting. Also, even if you used 2 of these light strips (combined on either side) they are broken into 3 independent zones and would not display the correct lighting effects to what your display is showing.

6 reviews for Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip 65′ (Sync with TV, Music and Gaming), Hue Hub & Hue Sync Box Required


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  • Anonymous

    Man cave must have (or she shack too)

    If you have Hue, you know the cost to value is completely based on what you can afford.
    The sync box/light strip is NOT CHEAP.
    Some internet reviewers hate hue for the cost and it’s proprietary app requirements.
    But you get what you pay for.
    I do have occasional issues with the sync box but not the light strip.
    *** you must go through the sync box for this to work- I have a Roku flatscreen BUT I use a firestick 4K for input and go through the sync box to the TV.
    If you have cable this is a no brainer. But if you bought the smart TV for the internet connection apps, there is currently no option to use this product with the smart tv directly.
    Also – works well with SONOS using the TV HDMI-eARC output directly to the arc/ray/beam (or older S1 playbase if you have digital output)
    Works flawlessly with the hue sync app.
    I have also connected in the Hue remote light switches (gen 1 and gen 2) which allow me to program the room lights for a series of options, so I can just turn on/off the lights if only reading area needs to be lit up without the light strip or if I want a colorful ambiance in the room with the strip (but tv off).
    Works well with music sync apps (Spotify is a hue friend)
    This is my second purchase. My first in the den for watching movies with surround sound and lights.
    But this second was for my living room for occasional TV use and otherwise just ambiance for reading or relaxing.
    Most friends are amazed and jealous.
    The others wonder why I bothered….
    This sums up the cost/benefit ratio.
    Needless to say- when a new action movie comes out my young adult kids wait to watch it at my place.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    GAME(and movie)CHANGER

    This thing has changed my man-cave so much. I didn’t leave it for 2 weeks besides work cause I was having so much fun with these lights

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Next level gaming.

    Love the light strip but unfortunately I had to buy 3 hue light bar for the bottom of my 70” TV if only HUE would make a strip light long enough to circle the entire TV that would have been better. I would let the video do justice on this.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly accurate

    The Hue Sync experience is truly fun. I can’t speak to the HDMI box because I use a PC, but I have a 77 inch LG G1 and I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the light representation is. I’ve ran a large number of light show programs to test where and when the colors change and it is pretty spot on accurately changing colors exactly as it does on screen in the exact same spot. I was worried because it only has 7 light zones (2 on each side and 3 on top) but I’ve almost never noticed it not changing perfectly in sync with what is displayed. The very few times it has been off have been with a grueling spinning color wheel test image or other purposefully demanding content. Even then it is only by a little and you have to be looking for it, in normal use you will never see it miss even when looking for it. My TV is wall mounted and I didn’t even have to take it off the mount. My only issue is it doesn’t cover the bottom of the screen and Philips doesn’t offer any solutions to cover that area that are as competent as the strip. I even purchased the Gradient Ambient Light Strip thinking it would do the job since it is basically the exact same product only without a preinstalled diffuser, but that turned out to be the only disappointing Hue product I have purchased. The Gradient Ambient light strip just doesn’t work well with sync at all. It has 3 zones and depending on how you have it set up (where it is located in your room) it can display the wrong side of the screen or even have one zone that doesn’t even work at all (either just a white light or it’s off). Considering that one strip cost me 200 dollars I was pretty miffed about this and their customer support is very lacking. After days of talking to customer support on Facebook of all the hated places (I can’t call as they are closed when I am home and they literally don’t have an email address) they finally got back to me with a simple ‘we are aware of the problem’. The Hue Play Bars work surprisingly well but it can be a pain to place their location in the app to get them to display colors properly. But this review is about the Gradient Lightstrip not the company, and that as a stand alone product works very, very well. So if you can live with no lights on the bottom, fighting to get a workaround solution you can live with considering it will never be as good as the rest of the screen, or it isn’t an issue for you at all it is a must buy. As far as brightness goes it is plenty bright in my opinion, usable even in daylight as long as you close the blinds (I have normal wooden slat blinds not blackout blinds by any means) and the light shines across my entire wall and up into the ceiling or to the side and off the side wall. In fact yow will probably want to turn it down quite a bit as the light can be so bright it’s distracting from the actual content. The music sync feature needs work though. It could benefit from some options as it seems pretty random what part of the music it reacts to, and with multiple lights it’s hard to tell what part of the music any given light is reacting to.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous


    Excelente calidad y desempeño. Los colores realmente se parecen a los de la imagen de la pantalla. Aunque hay otras opciones más baratas de otras marcas, la tonalidad de los colores es mucho más acorde a lo que se ve en pantalla, sin mostrar colores sobresaturados o con mucho brillo como ocurre con sistemas de menor valor.
    Llevo un poco más de 6 meses usando este producto, y hasta ahora ha funcionado muy bien, y no he experimentado ningún problema de sincronización con la Sync Box como lo han reportado otros usuarios. Lo tengo enlazado a Alexa y he configurado rutinas y todo funciona a la perfección.
    El único motivo por el que le pongo 4 estrellas en vez de 5, es porque no cubre los 4 lados de la pantalla. El lado inferior queda sin iluminación. No es algo terrible, pero sin duda que sería mejor la experiencia envolvente si el lado inferior estuviera iluminado.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Very nice effect if your into that stuff. Pricey but worth it!

    Expensive but reliable and nice effect with matching colors. Not exact color matching at times but not distracting at it is not. Good strong quality wire but heavy. Make sure clean area of tv before adhering. I also added 2 command hooks in middle between the corners to mitigate some of the weight because could fall. I swivel tv when working out from treadmill so back wore moves a lot. I secure the power strip wire with painters tape to keep all in place. Very happy with product. Sync box is another story due to TV blacking out once in a while but thats a diff review for a diff product.

    Verified Purchase

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