Security Camera Outdoor HD 1080P WiFi IP Cam Pan Tilt 360° Surveillance Waterproof Home Security System Motion Detection Auto Tracking 2 Way Audio Night Vision Compatible with Alexa DoHonest S02

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Recommended Uses For ProductIndoor,Outdoor
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensor
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
  • Pan Tile 360° View & 1080P Night VisionThe home security camera system can view live video in up to 1080P (1920×1080) day and night, with 360° horizontal and 110° Vertical. Also, It has 3 kinds of night vision functions (full color /infrared/smart night vision ), ideal for areas like parking areas, garage, backyard, front yard, etc.
  • Waterproof & Two-Way TalkThe outdoor security camera is IP66 waterproof, you needn’t worry the wifi security camera will be damaged in rainy day. Also, indoor security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, and supports real-time two-way audio calls. With the mobile App you can warn off thieves, rescreen visitors at your door or communicate directly with friends, family or even a delivery person.
  • Motion-Tracking & AlertsThe security camera indoor has flexible motion detection function. Once movement is detected, this surveillance camera system outdoor will send a notification to your smartphone. And you can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection to avoid false alarms.
  • Easy to Install & Cloud Service: The home security camera with mobile app can be installed virtually anywhere, just scan the QR code to complete the installation or sharing. And you can choose to save the video via TF card or cloud service.
  • Friendly Service & 2-Year WarrantyWe provide a two-year quality guarantee. If you have any questions, please contact us timely. Also, S02 smart IP camera works with Alexa, ask Alexa to show your front door to baby room.
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Frequently asked question

Do customers have to pay for cloud storage or is it free?

Hi, Sorry, customers have to pay for cloud storage. If you don't want to pay for cloud storage, you can buy a 32GB or 64GB TF card. In addition, there will be a free 6-second short video for dome motion detection.

How do i get my free gift? I have emailed with the order number as directed but no response.

You have to do the seller review and then email with the screen shot and your order ID #

Sensitivity too much! I get too many notifications! A fly will set it off! I have sensitivity set to lowest level but any movement set them off?

Hello, Really sorry, for the issue, please contact us via [email protected], we will try our best to help you.

What is the WiFi speed/network requirements?

Hello, You cannot use 5G network to work with S02 security camera.

6 reviews for Security Camera Outdoor HD 1080P WiFi IP Cam Pan Tilt 360° Surveillance Waterproof Home Security System Motion Detection Auto Tracking 2 Way Audio Night Vision Compatible with Alexa DoHonest S02


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  • Anonymous

    Good enough for my needs.

    Easy setup. Decent all round to watch live and record when needed. Compared to one at twice the price (returned) this one has a good camera, 2 way works, priced right for what it does. Not perfect but good enough for my needs.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works good

    This is a good inexpensive camera. It was easy to install. My only complaint is that the motion detection is very sensitive. Even at the lowest setting it picks up flying insects at night, thus the 4 star rating. The picture quality is very good and night vision is also very good. The ability to move the camera through the app is a nice feature. It returns to your previous setting after motion detection. For the price, its a great camera and you can also add more cameras if needed. I recommended it to my daughter and she bought one to monitor her farm animals. For the money, I would say it’s the best. I used a 64 GB memory card and it records all the time and you can review your video if needed.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Night Vision & Motion Detection is Useless. Daytime Image is Great

    The camera works perfect for day use. Crystal clear image and even better when viewing straight from the SD card. Night time, not so good, the image is fuzzy all the time, no matter where I aim it. The motion detection is what I really needed for night time, but it so super sensitive, it goes off all the time because of the flying insects. I have the motion sensor set as low as it will go, and it doesn’t help. The motion sensor during the day doesn’t work much better, at least where I have it at. The tree shadows moving in the wind continually set it off. I wish it would only recognize solid objects, or people and not the moving shadows, or small insects. Overall, I like it a lot. When we’re away from the house, the app works great. I bought another for monitoring my front entryway. It’s a great value, but I’d pay more if the motion sensor was better.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Pleasantly surprised, good bang for the buck!

