Expandable 8CH,2K Hiseeu 3MP WiFi Security Camera System Outdoor/Indoor,4pcs Pan 180°View Cameras,2-Way Audio,WiFi 8 CH NVR System ,Night Vision,Home WiFi Surveillance Cameras ,1TB Hard Drive…

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Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Video Capture Resolution1536p, 1520p
Memory Storage Capacity1 TB
ColorPan180° System
Power SourceAC/DC
  • Pan 180° Super wide viewing angle & HD 3 MegapixelThe angle of view of the camera lens is 90° and the mount of the camera is equipped with a 180 ° horizontal rotation device, which can be installed in the corner of your house to cover the front yard. The 3 million pixels of the camera are 2304 by 1296 pixels, and the super clear picture allows you to see every detail in the picture. IR night vision up to 65ft. Employing IP 66 weatherproof aluminum material.
  • Two Way Audio & Remotely Anytime and AnywhereThis is 8Channel 3MP Network Video Recorder + 4Pcs 2K/3MP(2304 by 1296) IP66 Waterproof Two-Way Audio Security Camera System, Even on the other side of the globe, you can also hear and talk to people in front of the camera through the ‘Eseecloud’ App.You can also add four more two way audio bullet cameras or PTZ Cameras.PC/Laptop View: Windows System: Eseecloud Software. MAC system: MAC Eseecloud Software.
  • SMART DETECTION & TRACK,ALARMHiseeu outdoor camera support motion and humanoid detection, You can set the detection sensitivity (low/meduim/high) and detection area according to the scene. You can also customize the alarm sound. Push alerts to your mobile app in real time when detects movement. At the same time, the camera will automatically track and record every move of the intruder. You won’t miss any important moment.
  • H.265+ Video Compression & 1TB Hard DriveCompared with H.264,Second Generation H.265+ is Able to Double Data Compression Ratio,While Improve Video Quality with Low Bit-rate,It Enables IP Camera to Deliver Smooth HD Video with Low Bandwidth,in Turn,Reducing the Network Bandwidth and Save up to 50% Video Storage Space.1Tb Hard Drive Pre-installed support 24 hours More than 30 days reliable video recording.
  • Easy setup security system& Excellent ServiceThe WiFi video security system is easy to set up and DIY installation (need plug power supply). Hiseeu CCTV camera security system offers lifetime free technical support. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always standing by your side and will do our best to make you satisfied.
  • Dual WiFi NVR Designed for youAfter our investigation of more than 56000 customers, more than 92.25% of customers need to connect to the network to watch videos on their mobile phones in the process of using the camera system. Among these customers, 56.54% need a longer Ethernet cable because NVR is very far from the router. In order to solve this problem, we redesigned the circuit board and added a WiFi module so that NVR can connect WiFi directly.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Product Dimensions

9.57 x 6.54 x 13 inches

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Product guides and documentsInstructions for Use (IFU) (PDF)

Frequently asked question

I got no wifi will it still work ?

You need WiFi for some of the functions: The cameras braodcast to the unit. You can hook up a monitor to the unit. This does not require WiFi. … see more You need WiFi for some of the functions: The cameras braodcast to the unit. You can hook up a monitor to the unit. This does not require WiFi. If you want to be able to watch the video on your phone, then you need to hook up the system to the internet.

Can I use this without wifi? I only want to view it on the monitor. I am not into the smart phones or i pads

These NVR security cameras have their own WIFI so you do not need home WIFI but if you want to see the video from the cameras you need to plug the NVR into your home WIFI to see it on your phone or tablet. But the system will work great on its own WiFi. You do NOT need WIFI to work.

Can I pair other brand wireless cameras with this system?

yes smonet oossxx or zosi...

Do you have to have internet?

Only if you wish to view remotely from a mobile device. Otherwise, the camera system can fully function (and subsequently viewing on a monitor/tv) without the internet connection.

2 reviews for Expandable 8CH,2K Hiseeu 3MP WiFi Security Camera System Outdoor/Indoor,4pcs Pan 180°View Cameras,2-Way Audio,WiFi 8 CH NVR System ,Night Vision,Home WiFi Surveillance Cameras ,1TB Hard Drive…


