[6 Pack] CLOUDY BAY 6inch Smart Wifi LED Recessed Lights,RGBCW Color Changing Recessed Lighting,Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant,No Hub Required,15W 2700K-6500K,CRI90+ WET Location

  • APP ControlDownload CloudyBay APP on App Store, quick to enjoy smart live with App control
  • Voice ControlYou can set the brightness, CCT and RGB color by voice control
  • Music Sync +8 ScenariosRecessed lighting have up to 16 million colors. (NOTE:not compatible with Dimmer switch, will affect service life, and support the conversion from warm white light to cool white light (2700K to 6500K).
  • Group and Remote ControlWith cellphone in you hand you can control the light anywhere as long as connected to internet. You can group the lights for easy control and share with your family.
  • Use 15W LED to replace 100W incandescent, CRI90+, Suitable for wet location. We provide 3 years warranty.Contact us if there is any question, we will be here to provide professional assistance.
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Features and specification


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Voltage (V)

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‎6.87 x 6.87 x 0.87 inches

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Installation Method

Frequently asked question

Can these be installed if I never had recessed lighting?

Yes. They are easier to install than typical can lights. It's just a matter of finding your location, cutting a 6-in hole in the material (drywall, tile, wood etc.) And they snap right in. The hardest part is getting electricity to where you want them.

Do i need to change the light switch to smart light switch in order to used this?

No in fact I converted my switch to an outlet cause I was having issues when shutting the power off for a long period of time that a few of the lights had to be reset. Became annoying. Works so much better connected to the Alexa and keeping the power constant to the lights.

Where can I find this in a Single Pack?

Lowe’s and Home Depot

where c an I find appropriately sized gaskets?

The better question is why do you need a gasket you don’t need a gasket and less you’re putting it in the bathroom. The gasket is only needed to keep the Moisture from your bathroom going up in your ceiling if you place it anywhere else you can remove the gasket



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  • Anonymous

    Failed in one week.

    Product was easy to install. Drilled holes, pulled Romex, made connections, and voila, lights!
    After one week, however, one light has already ‘burned’ out. Connections are tight, tried swapping light pucks from another working light, problem persists in 2nd light in circuit. Problem resides with faulty jbox. Have contacted cloudy bay but no response yet.
    Unfortunate to have such an immediate failure after the premium that is paid for these color temperature changing lights.

    Original review was one star, updating to five stars. Seller reached out and sent express replacement of light. Now all 6 lights are working perfectly. Good prompt response to ensure product performance. Thanks Cloudy Bay!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Very nice looking. Fits right into a junction box hole. Brighter than expected.

    I bought these over identical-looking competing products for 3 main reasons: Available in 6pkwhile many competing products are only 8/12pk (I only needed 3) , the option of 3 colors, and good value in terms of price per unit.

    Installation in general is pretty easy. Remove the number of punch-outs you need from the control box, install 3/8′ NM clamps (not included), run the Romex wire through them, and wire it up using the included wire nuts. Then push the box up into the hole. It does have screw holes for securing it if you want, but most people (myself included) don’t bother. Then plug in the light, position the spring clips where they will go into the hole, and pop it in. I replaced a couple flush-mount ‘boob lights’ with these, so there was a bit more work involved in cutting out the original junction boxes, but once the junction boxes were removed (4′ round type), I was left with the perfect sized hole for these to pop right into. At least, that was the case with my upstairs hallway. My basement hallway was built by the homeowner, and his junction box hole was a lot more sloppy, so I did have to do a bit of trimming to get the hole right. I didn’t have to worry about thickness since mine went into existing junction box holes, but they’re very thin. They would definitely clear any joists in 1/2′ drywall if you need them to.

    After installation, they look great! I love the clean, flat look. They were also surprisingly bright. The old ‘boob lights’ had 15W (60W equiv) CFL in them that were supposed to be 800-Lumens. These at 650-Lumens are significantly brighter. It seemed a little too bright at first for a hallway, but I’ve gotten used to it and it feels just right now. The only minor complaint I have, is between the 2 in the upstairs hallway, both set to 4000K, one is noticeably warmer than the other. However, it’s not annoying enough to make me want to go to the trouble to try swapping out the lights and/or control box, especially since wiring the upstairs ones was made a bit difficult since the builder of my house secured all the wiring to the ceiling joists leaving me with very little slack to work with. I didn’t ding them a star because I’d say I’m 95% happy with them and very glad I went for these 4′ recessed rather than just nicer looking flush mount fixtures.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Install tips and suggested product improvements

    Overall excellent product however, some simple improvements would help them knock it out of the park.

    1 – the inner and outer edge of the lamp disk should have a great difference. One needs to be ‘too careful’ that the hole is both large enough to slip the backside of the lamp disk in and yet not too large that an air gap shows. Suggest a minor 1/4 inch greater difference would be much better.
    2 – The electrical connection should be pre-wired with simple push connectors, Push connectors in this application are a joy to work with, saving time and space in the small junction box. I used/added them, but they should come that way instead of w/ wire nuts.
    3 – The spring loaded holders should be less strong. The spring strength used make for an unnecessary hassle to work with.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Measured High CRI well above 92 and low power at 10W at 100%

    These lights are a rare find. High quality/CRI, low power, and adjustable color temp from 3000K/4000K/5000K all at a fairly low price. The only real way to know how good they are is to measure them and they deliver!

    Results using Sekonic Spectromaster C-800-U:
    3000K setting: 2984K, CRI/Ra=92.8, TLCI=92, R9=60.2
    4000K setting: 3847K, CRI/Ra=94.8, TLCI=94, R9=73.6
    5000K setting: 5241K, CRI/Ra=93.6, TLCI=94, R9=68.5
    (See pics for screen shots of measurements.)

    4000K is slightly the best setting, but all the color temps are so good…take your pick and enjoy.

    Power consumption is as advertised at 10.03W at 100% (not dimmed). BTW, they dim great and the color measurements stay consistent across the dimming range.

    I have 6 of these above my large kitchen island at the 4000K setting and color representation/brightness is fantastic.

    Verified Purchase

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