roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Self-Empty Dock, Stores up to 60-Days of Dust, Auto Lifting Mop, Ultrasonic Carpet Detection, 2500Pa Suction, Black

Model NameRoborock
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, Carpet, Wood, Tile
Special FeatureAuto Lifting Mop, Multi-Layer Air Filtration, Ultrasonic Carpet Detection, Self-empty, Self-emptying, Sonic moppingAuto Lifting Mop, Multi-Layer Air Fil…
Product Dimensions13.78'L x 15.75'W x 7.87'H
  • Self-Empty Dock Support: The Self-Empty Dock empties the robot automatically after cleanup, so you can clean without emptying, for up to 120 Days(Spare 1 Dust Bag Included).
  • Sonic Vibration Technology: Sonic floor mopping technology scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute. Removing dried-on dirt that some robots may leave behind, from mud to coffee and more.
  • Auto-Lifting Convenience : After sensing a carpet, S7 lifts its mop to vacuum without wetting the carpet. The mop will lifts when returning to the dock to prevent spreading dirt.
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Detection: Choose the best way to handle carpets in your home. Options include mop lifting, carpet avoiding, and even wet mopping. Boost mode will also increase suction for deeper cleaning when carpet is detected.
  • Multi-Layer Air Filtration: Keep dirt inside the dock an onboard filtration system capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. A quick pull of the dust bag seals it shut, ready for instant disposal.
  • LiDAR Navigation with Adaptive Route Algorithms: Precision LiDAR navigation creates accurate maps of your home and effectively tracks cleaning routes. Adaptive Route Algorithms constantly refine these routes for maximum efficiency.
  • Intense 2500Pa Suction: 2500Pa of HyperForce suction picks up dirt from floors, lifts it from cracks, and draws it from carpets.
  • 600g Mop Pressure: Consistent pressure of 600g delivers effective mopping throughout the clean.
  • Multi-Directional Floating Brush: Four planes of movement allows the brush to stick closer to the floor on uneven surfaces.
  • Note: Only supports 100V-120V Voltage.
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Frequently asked question

Does it have... poop detection?

Hi. I'm sorry to inform you that this model does not have pet wast recognition feature. The feature is available on another model S6maxV. Below is the product link for you to learn more about it:

How tall is it (including the piece on top)? Is the full height under 3 inches?

The height of the auto-empty dock is 383 mm (15.08 inch). The height of the S7 robot is 96.5 mm (3.80 inch).

Can it avoid falling from stair?

The robot has cliff sensors which can help the robot to recognize stair and avoid falling from it.

Are there any extra parts included like brushes or bags?

There are 2 dust bags included in the package but no extra brushes.



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  • Anonymous

    My new baby -- best one I've owned!

    My husband jokes that this is like my new pet or baby. Yes, I’ll admit I’m smitten with the robo-vac. It is sleek, powerful, effective, spacially smart and has exceeded my expectations in every way. I read a few negative reviews, but honestly can’t understand how anyone could find an issue with a vacuum that launches, maps and cleans your home when you’re gone. It’s outstanding. I’ve been amazed by the mapping technology. I use the app to view the areas cleaned. If you purchase, make sure to read the manual carefully. There are additional functions to save time and energy if you have a particular area you want cleaned by priority. All in all, this was a phenomenal purchase. We’ve had ours around a month. Our home is around 6,000 sq feet of hardwood. I run it daily. Depending on whether I enable vacuum only or vacuum and mop, it generally runs close to an hour and a half. It docks itself when the battery gets low. Much to my initial surprise, it launches again after charging to complete the area. I highly recommend this vacuum.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Lifechanging if you have pets!

