Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-Free, Strong Suction, Slim, Low Noise, Automatic Self-Charging, Wi-Fi/App/Alexa Control, Ideal for Pet Hair Hard Floor and Daily Cleaning, M210 White

Model NameLefant M210 Robot Vacuum
Surface RecommendationWood, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet
Special Feature⬆️ Product Model:Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ⏲️ Usage Time: up to 100 minutes/approximately 1100 sqft Long Life Battery: 1800mAh Control Mode: WiFi/App Control/Alexa Control Clean Mode:Auto/Spot/Edge/Manual ️ Large Dust Box: 500ml Strong Suction 2 in1 Vacuuming & Mopping⬆️ Product Model:Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ⬆️ Product Model:Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner u003c/p>u003cp>⏲️ Usage Time: up to 100 minutes/approximately 1100 sqftu003c/p>u003cp> Long Life Battery: 1800mAhu003c/p>u003cp>Control Mode: WiFi/App Control/Alexa Controlu003c/p>u003cp> Clean Mode:Auto/Spot/Edge/Manualu003c/p>u003cp> ️ Large Dust Box: 500mlu003c/p>u003cp> Strong Suctionu003c/p>u003cp>2 in1 Vacuuming Moppingu003c/p>}' data-csa-c-id='husfyk-ith4lv-44zxev-k1xngq'>
Product Dimensions11'L x 11'W x 2.8'H
  • This Lefant M210 robotic vacuum cleaner is good for families with pets.
  • Why the Lefant M210 can’t connect to the APP: Please make sure you are using the new App-Lefant, waiting for you to unlock more features that were not available in the old App-Lefant Life.
  • Small Body Design: Are you still worried that the vacuum can’t go under the furniture to clean? This Lefant M210 with an 11” diameter and 2.99′ Height works easily under or around beds, sofas and other furniture for a thorough cleaning and high coverage.
  • Unique Brushless Suction Port: Robot vacuum powered by a strong digital motor provides strong suction power. The unique Brushless Suction structure ensures that pet hair and dirt go into the dustbin easily, unlike roller brushes, suction does not entangle hair.
  • 4 Clean Modes Your Needs: Vacuum Cleaner Robot offers 4 clean modes including ➊Auto clean➋Spot clean ➌Edge clean ➍Zigzag clean. Freely switch among different modes and power levels as you want via the Lefant App. Note: Do not use Zigzag mode on carpet.
  • Smart App & Voice Control:The most amazing function is schedule. You set up a certain schedule and a type of cleaning through Lefant App and the robot vacuum will do the rest. This way it is already clean when you come back. Not only that, Lefant APP can adjust the suction and direction, check the cleaning area, etc. The automatic vacuum cleaner robot also gives commands by voice through Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Upgraded FreeMove Technology 2.0: Upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors help the robot vacuum cleaner detect probable stuck areas and adjust the cleaning path automatically.
  • Long Life Battery: Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum uses lithium iron phosphate batteries and achieves up to 100Mins run time. Note: In low suction running mode.
  • Product Support: All Lefant products have a 12-month warranty. If you have any problems using our robot vacuums, please feel free to contact us.
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Product Dimensions

11 x 11 x 2.8 inches

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Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum

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Included Components

The M210 robotic vacuum cleaner, charging base, power adapter, 500ML large dust bin, 2 HEPA filter,4 side brushes, machine cleaning brush, user manual.

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Frequently asked question

I'm not tech savvy. Will this just vacuum on its own?

Yes. You can just press the start button on the unit if you don't want to use wifi and the App.

How can the M210 robot vacuum connect to WiFi?

By huanyu123 Seller on May 17, 2021

Is this robot vacuum cleaner only compatible with google assistant or Alexa?

Both are compatible, and there is also Lefant App that can remotely control the robot. I like it very much.

M210 robot vacuum i know how to connect to wifi (ez mode), but i don’t know how to connect to ap mode. does anyone know?

This is how to connect the M210 robot vacuum AP mode video.



