Wyze Programmable Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control, Energy Saving, Easy Installation, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Black

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Model NameSmart Wifi Thermostat for Home with App Control
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.7 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches
Controller TypeVera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Included ComponentsWyze Thermostat
  • Easy DIY installation: Step-by-step guided installation in the Wyze app (less than 30 min). Work with 90% home systems, C-wire adapter included for home without C-wire, Check your heating & cooling system compatibility on the Wyze website with the Wyze Thermostat Compatibility Checker.
  • Control from the app: You can control the temperature from your phone no matter where you are, or turn it off when you are away, Keep pets comfortable and prevent frozen plumbing, Share the control with guests and family through the Wyze app.
  • Works with voice assistants: Adjust the thermostat with your voice by asking Alexa or Google assistant.
  • 7-Day scheduling: Create schedules for Home, Sleep, and Away for every day so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to your thermostat.
  • Usage tracking with insights: Like an energy-saving gnome inside your phone, the Wyze app will recommend actionable insights based on your usage to help reduce wasted energy.
  • Automatically turns on and off based on the built-in motion sensor and phone location to save energy.
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Wyze Thermostat

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


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Product Dimensions

‎4.7 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches


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‎Smart Wifi Thermostat for Home with App Control‎Thermostat

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, ,

Included Components

‎Wyze Thermostat

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Frequently asked question

What are the dimensions of the wall plate?

4 7/8' w x 6 3/8 h

Can i upgrade to this, i only have two wires, one red & one white, current thermostat is honeywell rth2300b1038/e1?

Sorry but the answer is no! You would need a 3rd wire for a common to operate the thermostat. If you can run a new common wire from the 24 volt transformer on furnace you can connect it to the C terminal. Then it would work. Hope this helps you. Good luck! Phil: I'm a retired HVAC contractor.

can you pair this with a room temperature sensor?

Wyze has promised to offer a wireless remote temp sensor fortheir thermostat. Check their website. This product did not work for me.

What is the lowest heating temperature you can set this at?

You can set the thermostat as low as 50F.

6 reviews for Wyze Programmable Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control, Energy Saving, Easy Installation, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Black


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  • Anonymous

    Can be used without a c-wire

    I love Wyze products and this is a really great thermostat. My furnace doesn’t have a c-wire, but all you need is an ac adapter.
    Once added to the wyze app, this thermostat is very simple to use. There are a few wonky things with programming that don’t really make a lot of sense. Like the proximity and home/not home stuff. If I leave and it’s registered to me, the app thinks no one is home and goes into that setting. Same thing with day/night settings. They don’t really work well. But I like that I can program regular hours and I can turn on/off remotely.

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  • Anonymous

    Lots of settings to help with relationship problems

    So the thermostat comes with a 1-degree swing in temp (changeable to 1/2-degree swing). The wife would see the temp number on the unit and would immediately complain bitterly that ‘the old thermometer never did that’ quickly followed by ‘I’m hot’
    I changed it to 1/2-degree and the number doesn’t change so she is happy as a clam
    I plan to switch back to the 1-degree swing because (from what I hear) it is more efficient (the compressor runs less), there is less wear and tear on the compressor (and system as a whole), etc. – and I’m pretty sure that she wont notice because she will not be watching the unit ever 2 minutes (since it has been installed for a while – not as exciting as before).
    She does love the ability to make changes from her phone – which (of course) is a double-edge sword.
    The unit does exactly what it is supposed to do – and comes with quite an array of settings

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  • Anonymous

    I've been eying these for a year or so.

    I’ve been eyeing this for a year or so and finally pulled the trigger. I have a dual zone system and needed two thermostats. I was able to install both of these and have them working in about 30 minutes. The only kink i found with both of them was when it does a check on the wires. During the setup it does a test to make sure you installed the correct wires. Both said I had installed extra wires which I didnt. I found that if you just keep retrying the test it will eventually scan correctly. Other than that they work great and work well with Alexa.

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  • Anonymous

    A little bit of a pain to set up. Does the job

    Added these to my Wyze smart thermostat because it’s located in a part of the house that nobody really spends time in, which doesn’t get as warm/cold as other parts of the house.
    I put one sensor in the den, which doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and is often colder than the rest of the house in the summer/winter. The other two went into the master bedroom, and guest bedrooms which are on the upper floor and are usually much warmer in the summer.
    I like that you can set a variance between the main thermostat readings to help balance the heating/cooling. Will see how long the AAA batteries hold up.
    The Bluetooth range on these seems to be pretty good since the thermostat and sensors on opposite sides of a 3700 square foot house. Initial setup is a little bit annoying though – as is most things bluetooth.

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  • Anonymous

    Can't force thermostat to only use the room sensor to control HVAC

    I ordered the Wyze thermostat to replace my 2nd generation Nest thermostat because I needed an external temperature sensor to control the air conditioning. Overall, the thermostat seems decent, but it’s not near as polished as my 10 year old Nest.
    My goal in buying this was to make sure my wife was comfortable in her home office, which is always hotter than the rest of the house.
    However, there’s no way to tell the thermostat to use only the room sensor to control the air conditioning. Instead it somehow tries to balance between the external sensor(s) and the main thermostat. My wife was either too hot or freezing, and I couldn’t figure out how to make sure she was comfortable. Instead of winning brownie points for making her life more comfortable I got the ‘why are you making my life harder’ look. Pretty disappointing.
    Also, the Wyze app didn’t seem to accurately reflect the temperature displayed on the thermostat and the room sensor. Really hard to figure out what the Wyze thermostat is actually doing if the app is lying. The wife was NOT cool with me sticking my head in her office while she was in her meetings! I had to kill and restart the app to get the current temperature.
    I think Wyze has a shot at making a really good product with the hardware they have now, they just need to polish the behavior more.
    Note to Amazon: I wanted to write separate reviews for the thermostat and the room sensor, but for some reason I can only write a review for the room sensor. It’s probably because the thermostat and the room sensors are listed under one product listing. They are separate products, why are they together?

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  • Anonymous

    so far it's great!

    Removed & discarded my expensive Nest the cost me thousands of $ in faulty readings despite new thermostat wires in refunds to my guests and new equipment purchase as it was just not living up to its expected promises. Nest is junk in my estimation. Had extreme difficulties getting the Nest to stay programmed . This WYze was fairly easy to install although it needed an additional wire pulled to the furnace. I like how quickly it comes up on my phone. NO hesitation with Wyze, as the Nest was always trying to find it’s connection and was worthless most of the time. This Wyze is a breeze to use. Very responsive. Very easy to use. In the hallway it has a simple dial you turn. There was small problem with the vertical form in place of the larger horizontal of the previous junk. I have an historic home with wallpaper where this goes and had to fudge a little with the back plate to cover previous thermostat cutout. I will be adding these to my other properties. I know that will be easy to use on my phone to check settings, as Wyze intelligently allows you to designate which product you have. I will be adding more to the arsenal! I have 3 properties.

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