    This thing is lifechanging! We have 4 dogs (2 shepherds) and 7 cats, and live in the country. We could make another cat and dog every day with what these guys shed. Without this, it was a never ending (and failing) battle to keep the home even halfway decently swept/vaccumed, let alone mopped. Living in the country we also constantly have dirt/mud being tracked in. Oh, we also have a wood stove so add ash/dirt/wood chips just for fun. (I feel sorry for this poor thing!)
    This sucker flat out works! I run it every day. The dust bin is a bit small, wouldn’t want the vac without the auto-empty bin. It’s full after vacuuming about half our living room. But the dock works perfectly. You can define ‘rooms’ or sections of your house and have it auto-empty and charge after each one to address that. I put a new (washed) mop pad on and fill the water tank every night, leaves the floor nice and clean once it’s done cleaning. Not necessarily perfect, especially if the dogs feet were muddy, but very good. By the 2nd cleaning it IS perfect, we rarely do an actual mopping, just clean up any spills.
    A few hints or comments. If you have laminate or hardwood flooring you will want the unit to mob the long direction of the boards. You can’t specify mop direction, but you can divide a large room into longer, thinner sections, which causes the vacuum to run/mop the long way.
    If you have a litter box, inevitably some litter will be scattered. You’ll want to vacuum that area first, not mop and vac a the same time. That litter will turn to mud and smear. Running a vacuum cycle first in that area addresses that issue.
    In the last 3 months we’ve had the unit, I think it’s failed to make it back to the dock 1/2 times. At least one it ingested a charging cord, so that’s my bad. Once it just got confused and refused to leave a specific area.
    A couple of cautions. If you have the herd we do, the dust bags don’t last long. We get maybe 2-3 weeks out of one, which as far as I’m concerned is quite good. You can get some ‘aftermarket’ ones for about $2.50 each. Far cheaper than factory ones.
    Get a number of mop pads. I put on a clean (washed) one each day and just toss them in the laundry.
    The only issue I’ve had with the unit involves charging. Even a minimal amount of dirt or contamination on the contacts will cause an error-it will ‘tell’ you to clean them, doing so and all is good. It’s more sensitive in that regard than other brands I’ve ordered.
    I’ve seen some comments with the dock plugging up. I’ve had minimal issues with it. I think 2 times it’s jammed when it picked up a large wood chip from the wood stove. Only other time was when I didn’t notice the dust bag was full and it backed up a bit.
    The directions say to only use water in the tank. I usually add 2-3 drops of the Bona hardwood floor cleaner to a tank. Hasn’t caused any problems and does seem to clean a little better.
    What could use improvement? Well, a cyclonic dust bin so you didn’t have to buy bags would be number 1. The mapping program should let you set direction for mopping for wood planks, rather than making you ‘cheat’ as I described above. Would be nice to have it sense when the dust bin is full, or set run time for it to return to the dock and dump, rather than creating smaller rooms. And maybe a bigger dust bin-but there really isn’t room for one.
    On hard surfaces, this is about perfect. It works well on most of our area rugs. We do have one that shows and really seems to cling to pet hair. The vacuum does ‘OK’ on it, but not great and hair builds up over a few days. Frankly, our upright doesn’t do much better, you have to go over and over it to remove much of the hair. I picked up one of the pet hair squeegees to work the hair out once in a while, seems like the best solution so far.
    The battery is the other issue. Not capacity, it runs for quite a while (2 hours or more). But charging is very slow. I’ve broken up my room cleaning schedule to allow some charging time between cycles to avoid running it down to 20%-at which point it stops vacuuming and charges to 100%, which takes several hours. If you don’t have our herd and don’t have to clean the whole house every day, that’s probably not an issue. Schedule half the house each day. Or if you can get away with vacuuming alone without mopping it would go longer.
    Other comments. This is a really heavy, solid unit, both the dock and the vacuum. Very much feels substantial. We have previously had a couple Neatos and a Roborock E35. This is much, much better than any of the other units (and much, much more expensive). The previous units failed to return to base at least 1/3 of the time and you’d play ‘where’s the vacuum’ every night. The E35 had a mop, but it was ‘static’ and just pulled along (as opposed to powered on the S7), it was pretty useless-and had no water reservoir. Paying for this was painful, but I have no regrets at this point. My only concern is life. Given our rather extreme use case I’m sure we won’t do as well as most. For the price I still hope to see a few years from it.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Very Happy, but onboard intelligence needs work