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  • Anonymous

    so much kudos for whoever built this

    okay so this vacuum is not good at all for getting cat hair from rugs but for surface debris it gets it out really good, it also works on these stupid rugs that I can’t vacuum with my actual vacuum because it starts literally f****** shredding them. so it’s cool that it can clean things that I can’t like it can clean under my bed under furniture you know places where you have to move everything out of the way to get with your big vacuum which is really cool I also love how it can get all the cat litter in the hallway for me, very nice. but my only problem is that the power button of the vacuum is on the top and my one cat really f****** loves this thing, it’s like her best friend she doesn’t give a f*** about the other cats as long as she got her little robot. sometimes I will turn the suction power down so she can actually play with the bristles but she most finds joy when it’s on low battery and looking for the charging station. so I’ve had a couple disasters one time I got the vacuum caught in a whole bunch of Christmas lights that were laying on the floor I totally forgot that I had a robot vacuum cuz I got it recently and the brush got tangled in those and it was like curled and s*** because by the time I noticed it had a full-on f****** salon experience with those Christmas lights and so the brush got messed up and I had to replace it so today I had a way worse oopsy. so the cat that loves the vacuum turns it on sometimes and I have this box of paper plates that I sometimes put in front of the cat food area so the vacuum can’t go there but tonight I forgot about it and to be honest I’m going to move the vacuum to another room so that she can’t just press it at night anymore because I can’t deal with this again. I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes figuring out how to take the vacuum apart and my fingers are in so much pain. I cannot continue cleaning this thing I put it away in bags and it’s completely a part the black part of the vacuum is in the sink in the bathroom and the white one is in the living room because the white one I will wash with disinfecting wipes whereas the black one I will go in with a sponge. but anyways so I took out all the electric components so I could give it a deep clean because if I try to sit there and pick out the cat food with toothpicks I would most definitely not make it another day or lose my s*** because I have OCD. anyways I’m using text to speech so I don’t have time for punctuation so I hope you can read this slowly enough but anyways so at night the vacuum went into the cat food area in it straight up like blitzkrieged the food everywhere, I literally washed the whole area and vacuumed that yesterday and it was perfectly clean and now there is food everywhere I’ve literally attached the video so you can see what I’m talking about and the vacuum looks horrible it had cat food stuck all over it when I woke up I found it laying on top of the food plate so it was not the way it is but anyways it took me a long ass time to take it apart and I’m in so much pain and kudos to whoever built this because this is so difficult and I will probably remember how to put it back together but holy s*** my fingers are in so much pain it literally looks like I got burned or something because the areas that are irritated are normal color and everything around them on my fingers is red and I just I can’t do any of the cleaning I was going to do today because of this which kind of sucks but at the same time like wow this hurts lol. anyways it’s absolutely amazing on hardwood floors or tiles and stuff like that because it goes around scrubbing the floor and that’s the whole purpose of its entire life so it does a really good job at it, so I would say it would be good if there was like a child safety lock on the remote or something but I understand that that’s kind of difficult when you’ve already built the thing but anyways definitely don’t put this near your cat food because you will probably end up throwing it out from how much effort it takes to clean it and meticulous electrician engineering whatever the f***

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  • Anonymous

    Great lil vacuum

    First time user of this robot vacuum. It was delivered promptly & well packaged. I downloaded their app & after a week or 2 vacuum started to function in a weird manner. I contacted their customer service & they were very helpful. They informed me I had downloaded the old version of the (RED app), & told me & even sent me the link to the new version (bluegreen app). I did have a bit of trouble connecting it to the WiFi, because it only works with 2.4gHz & after a couple of tries, it Finally Connected & has worked marvelously. I CANNOT COMPLAIN with the job this little vacuum does everyday. I live in a small 1 bedroom apt with the 2 small pet rabbits. This vacuum does as advertised. I love how it maintains the whole apt clean. I have it scheduled to go everyday at the same time, sometimes twice a day since I leave near a heavy traffic zone. It has helped A LOT with pet hair roaming around & dust. EVERYDAY it captures at least a small film of dust which amazes me how well the filter works. In the app other than schedule when you want your vacuum to work, you can also see a map of what was cleaned. The Only bad thing I have to admit that I dislike is that there is no way to block the vacuum from areas you don’t want it to pass thru, unless its a heavy chair, a wall or closed door, the vacuum will manage to move whatever it is you put to block. It also doesn’t clean very well carpets but its mainly advertised for hardwood floors or similar (plain flat surfaces ex vinyl floor etc), also sometimes it misses some spots. Other than that I like it it also gives you the option of purchasing the mop features as well.
    Other than that, their customer service is always very attentive, the vacuum as a great buy & it gets the job done!

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  • Anonymous

    Great for my small space

    All in all, I have been wanting to get a robot vacuum for a long time to just handle a chore that I frequently don’t have the spoons or time for. During Prime week I had concerns that this one was as discounted as it was but figured I can always return it – so decided to get it.
    I have the largest bedroom in the town home, I close my closet and bathroom door and move an object to sit Infront of my dresser, so it won’t go under it (as my cat5 cable threads through that space). I push the button and leave and go to work. I come home and find it returned to its base and I dump its container.
    When I first got it, it successfully vacuumed a considerable amount of dog hair that I didn’t even realize was on the floor. My room consumes a full charge as the fan is set to high, so I tend to run it multiple times in a week to ensure that it has gotten everywhere.
    because the sweeper arms once bent are pretty much in that shape for forever, i doubt its ‘deep cleaning’ over a full size/power vacuum, but it does a really good job and simple enough to just run it a few times in a week.
    Suction Power, I didn’t feel was at 5 stars and admit it might be because of my carpet type. I just felt that it wasn’t doing much unless the fan was set to High. But, Ive kept it on High, and let it do its thing without issue, i just dont think that low or medium are very impactful for me.
    The included batteries for the remote are next to useless but that is to be expected for included batteries. The remote isn’t really intuitive and the instruction book is only kinda useful. I found it easier to simply ignore it and push the button.
    I downloaded the app, as well as integrated with Alexa – but after a few attempts… it was still easier to just go and push the button.
    All in all, I don’t have any other robot vacuum to compare it to, but I definitely like this one and like the effort it puts in and saves me from doing. I may eventually save money for a more name brand model with bells and whistles – but this one works for me and has been working like a charm since I got it. Though I have been attempting to figure out where/how to get more of the sweeping arm things…

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