MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch,Adjustable Selflock and Momentary Working Mode,Works with Philips Hue, SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home (ZigBee Hub Required))

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  • WIDE COMPATIBLE -Support Alexa and SmartThings Hub, work with Echo Plus 2nd Gen (L9D29R), Echo Plus(ZE39KL), Echo Show 2nd Gen (DW84JL) and Echo Studio. No third party app required, just plug in and ask: ‘Alexa, discover devices
  • ZigBee3.0 Protocol, One-tap Pairing: Adopts ZigBee3.0 protocol, you can quickly add it to SONOFF ZBBridge, getting them paired via a single tap on the app
  • Voice Control,works with Amazon Alexa and Google home devices for complete voice control, remote control and Intelligent timing. Free your hands.With 433Mhz RF receiver built in,support fixed learn 433Mhz RF(don’t included)
  • Working voltage DC 5V or DC 7-32V, accepts power through either a micro-usb or standard terminals. Power is not passed through to the relay circuit. It is an isolated dry contact on/off momentary relay ZigBee board ZigBee IOT with clean contact low voltage Zigbee on/off switch controller,work as zigbee button to DIY Smart garage door opener with momentary mode
  • Timer and schedule.set countdown/loop timer schedule for convenient life,happy share
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Device detailed description

MHCOZY ZigBee Smart Switch, DIY Smart Home,Control your home appliances or electrical devices anytime and anywhere
Why Choose Zigbee? Absolute data privacy and no need to download third-party APP. Echo Plus voice pairing directly without worrying about data collection.
Easy To Install And Wide Compatible support Alexa and SmartThings Hub, work with Echo Plus 2nd Gen (L9D29R), Echo Plus(ZE39KL), Echo Show 2nd Gen (DW84JL) and Echo Studio. No third party app required, just plug in and ask: ‘Alexa, discover devices.’


Two working voltage: USB 5V or DC 7-32V
Power &lt,1W, and quiescent current:80mA
Cutover current&lt,10A , Cutover voltage&lt,250V
10A Relay Model
Working Temperature: -40 to 70degree
Working Humidity: 40% to 80% RH

1. Default inching Function: Press the open relay by mobile phone, then cut off the pull-on immediately(default one second)
2. Self-locking mode: trigger to Turn on/off connected devices

Voice control
Zigbee 3.0 smart switch can work perfectly with Alexa-enabled devices like Echo/Tap/Dot, as well as Google home. Just with a simply voice command, Alexa or Google Assistant will work for you, turning on/off the connected devices at once.
Control home appliances or electrical devices with your voice like this:
“Alexa, turn on the light.”
“Alexa, turn on Garage door.”
“Hey Google, turn off the bedroom light.” “

Package included:
1 x ZigBee Wireless Smart Home Relay Switch
1 x buckle desgin Enclosure(If cover size doesn’t fit your project,just open and take out the zigbee module)
1 x English Instruction

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , , , , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Batteries Included?

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Frequently asked question

When I push the manual button or turn on through Zigbee there is no change in output voltage but second red light comes on next to the relay. Ideas?

This is a relay switch, it is either an open or closed circuit that can be a momentary or normal. There will be no power unless you somehow supply it to one side of the switch.

Do these act as nodes in the zigbee mesh?

It's Device Type: Router. It will help strengthen the mesh.

Can it actually be powered with AC 7-32 volts? I would like to power it from an unused doorbell nearby which is powered by a 24 volt transformer.

Yes,there are 2 power supply options.USB 5V or AC/DC 7-32V,any one of them is ok.

Will this work with a Conbee 2 zigbee hub?

This is a standard Zigbee HA device so it works with most Zigbee Hubs.

6 reviews for MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch,Adjustable Selflock and Momentary Working Mode,Works with Philips Hue, SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home (ZigBee Hub Required))


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  • Anonymous

    Terrible instructions. Great Product.

    Other than instructions that were a bit confusing…
    The device Conncected Easily to my Abode system, After I hooked this up to the auxiliary jacks into my Garage door opener, I pushed the top button to change the device into Momentary switch mode.

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  • Anonymous

    DC/AC smart device

    Works with SmartThings and adding it to the hub was a breeze. I used it as a solar system fail safe to trigger a backup charger just in case the inverter’s built in transfer switch fails. As a switch within the SmartThings app it works with an automation when it switched on but when it shuts off when power is taken from it it does not show as the device being off in the app and hence doesn’t trigger the off automation. However having it wired directly to the charger physically turns in on and off and I use a smart plug for the on and off automations. It is a hard to find product which uses DC and AC mix for smart homes. I was looking for such a product for a while and I’m glad I got this one. Does the job.

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  • Anonymous

    Fantastic product. Wireless zigbee automation wherever you need it.

    I was using these to wirelessly toggle holiday displays over Smartthings using Hue outdoor motion sensors. Worked fine. Now that Smartthings platform changes have broken that automation, I tried the same combination over a Hubitat hub. Easy to configure and works even better! These relays are incredibly useful for any wireless on/off or momentary device automation. Better yet, last year’s model was just a circuit board that required a project box – the latest ones I received already have a nice case. Deducted two stars on tech support as the documentation could have so much more 1) readable size , and 2) more descriptive than a word and an arrow.
    Don’t make the same mistake I made thinking I could get one of those handy little USB power packs for charging your phone to power this relay through the USB port. Worked great for about 20 minutes until the power pack shut off due to low current draw of this relay. So you will need a micro-USB charger or alternate 7-32V power source

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  • Anonymous

    Working great!

    This zigbee relay paired easily to SmartThings and I was pleasantly surprised it came in a case (not mentioned or shown on Amazon). I set the mode to inching and installed on my garage door. It’s been working great and I’ve had no issues.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works great as a garage door open with Home Assistant

    I have been using this as a garage door opener for a little under a year. While not an elegant device, I have had no issues with it. I was coming from a Chamberlain myQ device, that was quite unreliable, so my standards were low. It plays well with the ConBee II Zigbee dongle and integrates nicely with Home Assistant (via ZHA). For the garage door opener setup, I paired this with an Aqara Door and Window Sensor.

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  • Anonymous

    Turns on my computer

    Used this to tap into my gaming computers power switch wire. (My computer is on a shelf and its annoying pressing the power button)
    I use an echo dot and I labeled the relay Computer, now I use voice command (hey Alexa, turn on the computer) and it works every time.
    One silly downside is I have to use the same command to turn the computer on and off but most of the time I just use the shutdown option in windows.
    other issue using this to turn on a computer is it requires constant power, but I did find an option in windows to keep 5v USB power on when the computer is off, so it worked out and is possible

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