roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop, 2500PA Suction & Sonic Mopping, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Multi-Level Mapping, Works with Alexa, Mop Floors and Vacuum Carpets in One Clean, Perfect for Pet Hair

Surface RecommendationHard Floor
Special FeatureIntelligent Mop Lifting, Multi-directional Floating Brush, 2500PA HyperForce suction, Sonic Mopping, CordlessIntelligent Mop Lifting, Multi-direct…
Product Dimensions14'L x 14'W x 4'H
Controller TypeApp Control, Push Button, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Voice Control
  • Roborock S7 robot vacuum is the Winner of 17 Best of CES 2021 Awards, from Business Insider, Digital Trends, Newsweek, How To Geek, and many more. Please be aware products purchased from non-authorized channels are not covered by the official warranty.
  • Sonic Mopping Technology. Roborock S7 robot vacuum mops with the power of sound, scrubbing up to 3,000 times per minute. Fed by a 300 ml electronic water tank, stains from coffee to mud and more can be cleaned deeply and effectively.
  • Intelligent Mop Lifting. S7’s VibraRise mop lifts when a carpet is detected, so you can mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in a single clean. It also raises when cleaning is finished to avoid spreading dirt, and when docked so you can say goodbye to ugly plastic mats and dirty streaks.
  • Upgraded Brush System. Multi-directional floating brush keeps the brush closer to the ground for deeper cleaning even on uneven surfaces. Roborock S7’s all-new rubber brush is more durable and resists hair tangling better. It’s perfect for homes with pets.
  • Powerful Performance. With 600g mop pressure and 2500PA HyperForce suction, Roborock S7 easily lifts dust and hair from floors and pulls it from deep inside carpets. It is the most powerful and the most convenient robot vacuum Roborock has ever made.
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition. Roborock S7 accurately identifies carpets using ultrasonic sound. Once a carpet is recognized, S7 will automictically boost the suction power for a deeper carpet cleaning. You can also choose to have the mop lift to vacuum low-pile carpets, or use No-Mop Zones to prevent it from cleaning medium and high-pile ones. You do not need to worry about wet carpets while cleaning the floor.
  • 2.4GHz Wifi Connection and Comprehensive App Control. With Roborock App, cleaning control is just in your hands. You can see exact mopping and vacuuming routes, where carpets are, set cleaning schedules, adjust suction power, vibration strength, water flow, set No-Go Zones, Invisible Walls and more in the Roborock App.
  • Voice Control. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts support let you command your robot with the power of your voice. Start cleaning with a simple voice command.
  • Accurate Cleaning. Using LiDAR Navigation, onboard maps are incredibly accurate and Roborock’s renowned navigation Adaptive Route Algorithms always work to find the fastest route for cleaning.
  • Keep Cleaning Longer. Using its powerful battery, Roborock S7 delivers up to 180 minutes of non-stop cleaning on a single charge, helping clean all your home at once.
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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


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14 x 14 x 4 inches

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Included Components

VibraWash Water Tank (1), VibraWash Mop Cloth Mount (1), Charging Dock (1) & Power Cable (1), VibraWash Mop Cloth (1), User Manual (1)

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Frequently asked question

When will the auto emptying dock be released? And how much is it estimated to cost?

Roborock really decided to screw the US customers regarding the auto empty dock by not making the bagless version available.

My house has this floor divisions in every door of about 1inch high, will the s7 be able to climb over it to switch between rooms?

My S7 can NOT climb that high of a threshold. I had to out a rug in front of it (which I'm not thrilled about)

Looking to purchase some extra mop attachments and filters -- are they the same size as S6. I know the brush is different but not sure about others?

I ordered the extra s6 mop pads in the store thinking they would be the same and they are not. They are thinner and don't have the same underside (extra padding and velcro where it attached to the scrubber). Roborock, when will you selling the additional mop pads for the S7?

Hello is this Vacuum cat compatible? I have a Siamese cat and am wondering about stability while she is riding.

Yes but it would need to like roller coasters.



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  • Anonymous

    THE robovac that will doom Neato...

