WiFi Relay Smart Momentary Switch – 12V Inching Relay Module for Smart Home, DC 7-32V Ewelink APP Remote Control,Compatible with Alexa Echo Google Home

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  • Widely UsageYou can DIY remote control your garage door, lights,fan,humidifiers,curtain,gas fireplace or other home appliances by eWelink app.You can also track the devices real-time status anytime.
  • Timer ScheduleThree timing types: scheduled timing, countdown timing and loop timing.Presetting timers on eWeLink App, the devices can be turned on/off at a specific time.
  • Voice ControlThe wifi relay switch is compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant.Just control your home appliances with a simple voice command.
  • Easy to Set UpSupport 2.4G WiFi network connection. Download eWelink APP and register an account. Then follow the instructions to complete the WiFi configuration.
  • Working ModeINCHING mode- If you press the button on the app (or the manual button on the board), the switch will be opened, and then auto close according to your setting on the app(default one second).SELF-LOCKING mode-When you press the button on APP (or the manual button on the board) , the relay will activate to keep ON or OFF.
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Device detailed description

WiFi Relay Switch,you can remote control your home appliances by using free eWelink App from anytime and anywhere.
Two working voltage: Usb 5v or AC/DC 7-32v.
Standby Current:80mA
Max.Current: 2200W/10A
Working Mode:Inching/Self-Locking
Wi-Fi Standard: Wi-Fi 2.4ghz b/g/n

Package List:
1*WiFi Relay Switch Module
1 *English User Manual
– WiFi relay module need enable location to connect your 2.4G WiFi.Don’t worry,we won’t record your location.You may rest assured that use it.
– If you plan to install it in a place where the WiFi signal is weak, you may need a wifi extender.
– Any malfunction, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Service team will reply you within 24 hours.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Special Features

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎2.64 x 1.61 x 0.71 inches


Power Source



Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Are the 4 relays individually controlled or are they all activated with one button press

They can be individually controlled or all on/off via the eWeLink app.

Does it come back on at the last know relay position?

Yes in the app

Will this relay connect to a 12volt lights?

Yes, It would work well.

can I voice control each relay with Alexa ?

I don’t believe so. I use the web enabled controller and it works well.

6 reviews for WiFi Relay Smart Momentary Switch – 12V Inching Relay Module for Smart Home, DC 7-32V Ewelink APP Remote Control,Compatible with Alexa Echo Google Home


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  • Anonymous

    Device would not broadcast wifi when in pairing mode

    I have many devices and switches setup on my home network that work with both Google Home and Alexa. Some of those devices use the eWeLink app, so I’m quite familiar with pairing devices using that app. The device goes into pairing mode when first powered up, and I can return the device to pairing mode when that times out by long pressing the button on the PCB. However, when in pairing mode the device should broadcast a wifi SSID, but it does not. It does not show up on my phone, nor on a nearby notebook. Both were even disconnected from my home network, but the SSID of the switch never shows up, and I tried multiple times. I suspect the device is defective, or perhaps configured for a different country. I’m having Amazon send a replacement and we will see how the replacement does. Unfortunate, because it is exactly what I need.
    (Update 2 days later)
    I got the replacement, but unfortunately it also fails to broadcast an SSID (such as ITEAD-000001), so can’t be paired with nor connected to. Time to search for a different manufacturer. Fortunately Amazon has pretty painless returns.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome for garage door

    I used this switch for a garage door opener. I have 3 garage doors and took apart one of the remotes. Sodered wires into it and connected to the switch. I then added this to SmartThings. Now I can control the garage from anywhere. You will need a camera or something else to confirm garage door status.

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  • Anonymous

    up and running in 5 minutes with my Alexa

    I attached a 24VDC supply to this thing, downloaded the WeLink app on iOS, and was able start toggling the relays from the cloud and my Alexa within 5 minutes. I don’t quite understand why the WeLink app wants access to your phone’s location (GPS). I guess you could set up your account and device somewhere not at home if you were super concerned about that being a privacy issue.
    Inching mode works great for trigging a momentary switch press. Being able to customize it in 500ms increments seems really handy too. I tested this and it works with no issues with triggering the Craftsman garage door opener at my home. Using this instead of buying a garage keypad or additional programmable wireless remotes would be most cost effective. That said, if your wifi or internet isn’t consistent, or the thought of someone figuring out your account and remotely opening your garage is a solid fear of yours… maybe this isn’t a good solution for that.

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  • Anonymous

    Set it up with Navien tankless hot water heater

    My Navien hot water heater came with a remote controlled relay. It works but not to my satisfaction and we never get instant hot water to the furthest faucet. I decided to see what alternatives exist compared to Navien’s Navilink. The Navilink is expensive and does a lot more when all I wanted is relay that connects to wifi. This does that and some more by providing integration with Alexa, Google home and others. I was able to wire it up to existing hot button module which has 12v supply and a signal. I connected NO pin from the switch to my hot water signal and it works great.
    If you do have a dual band wifi router(2.4/5.0 GHz) then the relay won’t find your wifi SSID on the first try, the ewelink app will prompt you for compatibility mode and I followed instructions and it worked for me. I didn’t have to change my wifi setting or setup another SSID in 2.4 GHz. I setup an Alexa routine to trigger the relay multiple times with delays in between to get around my water heater’s stupidity of switching off re-circulation when it senses the return line exceeds 100F.
    On the security side of this setup, I am not sure about integrating with a Chinese cloud service into my home network so I might look into alternatives in the future but for now I am happy and may just sandbox the relay into its own network.

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  • Anonymous

    No English instructions included

    The description showed an English ‘manual’ was included. Mine was 100% Chinese. Thanks to some reviewer comments I was able to get mine paired but it took longer than necessary had there been the instructions as listed. Thanks to the eWeLink app it works fine and the price was right.

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  • Anonymous

    Nope sorry

    These can not control a DC circuit. They can control AC but not DC. My use for it went out the window because of this. It shows you can work a DC voltage but you can’t. It works off DC voltage but it does not control it. Shame would have been put to good use.

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