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  • Anonymous

    Seems to work ok

    This is my review of this Hiseeu 8CH Wireless Security system that I installed at my home on Aug 30, 2021. It is somewhat lengthy, as I attempt to address some of the questions people have asked about this system.
    I originally had received a system a week earlier, but upon opening the box it was evident that it was a returned item. The NVR itself was not in its protection plastic sleeve, and all the cables and little power supplies were just stuffed loosely into the main box. One of the camera’s antenna was not in the little box with its camera, but just lying loose with the cables. I promptly closed the box and returned it to Amazon. Amazon was quick to send me a replacement, and this one was clearly a new system.
    This system is very easy to set up. Attach a monitor to the NVR, plug the NVR into a power outlet (there is no power on/off switch), and it boots. Plug in a camera, and the NVR will automatically sync with it (it may take a minute or so). I plugged in all four cameras, and they all worked fine. I plan to only use two of the four cameras. I numbered each camera with blue painters tape just so I can keep track of them.
    I attached one camera on the front of my house. It provides a view of my cars in the driveway (my primary target), and a good view of the street. It is located just outside the room containing the NVR, roughly 12 feet away. The NVR indicates 3 out of 4 receiving signal strength.
    I attached a second camera on the back of my house monitoring the deck at my back door. I had to build a special wood adapter to provide the proper angle for the camera. The camera is about 50 feet away, with it’s signal passing through one outside wall and four interior walls to get to the NVR. The NVR indicates 2 out of 4 receiving signal strength.
    The city has a street light installed on a pole by my mailbox out front. This does a decent job lighting my front yard and the cars in my driveway. We have had some visitors in the middle of the night looking for unlocked cars, but this light doesn’t appear to deter them. Hence my interest in this camera system. I discovered the LED lights on this camera, working in conjunction with the street light, are too bright! The yard is overloaded with light. The yard is totally white. I walked outside and then reviewed what the camera captured, and I was totally washed out. Just a white blob.
    Using the camera on the back deck (prior to my installing it permanently), I played around with the lighting by blocking its LEDs. I put black electrical tape over each LED, blocking them all. The resulting night image was very dark as you might expect since there was no other light source. I uncovered one LED, and got a soft image. When I installed the second camera out back, I exposed all three LEDs. The night image overlooking the deck is pretty good. Again, the LEDs provide the only light source for this camera.
    However, for the camera in the front yard I covered all the LEDs. The resulting night image just using the street light is pretty good for the street, but my yard and cars were dark. I turned on my outdoor garage lights and my cars lit up better. I had to reduce the wattage of the bulbs to 40 watts each to get a decent image. Higher wattages provided more light than I thought was needed. So overall, the night image of my front yard and cars is ok now.
    If you look directly at the camera in the back yard at night, you can see the three faint red glows of the LEDs. Of course, the camera in front is totally dark due to my tape covering its LEDs.
    As for the quality of the cameras, you get what you pay for. For a little over two hundred dollars I didn’t expect to get a NVR with four “high definition” cameras, and I didn’t. The daytime colors are pretty good, but the resolution is not great. If someone were to visit my cars at night, you would not be able to identify them. Even in daylight, if someone walks down the sidewalk in the front, you can identify them if you already know them, because of their general appearance, their walk, etc. Not because there is clear facial detail. Cars on the street are blurred a little. Not sharp. But after seeing so called “security camera” videos on various news reports, these cameras appear to be about as good as those. Again, you get what you pay for.
    The NVR is ok, I guess. I have no previous experience to compare it with. It does it’s job. I programmed the NVR to record my front camera 24×7, and my back camera midnight to 8am. I don’t use motion detection. From what I’ve seen so far, I expect the NVR to record about three months of video before it starts overwriting itself. That’s plenty of storage for me. The manual’s instructions are hard to read (small text for my old eyes), and the pictures are small and not very clear. You’ll just have to start clicking and poking around, and figure everything out yourself. Interestingly, if you want to copy a file to a flash drive, that drive has to be formatted FAT32. That’s an old format and haven’t seen that in years, but it still works.
    Just a day after finishing the above review, and before I had a chance to submit it, I encountered a problem. Each morning I go to “video playback” to check the files created the night before. This NVR breaks the files up into hour segments. So if you record for a 24 hour period, you would get 24 files for each camera used. On this particular morning, camera one looked ok. However, camera two had dozens of very small files for each hour, files restarting every few minutes. It appeared the NVR was losing sync with the camera and re-syncing. I swapped the camera out, but it didn’t help. It was losing sync as I watched it. I swapped out the little power supply, but that didn’t help either. I then figured the signal must be too weak, and I would have to move the NVR closer to the camera. I couldn’t understand why it worked great for about three weeks, and then decided to act up. But, just before I moved the NVR, as a last resort, I checked its two antennas on the back of the box. They were sticking straight up, which seemed reasonable to me. Just for grins, I spread them apart so they resembled a big “V” shape. And the signal strength on each camera improved! Earlier, I had noticed that camera two had been about two bars, and sometimes dropping to one bar. One bar apparently is not good. Maybe that’s why it was dropping out. After adjusting the antennas on the NVR, camera one improved to a maximum 4 bars, and camera two improved to 3 out of 4 bars. It appears you can tune the reception by adjusting the NVR antennas, thereby avoiding whatever wires or other metal contained in the walls that might be interfering with the signal from the cameras. It has been solid ever since.
    Overall, I guess this is a decent starter system for the price. My only gripe is I wish the cameras provided a little sharper image. Again, this is with only about four weeks experience with this camera system.