    This is going to be an ongoing review with lots of updates I am sure.
    07.18.2021: I come with a long history of robovacs, specifically (exclusively) Neato Robotics. Until my (ongoing) issue with their new D8, I’ve had five Neato’s in my past. They simply don’t last. My venerable Neato D7 was the best ever. But it inexplicably took a dive down our loft steps and is currently in intensive care with Neato being repaired. And I impulse bought the new D8. It lasted ten days before going dark. I’m on my third D8, it’s still in the box unopened in the garage and will definitely be returned in favor of…
    The Roborock S7! Now, THIS is what a robot should be. It’s currently only on its second clean run, so much yet to observe and learn. But right out of the box it was a success. Setup was easy (nice REAL instruction manual), set up with WIFI seamless (ask me about the D8 WIFI sometime), and it was cleaning in minutes. The app is miles above Neato. You can actually watch the robot move in-app and see exactly where it has cleaned. Amazing. And everything the company says about the app’s abilities and features is true, It automatically color codes all your rooms so you can instruct the robot in any manner of cleaning routines. No-go zones and ‘invisible walls’ are easy to set up. It does caution against falls (no drop sensors?) but after you do an initial run (safely blocked from staircases, etcetera), you can ad an invisible wall and you’re good to go. I assume.
    Our S7 cleans our lower hardwood floor. About 765 square feet. Clean time was 1:19 minutes and it had 33% battery life left. The Neato D8 was taking on average 2:45 (sometimes as long as three hours!) to do less footage (it wasn’t as effective getting all the floor vac’d) including numerous trips back to charge. Even in vacuum power&gt,MAX, the S7 vacuumed in a fraction of the time. And it’s more quiet.
    I have not experimented with the mop feature yet. That was a secondary consideration for me as our floors are steam-mopped bi-monthly. But based on what others have said, it works. I am running three clean cycles first to get all the accumulated dog hair up before I install and test that.
    Now, my first (small) list of gripes. The dirt bin is tiny. We have a Siberian Husky that sheds twice a year–six months at a time. And two Beagles that drop what look like Gremlins all over the floor. After the initial break-in vacuum run, I popped the dirt bin out and it literally pooped a giant glob of hair out! But it never experienced a slow down of the motor, and the entrance chute was clear. So this thing can suck! I reckon the subsequent cleanings won’t jam it up as badly. We haven’t really vacuumed in a few days since all our bots were down or non-functioning. But all that hair didn’t deter the S7. And the HEPA filtering is very nice.
    Also, I experienced one error code, lifted wheels if I recall. It got hung up on a thin exercise mat in our mudroom. It curled up the corner and got hung. Easy fit. Picked it up and it was on its way. It did not have any issue with two plush area rugs in front of the bathtub and bathroom sink area.
    That’s all the issues so far.
    Back to the app. I am amazed at the detail and functionality. I find myself wasting time just watching it on the screen! And the robot (this is obvious looking at the patterns the robot makes) very meticulously goes left right left right (or up down up down) when vacuuming, once it outlines the room first. The Neato’s just seem to aimlessly wander around, eventually getting everything (but at the expense of charge).
    Everything is picked up now, and I even moved the dining room chairs out (this was a major source of pain for me with the D8 as it would spend a majority of its time tangled up in the chair legs). So the jury is still out on how the S7 will handle chair obstacles. Check back.
    One last thing that was a concern for me was the round shape of the S7 as opposed to Neato’s signature D shape. I wondered how well the S7 would do with corners, nooks, and crannies. The Neato’s excel here. But the huge side brush of the S7 gives it, effectively, a D shape with great reach. It’s easily three times the expanse of the Neato side brush. So, so far, no issues with the S7.
    So far the S7 is perfect. It’s well built, heavy construction, low profile (it easily glides under all our furniture and beds), and is FAST. And the mapping and accuracy are top of the line in my experience.
    I’ll post back more reviews of the mopping feature and other observations in the coming days and weeks.
    UPDATE 07.20.2021: Dang it! I’m an idiot. I returned my Neato D8 but picked the S7 as the return! Practically impossible to contact Amazon about this, so we’ll see what happens. But I digress…
    Still working great, the S7. Attached the mop pad and filled the tank. It mopped (and vacuumed) the house again. Did a good job. Just have to remember to wet the pad first. Had one WiFi issue today where it could not connect. I suspect this was on our end. It reconnected during the mop run and everything rectified itself. Still absolutely loving the job it does. Ironically, the Neato D8 issued a major firmware update today (but I sent it back) that seems to address many of the issues it had. But no support at all for legacy Neato products (like our venerable D7) so I am done with Neato.
    UPDATE 07.28.2021: S7 continued to perform admirably. The skill and perfection exhibited during the actual cleaning phase continue to amaze me. I have been running a deep mop as well as deep clean now on every morning run. I was confused at first as it wasn’t remembering the mop command from day to day. But user error on my part: you have to program that into the scheduling. Once I did that it mops every day. Just have to remember to fill the mop tank, but if you don’t no biggie.
    I also love the ability to pick up the phone and tell the robot to clean/mop a particular room of the house. This is really helpful when, say, your son closes the door to his room while the robot is doing a scheduled cleaning.
    Also, continue to be amazed at how fast it cleans and mops. We’re averaging 780 sq ft in 80 minutes.
    UPDATE 08.15.2021: Still love the S7! We have had practically no issues since first run. I experienced one weird ‘trapped’ error and it was in the middle of the floor. However, a day later the app reminded me to clean the sensors (it keeps track of this for you), and once I did this I never had another issue. I believe one of the bottom sensors caused this error.
    I added a screen shot on how well the robot negotiates table and chair legs. Amazing. This was always a major problem for our Neato D8.
    Now, a minor complaint about the mopping feature. As others have eluded to, it leaves streaks on the floor. Not a deal breaker as I guess they are clean streaks! But they are very noticeable. Contrary to the warnings in the instructions, I’ve have tried plain water, distilled water, a mixture of Mop-n-Glo, and also a mixture of white vinegar and water (this is what our cleaning lady uses when she does our floors). Everything streaks, even if you wash the pad between mops. Further, I cannot see any problem using solutions other than water, but it doesn’t seem to help any.
    Finally, I have to say that this really is an amazing bot. You definitely need to empty the bin daily (at least we do with the Husky) but fit and finish is truly amazing, and the app and all the data presented continues to amaze me.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great for large amounts of pet hair

