YoLink Smart Outdoor Motion Detector, Trespassing Alarm, Driveway Alert, 1/4 Mile Range LoRa-Powered Wireless Motion Sensor, App for Remote Monitoring & Alerts, Alexa, IFTTT. Hub Required!

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Power SourceBattery Powered
Item Weight130 Grams
Maximum Range6 Meters
Number of Batteries2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Exterior Property Protection: Extend the security of your home or business to include all parts of your property, including driveway, detached garage, barn, storage building, sheds, etc.
  • Longest Range, By Far! Only YoLink, powered by LoRa is capable of up to 1/4 mile range in open air, allowing you to locate the sensor virtually anywhere on your property, with no concerns about WiFi signal or dependability
  • No Wires, No Worries! Self-powered and wireless, just install the sensor wherever it is needed: mount it to a wall, post or column, even a tree! No wires needed!
  • Many Uses! Detect intruders, trespassers, before they reach your home or property. Create a virtual fence around your property, with alerts or automations when motion or activity is detected. Team up your motion sensors with a YoLink In-wall Switch or Plug, to turn on flood lights upon motion, controlled by time of day. Briefly turn on a YoLink outdoor siren to scare off would-be burglars or wildlife. Driveway alert. Protect your vehicles and property from theft. Early warning notifications.
  • YoLink Hub is REQUIRED! This device will not operate without one of our hubs, not included. We recommend SpeakerHub, our talking, custom tone & sound, hub. Please search B09FSS95G9 for the SpeakerHub, or B07TQLKQLJ for the original Hub.
  • Phone App Included! This is a smart device with a full-featured app. Beware of products that require you be in earshot of the alarm. Types of notifications available to you include: app push notifications, email, SMS, siren or lighting activation, SpeakerHub sound or spoken messages, as well as optional central station monitoring. Each account receives 5 SMS per month per device, plus 5, free. YoLink Siren, Light Switch or Plug, or SpeakerHub purchased separately.
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Frequently asked question

Yolink's website states minimum operating temperature is 32 F. This page lists -4 F.

I’m in Michigan, out temps the past few days have been in the teens (F), my sensor is still working eith no issue

Can I receive alerts when away from home?

Yes, you will be sent an alert notification to your smartphone via the YoLink App. It will also show a history of motion alerts with the time it was activated in the app. You must purchase the YoLink Hub for this outdoor motion detector to function correctly. https://www.amazon.com/YoLink-Enabled-Automation-Monitoring… see more Yes, you will be sent an alert notification to your smartphone via the YoLink App. It will also show a history of motion alerts with the time it was activated in the app. You must purchase the YoLink Hub for this outdoor motion detector to function correctly. https://www.amazon.com/YoLink-Enabled-Automation-Monitoring-Devices/dp/B07TQLKQLJ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=yolink+hub&qid=1625989198&sr=8-1

Do you have to pay monthly for this camera to work? Or does it only work partially if i dont pay monthly?

This is a motion detector not a camera. There are no monthly fees.

Does the outdoor motion detector have a siren or is that sold separately? How much would it cost with a siren and would I need anything else?

The siren is sold separately. You need a YoLink hub which is connected to your router or modem.

6 reviews for YoLink Smart Outdoor Motion Detector, Trespassing Alarm, Driveway Alert, 1/4 Mile Range LoRa-Powered Wireless Motion Sensor, App for Remote Monitoring & Alerts, Alexa, IFTTT. Hub Required!


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  • Anonymous

    Highly recommended!

    Easy to set up, detection pattern is great!

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  • Anonymous

    Super easy setup and long distance range.

    The driveway alarm is super easy to get setup.
    I can’t say enough about yolink devices and how user friendly they are. I have a long driveway, and this little motion sensor let’s me know from my phone from anywhere, when someone is in my driveway. I can check my security cameras the second I get a notice and see who’s there. Just awesome!

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  • Anonymous

    Early warning

    Love being able to know someone is here before they get out of the car

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  • Anonymous

    Great Outdoor Motion sensor that DOES work with Alexa.