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  • Anonymous

    Caught schitzo neighbor littering at night

    So we have this old woman who is playing with a half deck and lives 2 doors down. She constantly verbally abuses the guy who lives between us, flipping him off frequently. She blames his tree for all the leaves in her yard in the fall even though she has a huge tree in her front yard. A few neighbors around here (including me) have gotten into it with her because she just takes a blower and blows the leaves out of her yard.
    Lately, she has been throwing trash on the street in front of our driveway and my neighbor’s house. The trash includes stuff like tissue with snot and band-aids with blood. We live in a private 55 and over community and the group who owns it says they need a police report, and the police told me that we would need to catch her on video littering the street in order to get a police report.
    So I searched the internet and decided to buy this camera system. The setup was fairly simple. There is a diagram in the instruction booklet, but you can figure out where to plug in the cords without it, unless you have no common sense.
    I got the system setup. Each camera needs to be plugged in to an outlet. The receiver gets plugged in and connected to a TV or monitor using an HDMI cable. As soon as you plug in a camera, its view shows up on the screen, and you’re up and running.
    The directions in the instruction booklet are ok, but it could be written better. You can record by time, motion or in special circumstances. I chose to record by time, but it was unclear exactly how to set this up. You choose a date, but the part that was unclear was how to select the time blocks for the recording to run. I sent an email to customer support, asking them this and how do I know when it is recording, and I only got an answer to the latter question.
    I also asked if this system uses up our internet and the reply essentially said it does not if you do not connect to it. Answers from customer support are very short and not very detailed. So I take the bit that they give me and figure it out from there. It turns out that the receiver does not need to connect to your internet wi-fi. It is a stand alone unit and can work on its own without using your data.
    A couple days after I got 2 cameras hooked up and looking at the road, there was more litter on the road in front of our driveway. So I went to the screen on the TV, which shows the live views from the cameras by default, and using the instruction booklet, was able to right-click on the screen and go into playback mode. When setting up, we were getting some connection error message when trying to select our time zone, so the time on the screen is about 14 hours ahead of my current time. I have to convert times in my head, but it’s doable.
    So there was litter on the road in the morning, and in playback mode, I was able to come up with a plan to figure out when it was put there. You can search for different dates and times and start watching the video from this point on.
    I started at 6 am and saw that the litter was there. Then I searched for 5 am and saw that the litter was there. I kept going back 1 hour and checking if the litter was there, which did not take much time. When I got to 10 pm the night before, the litter was not on the road, so this told me that the crazy woman dropped the litter between 10-11pm.
    So I stated playing the video from 10 pm. There is a fast forward feature that allows 2x the normal speed, 4x and 8x. I set it to 8x. What it does then is skip 8 sec, show a few seconds, advance another 8 sec, show a few seconds, etc. Finally at about 10:47 pm, I saw the litter on the road.
    So then I was able to set the search feature to 10:46 pm and start playing the tape. Since it was night time, the camera switches to infra-red or something, and the picture is in black and white and a little blurry, but very good. The night vision shows you everything pretty clear.
    So I’m watching this video and sure enough, the bitch drives by and you can see the tissue with snot come out of the window and fall to the street. I could make out her vehicle clearly, seeing the outline of the windows and framework of her Bronco. You could even see the bitch sitting in the driver’s seat, but in a court of law, you would not be able to make out her facial features in order to positively identify her. But you could make our her blonde hair. It is enough to go to the owner of our 55 and over community and definitely say it was her that did it.
    Her vehicle is unique, tho. Something like a 1995 Bronco. Not many of those around. If it was a modern SUV, then it would be hard to distinguish one from the other with the night vision. The camera that caught her drive by was next to my house. If it was day time, it would probably be able to make out her license plates. I’m going to plant a camera closer to the road to see if I can get her license plate number as well as a distinct view of her in the driver’s seat.
    One more thing is I was able to select a 2 minute span of this video and get it onto a flash (thumb) drive. The directions say, when you reach a certain point, to insert the flash drive into the USB port. This threw me because the receiver has just one USB port and the mouse is plugged into it. You have 1 minute from clicking a button to put the flash drive in, so I unplugged the mouse and plugged the flash drive into the same USB port that the mouse was in, and it showed on the screen that it was transferring the data to the flash drive. Again, the directions were not straight forward and I had to figure our what to do. And the different windows on the screen seem slightly archaic, but usable.
    Overall, I like this system. The hardware (except for the mouse) is excellent. The cameras are high quality and the setup is easy. The directions could be written better and emails from customer support could contain more detail. It may take a little time to figure out how to set up recordings and play them back, but once you do it a few times, it’s not that difficult at all.

    Verified Purchase

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