    Unboxed it today and got it cleaning the main part of the house after just charging it to 51%. I am still having trouble believing how good it is, especially in cleaning up clumps of pet hair all over the place.
    We have multiple dogs and cats who shed constantly and copiously, and I have black floors to boot (pro tip: pets and black floors are a bad combination). In addition, the beasts keep tracking in mud/dirt from the backyard and leave muddy (when raining) and dusty (when dry) paw marks all over the place.
    So I set out to see how the S7 would deal with the worst of it. I decided to not manually vacuum first because I wanted to stress-test it with a week’s worth of pet hair clumped all over the place along with a filthy floor.
    I installed the Roborock app on an Android tablet (with no Google account on it, got the app off apkpure, natch), created a Roborock account, and used the app to connect the robot to my Wifi and install a firmware update which was available. I then filled the water reservoir and snapped on the mop attachment with the mop cloth on it. Then as soon as the charge level hit 51% I pressed the ‘Clean’ button in the app and waited to see how the robot would tackle the very unclean floor.
    The S7 was totally up to the challenge, and right out of the dock it left a strip of unbelievably clean floor. Now I wish I had taken photographs, because this thing just went gangbusters on all the clumps of hair and dust on the floor and I’m still pleasantly shocked by how good a job it did.
    The area mapping algorithm is pretty efficient and effective – it divided up non-rectilinear areas into blocks of rectangles, and after systematically cleaning the rectangular area it went to clean the irregularly shaped areas (of which my house has many, I think the architect hated 90-degree angles and liked conic sections). As the robot moves about doing its business, the app shows real-time progress of the robot’s movement as well as new areas of the map appearing – if you’ve played an RPG computer game, the map update as the LIDAR refines the map and shows new areas is very like how games like Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, etc uncover new areas of the map as you explore them.
    It did most of the main area in 34 minutes, using up 32% of charge. Just as it negotiated the tall bumpy threshold into one of the bedrooms, it decided it needed to return to the dock for charging. Now, that threshold between the bedroom and the main area is quite large, and I was expecting that I’d need to go help the robot back into the main area so it could go dock itself, but after a few seconds I heard it trundling back in and it headed straight to the dock and plugged itself in to charge.
    At this point I plucked it off the dock to see exactly how much trouble it had gotten itself into with all the pet hair it had sucked up so far. I expected that the roller would be wound solid with pet hair and that I’d need a session with scissors and patience. It was not needed – the roller was completely clean, and most of the pet hair it had sucked up was in the dust bin. One compressed clump of pet hair was up against a wall, but I think it got dislodged there as the robot cleaned the floor at the wall junction.
    The dustbin itself could be designed a bit better because it has a couple of baffles across the top of it (under a removable filter) which make it a little difficult to empty the dustbin of pet hair – I had to pick out clumps with my fingers and pitch them in a dustbin. No biggie, though.
    I then checked the state of the mop cloth to see whether the cleaned-up pet hair was felted to the cloth, and again I was impressed by how little pet hair was actually on the mop cloth, I expected lots but found almost none, which was further proof that the robot had vacuumed up whatever it encountered. The water reservoir was about half empty.
    Sound-wise, the robot is not that noisy when cleaning – to me it seems to be less noisy than a regular non-robotic vacuum cleaner.
    The robot is currently resting (charging) and I’ve refilled the water reservoir. Can’t wait to see how the algorithm handles cleaning when it has to resume cleaning where it left off.
    One thing I have to mention: since Roborock is a Chinese company I had some privacy concerns regarding house maps etc (remember the Roomba scandal from a few years ago?) which remain to be assuaged, but the company’s product page for the S7 MaxV Ultra (the S7’s bigger better brother) states that they have privacy certifications from a well-known German arbiter whose name escapes me at the moment, so perhaps this is not going to be a problem after all.
    All in all, I am VERY impressed by this thing and will definitely be buying the AutoDock for it. Next year, I’ll buy its bigger brother the S7 MaxV Ultra (with double the suction power, and a snazzy self-cleaning AutoDock) when I have some money to drop on it.

    Verified Purchase

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