bluebot Universal Smart Home Water Meter & iOS App for Leak Detection, Live Water Usage Tracking and Alerting. Sub Meter from One Account. Install in Minutes, No Plumbing or Subscription Required.

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  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL CLAMP-ON INSTALLATION: Non-Invasive and designed to work on residential and commercial properties on 3/4″ to 2’Copper L&M, PVC SCH 40&80, PEX, PE and Galvanized (larger pipe up to 4′ available via special order) Clamp on in seconds with no tools, plumbers, electricians, or water shutoffs required. US-BASED PHONE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS STANDING BY TO ASSIST YOU WITH CONNECTION!
  • CUSTOM LIVE FLOW ALERTING: bluebot doesn’t limit your alerting preferences to pre-configured leaks. Create unlimited custom alerts based on flow over time, gallons, dollars or budget amounts to keep you in total control. Get alerts via text message or push, while you are at home or away. Share the app and alerts with family or helpers to create a water savings team.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES: No subscription fees, live and historic data are included free. No surprise plumbing or electrician fees. No ‘island time’.
  • DOLLARIZE AND BUDGET IN REAL-TIME: Get real-time live flow data within seconds. People think in dollars, not gallons–view your flow in dollars and cents to make usage more relatable. Choose an average rate or input your water bill to see a cost estimate of usage. On average, bluebot pays for itself within the first 6 months.
  • USAGE/COST ALLOCATION SUB METERING: Monitor multiple water lines and properties from one account with no additional fees. Perfect for independent monitoring of main line + irrigation, guest house or ADU, aquariums, vacation rental properties, multi-family properties, property managers, small businesses, service professionals, and more.
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Device detailed description

The convenient water monitoring solution, proving the data and flexibility you need.
Each bluebot device delivers over 43,000 data points every single day, providing an industry-leading resolution of data accessible from anywhere in the world via iOS app.
Sub meter any* water line for usage and cost allocation from a single account.
Homeowners looking to increase their property’s efficiency, gain an opportunity to monitor, manage and reduce monthly water utility costs, prevent leaks, catastrophic water damage, and costly water usage surprises
Property Managers & Landlords interested in improving efficiency, enhancing resource/cost transparency by sharing with tenants and helpers (gardeners, maintenance, plumbers, etc.), and managing property from afar
Vacation Rental Owners in need of a solution to gain peace of mind & monitor their property in real-time from anywhere
Small Business Owners interested in keeping a handle on cost/resource monitoring and management
Size: 4-inch device footprint
Patented Universal Installation: *Compatible on residential and commercial properties on 3/4′ to 2′ Copper L&M, PVC SCH 40&80, PEX, PE and Galvanized . Larger pipe size up to
Accuracy: +/- 1.0% – 2.0% of flow reading (application, pipe size and type dependent)
Repeatability: +/- 0.2%
Low Flow Capability: 0.2gpm to 0.5gpm (application, pipe size and type dependent)
High Flow Capability: Max flow depends on pipe size
Water, Splash and Dust Resistant: Rated IP67 outdoor use/water resistant
Operating Temperature: 32° F (0° C) to 122° F (50° C)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Power: Dedicated 110VAC, 10’ USB-C Power Cable (included)
iOS Software: Compatible with iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 or newer (Web Portal & Android coming soon.) NEED SUPPORT? PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST USING THE INFO INSIDE YOUR BLUEBOT BOX!

Features and specification

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer



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Frequently asked question

Can this monitor flow rates up to 60 gpm in a 2 in pvc pipe?

Hello, YES the bluebot will monitor the gallon per minute rate in your 2' PVC pipe. The flow rate measurement is only limited by pipe size and water system.

What is the minimum flow rate it can detect?

The bluebot low-flow capability is between 0.2-0.5gpm (application pipe size & type dependent). As the pipe gets larger, the minimum flow detection level increases.

Will this work on schedule 40 PVC?

Yes. I am using it on Schedule 40 2 1/2 pipe and it works well. It states that in the sales materials.

Has anyone used this in mexico? competitors specifically state their products (internet use) are only guaranteed to work in us and canada.

I bought it on and it does work fine in Mexico. Only “issue” app shows info in gallons and dollars not cubic meters / liters and pesos. But if all you want is to measure how much water you are using and when you are using it, it works perfectly

6 reviews for bluebot Universal Smart Home Water Meter & iOS App for Leak Detection, Live Water Usage Tracking and Alerting. Sub Meter from One Account. Install in Minutes, No Plumbing or Subscription Required.


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  • Anonymous

    Discovered 4 gallon / minute irrigation leak

    Simple to install since no plumber was required. Auto calibrates to PVC, copper, etc plumbing. Ultrasonic technology works very well to provide resolution of .1 gallons / minute with easy to use iOS or Android app. Irrigation system ‘was off’ yet volume of water flowing was 4 Gallons / minute … massive water used! Irrigation system had a stuck-open valve that was the problem. Highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to know more about their water usage. Bought another Bluebot to monitor a pool refill supply line.

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  • Anonymous

    Product quite young. Needs some time to mature, but worked in the end.