    Over all, I really like this motion sensor. I have been waiting a while for a company to make an outside motion sensor that works with Alexa. At the beginning of 2021, I did suggest this to Yolinks in their feedback section. Yolink seems to be very open to feedback.
    What I like/PROS ​about this motion sensior.
    1) How small it is compared to other outside motion sensors on the market. Much easier to place in location where it is not as noticeable.
    2) Like all Yolink devices, this device is extremely easy to setup. In the app, tap the scan icon, scan the QR, tap bind, your done.
    3) The Yolink app is extremely user-friendly. The designers and programmers must actually be using the app and Yolink devices. In the app, it is very easy to rename the Yolink device to what is convenient and/or useful to you. Device settings are easily changed, tap the device icon, then select setting. No hunting and digging around in four or five deep menus, trying to find something that is hidden under some obscure label/name.
    4) Another very nice thing that the Yolink app and Alexa skill does is, any new Yolink device scanned is automaticall added to Alexa’s device list. No need to have Alexa scan for new devices before you can start setting up routines in Alexa.
    5) Another great feature is that when a sensor sends a notice to your phone, it also includes the battery status. No more guessing if batteries are low. You can also see this within the app by selecting the device, then settings where you can see the battery level.
    6) This is more about the Yolink hub that the sensors connect to. If the sensors are controlling other Yolink devices such as wall switches, electrical plugs/outlets or even setting off the Yolink alarm siren, It does NOT need internet connectivity. Yolink devices communicate to each other via the Yolink hub. This interaction is almost instant. Internet access is needed to communicate with Alexa and other none Yolink devices an to be able to sent notifications to your phone.
    At this time, I cannot rate the battery life. Only been using the outside motion sensors for four days (as of 05/31/21). If they are like the other Yolink devices, the battery life should be very good.
    Currently I have one of these sensor for my driveway. If it detects motion, I get notified on my phone and I have a routine in Alexa setup to make an announcement on all echo speakers. Love this feature. I also setup one for my side door, doing similar things. If you have kids playing in the yard, you might want to set times when different sensors are active and when they are not.
    At night, I am testing how good these sensor and the Alexa Yolink skill is at turning on different exterior lights, when motion is detected.
    The only concerned I have, it is not really a CON at this time.
    1) The small mounting bracket, will it hold up to Florida weather? Only time will tell. At this time, I cannot reduce the rating because I do not know how strong the mounting bracket is.
    This maybe a CON for some, not for me.
    1) The mounting bracket only has vertical movement/adjustment, no horizontal adjustment at all. Not an issue for me, but might be for some.
    These motion sensors are replacing existing sensor around my home. The driveway sensor, a weather/rain hood is already installed and pointing in the correct direction. The other one, like other outdoor sensors I have, are mounted under the house/roof eaves for some protection, on mounts I have already designed and pointed in the desired direction.
    So far, these new Yolink outdoor motion sensors are working out much better than I expected. I have two more on order (05/30/21) for my front and back doors. Only time will tell if they will holdup to normal Florida weather.
    I will update if my option changes.

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  • Anonymous

    Works GREAT!

    I use this as a front porch sensor. Any thing moves there and I get an email/text.
    Only minor issue is that the mounting assembly is a little flimsy. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but you really need to torque down the angle setting screw to get it to stay. But it does stay.
    Just like all the other YoLink/YoSmart devices, it works really well!

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  • Anonymous

    very easy to set up and nice size

    I’m using this as a driveway alarm. I had this set up within about 5 minutes of getting it delivered. I already have Yolink water leak sensors and a valve, so I just had to add it to my existing hub by scanning the QR code on the back, and then screw it onto a tree at the end of my driveway. It’s about 120 feet from the hub, with a brick wall and several trees between them, and it shows that it has a strong signal. It’s placed about 15 feet from the driveway and it easily picks up people, or the neighbor’s cat walking by.
    The grey color and relatively small size make it blend into the background pretty well.
    I don’t think it has a super wide detection area, but that’s actually good for my application, so I don’t mind at all.
    So far it alerts to my phone and alexa within a few seconds of motion every time. I have several Yolink water sensors and I have found that they generally perform faster than my Ring door alarm sensors, so I expect this sensor will continue to do the same.
    I tried to point it at an area where the bushes won’t move too much in the wind. It hasn’t been too windy yet, so I don’t know if I’ll get lots of false alarms or not. I have it set to high sensitivity and it easily picks up people at 20 feet, but not every bug that flies by. If I start getting false alarms in the wind I’ll try adjusting the sensitivity down.
    I also have the Yolink Alexa skill installed and it was trivial to create a routine with a voice alert when motion is detected.

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