LIFX Clean, A19 1100 lumens, Full Color with Antibacterial HEV, Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb, No Bridge Required, Compatible with Alexa, Hey Google, HomeKit and Siri (2-Pack)

Special FeatureDimmable
Light TypeLED
Wattage75 watts
Light ColorRGBW
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
  • With HEV mode: additional High Energy Visible LEDs will harm bacteria but not your skin or pets, like UV can.
  • 1100 lumens: Ultra bright! But also dimmable via voice or app.
  • Full color: 550 billion possible color steps. RGBW LEDs for richer colors and huge 1500-9000K white range.
  • Why Wi-Fi? Control from anywhere. No bridge or hub required. (Use 2.4GHz).
  • Voice compatible (Alexa, Apple HomeKit / Siri, Hey Google) and simple to set up, screw in, open your preferred app and follow the prompts.
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Device detailed description

A light so smart we taught it how to clean. Let’s be honest, manual cleaning is a drag. Which is why we made LIFX Clean. By using our app to schedule a Clean Cycle, LIFX Clean can make your daily routine a bit more automatic. Without lifting a finger, wipe out E. coli and S. aureus on your bacteria-ridden phones, controllers, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and more.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material



Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Special Features

Included Components

‎LIFX Clean, A19 E26 Edison Screw. 2-Pack

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎2 year warranty.

Product Dimensions

‎2.5 x 2.5 x 4.53 inches


Frequently asked question

Hello, is it compatible with asian countries with 220v?

Yes. Voltage range: 100-240V

Is hev harmful like google says it is? and can it light up blacklight posters?

To be honest man, don’t buy it, buy the regular I never used the HEV really. It’s a waste of money



88 %


88 %


88 %

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  • Anonymous

    Runs the bacteria clean automatically overnight

    I just bought a set of these Clean lights after being a customer of LIFX for bedroom lights. These work just like regular smart lights (all shades of white, all colors etc) but these also have a setting to turn on a special light that disinfects surfaces. I installed these in my kitchen island pendant lamps and have them set to come on in disinfect mode from midnight to 6am each day. I’ll report back after I’ve tried these for more than a few days, but so far loving them!

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  • Anonymous

    Much brighter, and still much worse than Hue

    The shape of these bulbs and the light they emit at 180° vs. a traditional bulb near 360° makes their use cases very limited. These won’t work in a table lamp for example, as the ceiling would be bright, the table would be dark, and there would be a strip of light shining around the shade instead of glowing from the bulb.

    The cleaning won’t work through a shade anyway, nor from the distance from the ceiling to the floor. This is for hinged lamps that can be place right above what you’re trying to disinfect.

    A good idea that fails in reality thanks to the 12+ hour clean cycle needed to achieve 50% bacterial reduction on a hard smooth surface.

    These are brighter than hue, which is much appreciated, but the app is way worse and they just don’t work in most all places that normal light bulbs do. They also don’t require a hub and are easier to set up, but more difficult to control each time you use them which adds up very very fast. It’s a pain to pay extra just to struggle with turning on and off.

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  • Anonymous



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  • Anonymous

    My new fave bulb!

    I have tried several brands of smart bulbs and have, until now, used based my smart lighting on hue for the most part. But when I saw these, I decided I had to try them despite the price tag. They are now my new favorite and I have been slowly replacing my hue bulbs with the lifx bulbs. In the picture I took, the bulb on the left it a Phillips hue and the one on the right is a lifx bulb. I don’t think there is any question which one looks better.
    These are comparable to the hue bulbs but they are brighter. The quality of the light seems more esthetically pleasing to me as well. The white lights are tunable and the color schemes are pretty cool. I discovered that there are apps in the App Store that control both lifx and hue bulbs, so I can make sweeping changes with a push of a button. While I am not expecting it to kill all bacteria in my house, it makes me feel good that I can use the disinfectant feature for a couple hours a day and possibly reduce the bacterial load in my house a bit. This is important in Alaska because the house is just about hermetically sealed for like 7 or 8 months a year. Trust me, nobody wants to air out a house when it means letting air cooled to 50 degrees below zero into your warm, cozy house. I believe this will at least help.
    The bad part of these bulbs, and I am not sure what causes it but I have seen it in other hubless bulbs too, is that they can be a bit unstable at times and randomly drop off the network. This doesn’t happen very often if you are using a hub. Most of the time it isn’t hard to pick back up the connection but once in a while you have to re-add a bulb or two. I had a group of these fall off the network a couple weeks ago and I had to completely set them up again. It doesn’t happen all the time but it can happen.
    Speaking of having to reconnect your lifx bulbs to the network, be sure to keep your HomeKit QR codes that come with the bulbs, or write down the numbers. If you find you have to reconnect, it’s going to insist you supply it again and if you don’t have it, your going to have to get the actual bulb out and read the tiny print on the base of the bulb so you can add it. This is probably the worst thing about these bulbs and I expect that as the technology for hubless smart lighting gets more sophisticated, the firmware updates will likely fix the dropped connections problem.
    So basically the pros are better quality and brighter lighting, the disinfectant feature, and the all around convenience and fun of having lights you can control with your phone.
    The cons are occasional dropped connection, the price and the having to use darned HomeKit QR code, even if you don’t rely on HomeKit for your lighting.
    Overall, I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys smart tech and is aware enough to realize that this is a relatively new technology and won’t mind taking a few to fix a glitch once in a while.

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  • Anonymous

    Works with Hubitat and Hue

    The shape is nice, all the light goes downward in a cieling can, none is reflecteted back like in an edison bulb shape. I wanted to have the bulb controlled by a good motion detector, so I picked Hue, but is Zigbee, and Lifx is Wifi. Could not find a wifi detector I liked, so I used a Hubitat hub, all works great.

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