    The device would connect to my wifi but would not connect to the bluebot servers. (Purple flashing light) They claim there is a firewall issue, but I don’t have any fancy firewalls set up. It is just a Eero wifi network connected to Comcast. The device should just use standard ports, http if you have to, and not be attempting wacky stuff likely to be curtailed by a firewall. No other device, and we have dozens, has this problem.
    As it is this is much too fussy to be reconfiguring my network, adding new networks, engaging with Comcast support (NIGHTMARE!) to figure out why a light is blinking purple. Do I or Comcast have any idea? No. They are just going to blame bluebot, which is in my book not that far off the mark.
    I also had problems with the password verifier in the app. It claimed every password was too weak, even 50 character long passwords with all sorts of strange symbols. I eventually had to force quit the app before it would accept one. That didn’t bode well.
    This product isn’t ready for prime time. Maybe you will get lucky and it will just work. Maybe you’ll end up with a unit you can’t use and be looking at having to return it like I did. I don’t want to maintain a custom network for each of a dozen different devices, with devices fighting over wacky settings and endless configuration with no information ( single idiot light as interface) with engineering details not described in the docs. This unit doesn’t meet the grade and there is likely no room for it at my house.
    Update 9/25/21:
    The support department is extremely helpful. They did ship me a new unit and a bug fix for some overly clumsy networking code. The second unit was able to connect to my local internet within 5′ of the Eero router, but in the end this didn’t save me any trouble. It is when the trouble really started.
    First of all I took the device out to its install location. There my phone has at least 2 bars of Wifi but the new device couldn’t keep a stable connection, and according to support, without that the measurement can’t function. Too much UDP and too little packet loss recovery? I couldn’t say, but it isn’t working. I invested $90 in another Eero node to bring the network within 5′ of the install location. This allowed the unit to connect reliably. However, it never achieved anything beyond a poor ultrasound signal on four different sections of pipe involving variously galvanized and PVC pipe, despite vigorous sanding, much cleaning, many weekends spent and quite a bit of ultrasound gel spread liberally around. There are times when the bluebot app will tell me over the week that we’ve used water for 15 minutes continuously or one time it said we’d used over 250 gallons, but if you look at the user interface it just reads straight zeros.
    Another problem is that the software incorrectly resolves my Eero mesh wifi system into multiple independent wifi networks all with the same name. I can’t tell which is the right node to connect to. The Eero system is supposed to hand off the unit to the closest unit. It seems to reconnect a lot. I wonder if the unit is trying to reconnect the wrong unit again after being handed off. The software is buggy and failure intolerant at least.
    As to the rest, I am left to conclude that the excellent service and aggressive (and yet strangely inflexible) installation hand holding is just a bandaid for what is poor engineering and/or quality control. You can’t hand hold around a defective design. They should invest their money into more determined and deeply suspicious testing, involving unqualified installers, pipes coated in scale and poor wifi situations. This device fails in too many places where all my other wifi devices work just fine. The design may need to change, engineers may need a talking to, but in the end I don’t believe this device is fit for consumption. The product should be held back until it is ready. In the end, I have to return both units as either unfit for purpose or defective. I honestly can’t tell which.
    My own takeaway is that I should have a standard inline water meter installed, one that has an option for wifi reporting. I see such a wifi unit for $120 on amazon. I’m sure meters don’t cost much, so I guess all this is in theory to avoid hiring a qualified plumber. Maybe the plumber could use a bit of work. I’ve done too much myself at this point.
    ==== Update 10/5/21 ====
    Bluebot was very kind to do a house call to debug the machine. They brought out a new bluebot device. They were not able to get it to detect a signal on my pipes either where I had tried it. They moved it to just a few inches past the sediment filter where they thought scale would be least, and it was able to connect and measure correctly. So after a good deal of time it finally works, and I am happy. They said they would update the installation materials to help better deal with scale. (You may have calcium carbonate + other deposits in your pipes if you have hard water.) Scale causes problems for acquiring a clear signal for the device. Perhaps in time they will get more samples of crusty pipe and improve their calibration model.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Easy Install / Great Product

    I never write reviews… but this is an amazing product.
    Clear install directions. Easy 3 minute installation. Works perfectly.
    This gives me new insight into my water bill. Now I know where all the water is going. Finding leaks is easy.
    Good for my pocketbook and helps preserve a scarce resource.
    Impressive hardware. Excellent user interface.
    Five stars!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Not reliable

    This thing is not reliable at all. It works great then it doesn’t work at all. The readings are way off. somehow my day usage display says 195gal but when I click the week usage it only shows I used 30gal on the day that said 195gal. Wtf

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  • Anonymous

    Works as Advertised/Good Value

    I have two wells on 20 acres and on one well went dry and the other dropped to lest than 0.5 GPM. It will be nearly two months until a well driller can be on site to help me out with a new well. I bought two of the Blue Bots to monitor flow from my well to the holding tanks and one to monitor flow to the two houses we have and19 different zones of landscaping and vegetable garden. We used the Bots to determine GPM for each zone and keep track of the tank farm fill rate. We were able to find a number of excess watering durations that pointed to a few broken drip pipes and a few zones that were being overwatered. After fixing the broken stuff and adjusting the overwatered zones we were able to reduce our overall daily GPM by nearly 37%. Not enough to matchup with our meager well output but it gave us the ability to reduce and schedule water truck deliveries more accurately.
    I also bought this cloud based tank level sensor from these folks to keep tabs on my water storage without taking a trip to the tank farm.
    PTLevel – ParemTech
    The unit is extremely easy to install and the app does almost everything you want. They are supposed to be developing a web access to the cloud data and release it soon, which will be a blessing because the text in the app is small and difficult to read and I would prefer to use a larger screen.
    I did send them two support tickets with questions about configuring statistics, but never heard from them… Eventually figured it out myself

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    NO ANDROID SUPPORT.. must have iPhone!

    This works. Install easy.
    But there is no android client, and the website describes an Android Beta program that seems not to exist.
    So this is basically useless without an iPhone!
    I have sent three emails and have no response from them in over a month. 🙁
    Update: they did finally respond … offered refund. No mention of Android release pending. So .. I doubt it’s pending.

    Verified Purchase

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