    Given the price, I didn’t have high hopes for this thing. I bought it mostly because I like gadgets, figured I’d play with it for a bit for my own amusement.
    To my surprise I got it working right out of the box. I had only one minor problem. It was my fault for mistyping my WiFi pass word. I scanned the QR code and once I got my fat fingers to press the correct buttons the camera connected nearly instantly.
    The manual was probably translated from Chinese via Swahili into something that vaguely resembles English. It is difficult to understand in places and some terms are head scratchers. For example, what is the ‘alarm drip’? Eventually I figured out that it is what they call the on/off switch for the motion alert warning noise the unit makes to scare off intruders. In addition, the software screen shots in the manual do not match what actually shows up on your phone. Some ‘interpretation’ is required. I’m guessing the manual needs to be updated to match the software.
    The alarm ‘drip’ when turned on causes the camera to emit a klaxon horn sound, the same sound typically heard in old war movies when a submarine is about to dive. The first time I heard the klaxon coming from the wimpy speaker it made me giggle. It’s not going to scare away any intruder. It will just let them know where to aim their paintball (or shot) gun so they can blast your camera. Then they’ll giggle too. After I was suitably amused, I shut off the ‘alarm drip’.
    The picture quality is very good for the price and the night vision performance is much better than I would have expected. As others have mentioned, there is no optical zoom. If you want to zoom in or out you have to ‘pinch’ or ‘stretch’ the image on your phone with your fingertips as you would to change the size with any other image on your phone. But the farther you zoom in, the blurrier the image gets. You aren’t going to be able to zoom in on that fly sitting on your mail box at the end of your driveway. I don’t really need zoom for my purposes so that’s not a deal breaker.
    Others have also mentioned that the motion tracking only works in the horizontal plane. The camera will follow side to side movement but does not tilt up and down to follow motion. You have to adjust the vertical angle manually. Again, this is no problem for my use.
    The two way audio does work but the speaker on the camera is not very powerful. A delivery person likely wouldn’t hear it unless they were standing within a few feet of the camera. Likewise the camera microphone isn’t real sensitive so it’s not going to pick up someone’s talking unless they are right next to the camera, even if you have your phone volume cranked all the way. It might or might not work okay as a video door bell depending on your situation. There can be a very significant lag (up to 8-10 seconds) between the time words are spoken and they are actually heard on the other end, making ‘conversation’ difficult or impossible. I have no way to determine for sure it but it seems like the length of the lag is dependent on how much data traffic the WiFi router is handling at any given moment. It is not caused by the camera itself.
    That said, I amused myself and our dog for a few moments by calling the dogs name over the camera speaker and watching her trying to figure out where my voice was coming from 🙂
    The unit seems to be solidly built, tho I have to wonder how long it will hold up during a Wisconsin winter. The housing is quite sturdy but my guess is the gears hidden inside are not. You get what you pay for. I will be really impressed if it doesn’t get taken out by the first ice storm, even though I mounted it in a protected area under the eave.
    I was not impressed by the mounting bracket. It allows both ceiling and wall mounting of the camera. But there’s a gotcha. In the ceiling mount configuration the back side of the unit is left completely open for moisture and small critters to get into the guts of the camera. They should have included a plate of some sort to cover the opening. If you use the ceiling mount configuration you’ll have to figure out a way to seal the back side. But again, given the price point, and if you are somewhat creative, that’s probably not deal breaker.
    One other thing I didn’t see mentioned in other reviews or in the product description is the ability to hardwire the camera via ethernet. I tried it to see if it works and it does. It even has a blinky light to let you know the connection is active. They also include a weatherproofing cover to screw over the end of the ethernet connector. You’ll want to install this cover over the connector even if you don’t use the ethernet option. I just used a 1/4′ screw to plug the hole for the cable. You could use any solid cylindrically shaped object that is about 1/4′ in diameter and maybe 1/2′ long.
    I installed a 64 GB micro SD card for recording. You really want to do before you hang the camera. I can’t imagine trying to stick a tiny SD card in the tiny, difficult to access slot while standing on a ladder. The 64 GB card seems big enough to record at least a couple weeks of activity. Playback via the phone app is a bit clunky. It doesn’t seem to let you skip forward or maybe I just haven’t figured that out yet. I did not try the cloud recording service because I’m too cheap to pay for it and it’s not really necessary since the SD recording meets my needs. I don’t know what happens when the card is full. Supposedly the camera will just record over the oldest files. I have not come close to filling the card yet so I can’t say for sure how that works. Note that the SD card is not included with the camera, you’ll need to supply your own. If you have fat fingers, do yourself a favor and use some tweezers or a needle nose pliers to gently grip and insert the card.
    A ‘line lump’ (as opposed to a wall wart) is included to power the camera. It is not weather proof and the included power cords force you to mount it within about 5 feet or so of the camera. You will likely need to do some finagling to mount the power supply where it won’t get wet. I just used a old 12 volt 3 amp wall wart I had laying around to replace the power supply that came with the camera. I was able to solder extra length to the DC cord to allow me to put the power supply in a safe place away from the camera itself. DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You will void the warranty and if you screw up you’ll fry the camera.
    Overall I am happy with this product. I wouldn’t rely on it for mission critical security but it works great for letting you know when your pizza delivery has arrived.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works well

    This camera works well, with good picture quality. Not the easiest unit to install, as it requires access to a 120v source. It could be easily unplugged by anyone, if the 120v was within reach.
    I connected through wifi, which worked. There is an upsale for cloud storage. Access to the camera thru wifi only works if you are on the same wifi. That’s okay if you are inside and want to see what is outside. Not good if you are away from the wifi. I don’t think there is access to the camera.
    All in all, it was worth the $, for a bit of security

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great for the Price and easy install

    This camera is not High End, but is more than adequate for monitoring your property day or night. It is inexpensive, and easy to install. I downloaded the APP, and had it functioning in a very few minutes. The night vision is good, and the day vision incisor is remarkable.

    Verified Purchase

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