Philips Hue v2 Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote, Installation-Free, Smart Home, Exclusively for Philips Hue Smart Lights (2021 Version), White

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BrandPhilips Hue
Switch StyleToggle Switch, Dimmer Switch
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.17 x 3.46 x 6.69 inches
International Protection RatingIP20
Control MethodApp
  • SEAMLESS CONTROL: Get instant control over your Philips Hue smart lights. The smart dimmer light switch lets you dim, brighten, and change your light settings with the simple push of a button.
  • PLACE ANYWHERE: With its battery-powered design and the included adhesive, the smart switch can be placed anywhere. Its magnetic backing even lets you attach it to the refrigerator or other metal surfaces.
  • UNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF PHILIPS HUE: Add the dimmer switch to a hub-controlled Philips Hue setup to customize the settings in the Hue app. Cycle through your favorite light scenes or get the right light based on the time of day.
  • EASY TO USE: Four clearly marked buttons make the smart dimmer simple to use, whether turning your lights on, dimming and brightening, or setting your favorite light scenes.
  • FIND THE PERFECT SMART LIGHTING FOR YOU: Easily toggle light scenes based on your mood with preset scenes or custom ones that you create.
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Device detailed description

Dim or brighten the room, toggle light scenes, or get the best light based on the time of day. The Hue dimmer switch attaches to walls or magnetic surfaces, but can also be used as a remote control anywhere in your home. Works with Hue smart lights, fixtures, and accessories.

Features and specification

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Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Warranty Description

‎2 year manufacturer

Product Dimensions

‎2.17 x 3.46 x 6.69 inches

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Included Components

‎1x Philips Hue Dimmer Switch, 1x Wall mount

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Frequently asked question

What's the difference between this new V2 dimmer and the older design?

I feel V1 is superior. Form should follow function! V2 is aesthetically superior to V1 V1 is functionally superior to V2: … see more I feel V1 is superior. Form should follow function! V2 is aesthetically superior to V1 V1 is functionally superior to V2: * V2 pivots off the wall on occasion when pressed on edge due to aesthetic geometry & reduced magnet strength * V2 buttons can be pressed without activation (I frequently do and it's annoying) * V2 button functionality is easier to understand, however, less user friendly overall imo... I have to push the power button, then shift my hand to push a different button to change the setting. Seems simple, and it's actually quite annoying. ** V1, I just push the On button multiple times to cycle through scenes. No shifting my hand to find a different button. Simple and 'low friction.' The buttons always register a positive press.

why is this priced higher than manufacturer and other stores?

A seller name Ellions is scamming Amazon customers by charging double the price claiming there is a 'premium' version of the product (there isn't). He's been reported.

Can this be installed into a gang plate of 3 switches?

I am about to purchase one for a separate issue, but for a gang of three, it is possible (sort of). You could find a friend that has a 3D printer and fabricate a custom faceplate for the switches. Just a thought. Might help.

Does this new design work the same with homekit? i want to be able to set up scenes in homekit instead of managing the remote through the hue app


6 reviews for Philips Hue v2 Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote, Installation-Free, Smart Home, Exclusively for Philips Hue Smart Lights (2021 Version), White


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  • Anonymous

    Convenient for Setting up One Touch, Variable Lights for a Room or Zone

    My home project earlier this year was converting a lot of my home lights to Smart lighting. For a while these were backordered and I had the simple one push smart buttons but mostly because I just couldn’t access these. I wish I had started with these! I was able to obtain three of them. The plate was easy to install and looks nice with the existing hardware for a 2000s constructed house. It involves just screwing in a base plate and snapping on the top plate. The remote easily attaches with the magnet to the base and is very portable, attaches strongly to stay put but isn’t so strong you have to wrench the remote off. Sometimes in the dark I have flailed at it and knocked it out of the groove but that’s pretty infrequent. The settings are interesting – the top button can be set to either be a specific single brightness for a room/zone/set of lights, dimmer works well but is a bit slow in speed. HUE switches between a set of up to five scenes that you can program for the zone or room.
    I have my home exit switch which is in my ‘mud room area’ set to ‘turn off all lights after holding for three seconds’ and this easily lets me shut off all lights in my house on my way out. The HUE button is what’s most convenient for my uses, because of all my rooms my bedroom has eleven separate lights (in a variety of towers, nightstand, accent lights, and torch). There are some times I just want to turn on a few lights when I’m zipping in to grab something and don’t want every single light on. The ‘power’ top switch I have set to a nice incandescent color. For the scenes, I set the first one as a limited scene with just one tower and the torch so I get enough light to see by but don’t have to turn on every single light. Multiple presses then go into my favorite four scenes afterwards. In essence this is a like a two button ‘on’ switch where I can use the Hue to get to a more efficient pattern, all from one single switch site. I have these also set up for my living room, where power is the full shebang and then HUE is only a overhead light over my computing desk – which makes it super convenient to use one single switch site to control multiple looks of lights. It’s so easy to swap things around once you have the switches in place. So far so good!

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  • Anonymous

    Adds quick lighting toggles that you can put anywhere.

    This comes in handy when you need to turn your hues on or off quickly without needing to reach for your phone or using a voice assistant. I put one in my bedroom near my door and now I can quickly turn on and off my hues in my room when I leave or arrive.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy way to control Hue Lights

    This is my go to way to control all the Hue lights in my room. Quickest way to turn them on, off, dim, change scenes, etc.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy to pair, a bit tricky to configure

    Having physical controls for smart lights is a must unless you want to constantly be asking Siri (which in some cases is a hassle). This switch is super easy to add to your existing home structure through the Phillips Hue app and easy to physically install to the wall. My only complaint is the lack of a designed ‘off’ button means a little configuration needs to be done within the app in order to set that up. You can still program a button to be the ‘off’ switch, it just took a couple times to get the Hue app and HomeKit to play nicely together.

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  • Anonymous

    For visitors who can't handle Alexa

    Almost all the lights in my house are Hue, and are managed by ‘Alexa, turn on…’ Or ‘…turn off…’ Rooms are living room, kitchen, guest room. I have a couple of visitors who cannot turn on or turn off anything. Even when I set up routines like ‘Alexa, good morning.’
    I’ve had wifi switches that worked nicely, but when I went to get more, they were no longer made.
    So when Philips Hue came out with this switch, with the top button a simple on-off, and a pair of buttons for brighter or dimmer, I got a couple.
    Easy to set up, easy to stick to the wall, and does exactly what I want. Stuck next to the regular light switch, with A SIGN saying Push Top Button For Lights On/Off.
    So I got several more. Now I don’t have to turn regular light switches back on after guests leave.
    The hardest part was figuring out what scenes to program into the bottom button when there are five options and one room only has three scenes. Yeah, the whole setup was easy.

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  • Anonymous

    The best so far!

    4 buttons, 1 dial. Each can be used to control a room or zone. Or, they can control one room or zone, using each button/dial to set scenes. I have already installed 4. They are great for zones or rooms that are visible from where you control the dial.
    I have a dial near my bed to control my bedside lamp, bathroom, sitting room and kichenette. I have another one at my door to control the same 4 zones. I also have 2 in my kitchenette: 1 to control the lights in all 4 zones and the other to control my kitchen equipment.
    Basically, I can control all lights from any zone using the dial, just like a phone would.
    If you are bothered by smudges on your switch, avoid the black one.
    They all work flawlessly!

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