    After having done a great deal of research, I am very, very happy with the product – now that I have a better grasp of it’s strengths and weaknesses. You can read all about the reasons to love the product on the page, so I will share the things the marketing material doesn’t mention. I purchased both (not at the same time) the eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30, and this Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Auto-Empty Dock here on amazon… and I need them both. Hear me out.
    One practical issue is that ‘scheduled cleaning’ may be included on the S7+, but isn’t a really an option. To properly use the S7+, you must clean or change the mop pad, you must wet the mop pad, and you have to fill the water tank. So there is no such thing as unattended operation. Any indication otherwise is skeptical. For example, the user manual says that you should empty the water tank and detach and clean the mop between uses. If you do that – you can’t schedule cleaning. If you don’t do it, you need to make sure that the S7+ goes to the dock with a full water tank. You’re involved any way you look at it. Then when it starts cleaning, the mop will be too dry, and only thin, wet streaks will make it onto the floor until 1/4 of the tanks reserves are used up soaking the mop cloth.
    Also, the best mopping setting, ‘Fine Mopping’ disables the vacuum. That was unexpected. The ‘normal’ setting is good for most things, but when I want to mop the floors, I want to do a proper job of it.
    On the other hand, I do like to spray something on the floors ahead of the robot and I wouldn’t want the liquid floor cleaner vacuumed up in the process. You can’t put any cleaning solution in the water tank, so the S7+ is basically water and a wet washcloth dragging across your floor. That’s not to say it isn’t good, 99.99% of the time, a wash cloth across the floor a few times a week is all I need to keep the house clean. I prefer to have some type of solvent diluted in a spray bottle and applied to the floor so I use Lundmark floor cleaner for the tiles and Lysol floor cleaner for the laminate floors.
    You should understand that the ENTIRE Mop Attachment does not vibrate for the scrubbing action. It does not. There is a smaller, stretchy area in the middle of the mopping pad called the vibration area. The mop mount has an area that wiggles. It wiggles the vibration plate. The vibration plate is velcro’d to the vibration area of the mop pad, and that is the only part that ‘scrubs.’ So it scrubs in the middle, but not the full 11 in. width of the pad – it is not edge-to-edge.
    So, my house runs smoothest when the eufy RoboVac G30 vacuums the house first (it’s smaller, gets into more places, and a low-profile to get under furniture), and then I activate the Roborock S7+ to do the mopping. I DO wonder if this means I should have purchased a dedicated mopping robot with spinning pads, but most of them are not very smart and most of them don’t work with Alexa.
    The onboard software needs some work. The S7+ definitely knows where the vacuum is in the head, doing a fine job whenever I use it. But it has NO idea where its rear-end with the mopping pad is going. This is never more obvious than on an outside-curve. The refrigerator is ever so slightly rounded, and bows out a bit, and the S7+ gets its nose all the way around it, but the mop never comes near the edge. There is about 8 in. in front of my fridge that the S7+ has never been able to mop. It does a find job moving in a straight line under the cabinets and dishwasher, but that outside-curve foils the S7+ every time. I have to get my swiffer wet jet to clean that area. Also, the software is too conservative when it maps out the room. It reminds me of how some older children use a coloring book. The S7+ will go around the outside edge of the room cleaning about a 12 in. wide strip along the way. Then it will go back and forth within the outline to clean the area. However, it proceeds to mop WITHIN that original 12 in. strip. Never again reaching the edges. So it misses the opportunity to mop the spaces it failed to reach in front of the refrigerator. If the onboard software was updated, it could fix a tremendous amount of dead areas. There is a lot of criticism of the bump-and-pivot style, non-laser units, like my RoboVac G30, but it never, ever misses a spot. And I have since duct-taped a swiffer duster pad to its butt, so every time it turns around, it dusts the baseboards.
    Another weakness in the S7+ is that it has a VERY difficult time with rather common door saddles. This, I really don’t understand, but it appears to be mechanical. The saddle in the door frame between my hallway and bathroom doesn’t seem high at all. The RoboVac G30 has no issue getting over it. The S7+ fails to enter the room 6 out of 10 times. Once the nose goes over the saddle, the middle of the body catches a fulcrum point, and the wheels cannot push the robot over the saddle. Sometimes it can, but it fails enough that I have learned to place the S7+ in that room before I issue the command to ‘Start Cleaning.’ It seems to have no problem leaving that room, but isn’t good at entering it. So again, there is no such thing as unattended cleaning.
    Just a final note. These things I have mentioned are not a big deal to me. In the grand scheme of things, my floors have never been this consistently clean. Many people point out that these robots can’t scrub and clean as effectively as a person with a mop – that is clearly true. However, the S7+ keeps you very far ahead of the game, and this ‘frequent maintenance’ very dramatically reduces the need for manual mopping.

    Verified Purchase

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