Smart LED Strip Lights Works with Apple HomeKit, 32.8ft WiFi RGB Strip, Compatible with Siri, Alexa&Google and SmartThings, App Control, Color Changing Lights Strip for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen

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ColorRgb (Red, Green, Blue)
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Special FeatureWork with Apple HomeKit Voice Control APP Control Color Changing & Dimmable Scenes & Routine Sunrise & Sunset Offline Control Energy Saving FCC certified No Hub RequiredWork with Apple HomeKit Voice Control APP Control Color Changing & Dimmab…
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourceCorded Electric
  • Support Apple HomeKit: You can control led light strips and scenes with Siri voice commands or Meross app directly. For Apple Home App remote control, you need to install an Apple TV or iPad as a home hub in your home.Only supports 2.4GHz networks
  • Voice & App Control: Smart light strips are compatible with Apple HomeKit / Alexa / Google Assistant / SmartThings, you can control them with simple voice commands. And you’ll feel more convenient to turn your smart led lights on/off, adjust brightness, or change the colors via Meross app or Home app.
  • Premium Bright RGB LEDs: Meross 32.8ft smart strip lights are equipped with 300 LED beads, making them bright enough to illuminate your bedroom, kitchen, porches, and holiday parties. Note: these LED lights are not waterproof and are designed for indoor use.
  • Timer and Schedule: Applying your led strip lights to your daily routine now is easier than ever. With modes like Sunrise and Sunset, you can set your smart wifi led strip to brighten when you wake up, and gradually dim when you drift off to sleep.
  • Offline Control: When home network disconnects from the internet, you can still control Meross light strips from Meross app locally. And routine schedule will be stored locally and will still perform even if internet is down.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

, ,

Material Smart home device material

Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎1 year.

Product Dimensions

‎5.91 x 5.71 x 3.15 inches


Power Source

Number Of Pieces



Controller Type

, ,

Included Components

‎2* LED Light Strip, 2* Connector, 1* Power Adapter, 1* Controller, 10* Fixing clip

Item Weight

Control Method

Theme support

Connectivity Protocol


Number of Light Sources

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Light Color

Connectivity Technology

Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Can you buy another controller?

I recently reached out to the company and they said no, the only way to buy another controller is to buy another set. Seems like a waste to me.

Will this work with apple homekit’s adaptive lighting?

No, unfortunately this light strip (and the meross app) doesn’t support setting white light by color temperature, which is the framework that HomeKit uses for the adaptive lighting setting (adaptive lighting adjusts the color temperature of the white your compatible smart bulbs are putting out through the day)

Since this works with Smartthings does this have a zigbee or zwave in the controller, or how is it doing the connection?

This is not a zwave or zigbee device, this uses the normal wifi protocol and this integrates via the internet through samsung smarthings wifi by linking Meross app (your Meross login credentials) though Smarthings, and in the same way you also link it to Alexa and google home.

Can these lights be extended if I didn’t get enough ft?

Yes. I got 2 different strips to cover my full room. It has a little piece that acts like a bridge with 2 clips that you will use to Clío to first strip and then clip to 2nd strip. Can be tricky but if you wiggle and play with it a bit you will get it to work, just make sure the light strip is on so you know if there i… see more Yes. I got 2 different strips to cover my full room. It has a little piece that acts like a bridge with 2 clips that you will use to Clío to first strip and then clip to 2nd strip. Can be tricky but if you wiggle and play with it a bit you will get it to work, just make sure the light strip is on so you know if there is any trouble like the 2nd strip not getting power or been a different color

4 reviews for Smart LED Strip Lights Works with Apple HomeKit, 32.8ft WiFi RGB Strip, Compatible with Siri, Alexa&Google and SmartThings, App Control, Color Changing Lights Strip for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen


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  • Anonymous

    Things I wish I knew before buying

    I’m finishing up a bookcase/record player cabinet project and I wanted to add LED strips to the shelves. It’s an odd layout with tiered shelves and some gaps, so I would have needed to cut the strips to have them turn corners. Because of this, I bought some separate extension cables and right angle connectors to connect these light strips to each other.
    The main product picture shows that the strips have 6 pins, so I ended up buying various 6-pin accessories to make this work
    The lights are 4-pin. This may not be a big deal to many people who don’t have a complex path to route these lights, but if you are planning on doing any cutting for angles or adding extensions, keep this in mind that the picture they use showing 6 pins is wrong – it has 4 pins.
    Beyond this, the strips are covered with a protective coating. This isn’t bad in and of itself, but if you are planning to cut and connect these around corners or gaps, be warned that you’ll need to cut chunks out of the coating before you can add your connectors. I actually like the idea of a little protection, but it adds a layer of difficulty if you have a custom project in mind.
    Also another complaint is the app. The lights connected to my Apple Home app and that offers some controls, but I wanted to see what the Meross app was like. I scanned the QR code to recognize the lights, but it won’t let you actually ‘connect’ them unless you register for an account. Weird. Again, may not be a big deal to some, but if you were planning on controlling these lights with the official Meross app – you will be forced to register for an account.
    That might not be a big deal to some people, but I don’t see the reason behind forcing your customers to sign up for anything.
    (These also don’t come with a remote. I don’t think they advertise a remote so I’ll take the blame here, but I bought these hoping to have the ability to use HomeKit (or their own app) as an *option* and be able to fall back on a remote if needed.
    I have not used these lights beyond plugging in one of the two strips to see if it worked and then seeing the HomeKit control and Meross app requirements so I can’t comment anything post install as I have not and will not be installing these.
    I don’t want to sound to negative though. If you’ll be using these to run in a straight line and don’t mind giving them your email address in order to change the light colors, I’m sure these are great – they’re just not the best option for the specific type of project I am doing.
    Kind of a long review for light strips, but hopefully it helps give someone a clearer picture of what these are and what they aren’t.
    – Lights have 4-pin connections – not 6 pins like the image shows
    – Strip comes with protective coating (would need to be peeled back if planning on cutting the strips)
    – No remote. App (and registration) is required to use lights
    – No dedicated white LED
    Pictures show the 4-pin connection and the two screens you see when you try to connect the lights through their app. The first app picture is what you see after you scan the QR code. Then when you click the Add button, you get the second picture which is where you have no choice but to register an account with them.

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  • Anonymous

    Homekit standard always works no hub needed

    Just works, I bought three ledsstrips
    One for the kitchen-cove, livingroom-cove & masterbedroom-cove.
    There is one button, this is on off only. but the app or Homkit is perfect.
    For me Hue is overpriced and short but YMMV, but once locked in you are in….

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  • Anonymous

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I bought this for about $50 to give to my brother for Christmas, and I have been pleasantly surprised.
    I have owned a cheap remote-controlled LED strip that cost like $15 which I put on the back of my bedroom TV, and haven’t been too happy with it. The remote didn’t work very well (have to go walk to point the remote behind the TV for it to register) and it was very short (5′ maybe?). On top of that, it would reset the color/mode every time it turned off since it was plugged into the TV. So, it basically stays unplugged until I think about it really want to turn it on.
    I wanted to get one for my brother’s gaming PC (or he could use behind TV like me), so I decided to step it up a bit and get a smart wifi-connected one. The difference is night and day. Here are some of the notes/highlights:
    * Compared to other smart LED strips in the price range (especially Apple Homekit ones), this one is the longest and best bang-for-you-buck
    * This is 30+ feet, but is actually two separate LED strips (each 16′ I think) that are connected to one controller with one power cord.
    * My brother has an Android phone, and setting it up was fast
    * The controls in the app are easy. You can tap the icon just like a smart-plug/light to turn it on/off, and it will remember what color/brightness you last set it to. Click the pencil to get the more detailed view. From here, the power button in the center turns it on/off. You can change the color by rotating the color wheel around the power button, and change the brightness by rotating the outer wheel.
    * The individual LED’s are not individually addressable (understandable at this price for the length). Same goes for each strip. The app has one control and configures both to the same color/brightness (see my suggestion/improvement section below)
    * You can set timed routines within the app, or connect it to Alexa/Google/Apple for voice control, automation, etc. Worked with my brother to setup a routine that turned the color to a purple at night and a light blue during the day
    * I got this so he could use in the PC or behind TV/monitor, but with his desk setup everything is close by, and since it comes with two strips he can use it for both
    All-in-all I think it’s much better than the remote-controlled strip, and even though it’s $50, it’s better-priced than others out there for the features/length. I am quite happy with it.
    I do have a few notes/recommendations for future support that would make it even better:
    * Although it has two LED strips there is only one control option in the app. This means that they are both controlled together and cannot be set to different colors or brightness individually. It’s possible this could be as simple as an update to the app to allow each LED strip to be controlled independently. If it’s a change needed at the microcontroller level, it’s wifi-connected and could be future firmware update that could fix this. Either way, I think this would be a prime target for adding a feature that would take little effort and increase the value of what people are getting. In my brother’s example, this would allow him to have a different color set for his PC and the TV bias lighting.
    * There are currently no modes to select like pulse/strobe/etc. Not a killer for me, but what I find funny is that the LED strips auto-rotate colors during setup, meaning it already has at least that functionality programmed in, just only for the setup process. This could be another low-effort addon to the app settings since it’s already there.

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  • Anonymous

    Love these!

    We just redid my moms kitchen and I installed these under her cabinets. They look amazing. Lots of colors to chose from and they work well with the Apple home kit. They aren’t as bright as I hoped but still not bad at all. The adhesion is pretty poor though. Nothing a little glue can’t fix but would have preferred not to have to go back multiple
    Times to reattach

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