Dreametech Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum, Robot Vacuum Self Emptying for up to 65 Days, 4000 Pa Suction Power & Smart Mapping, Wi-Fi Connected, Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Compatible with Alexa

Surface RecommendationHard Floor
Special FeatureBagged
Product Dimensions13.7'L x 3.8'W x 13.7'H
Controller TypeRemote Control, App Control, Voice Control
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping, and Self-emptying 4 in 1: Z10 Pro robot vacuum has cleaning disposal-empties station which comes true 65 days handing free, and a 4L large vacuum dust bag that can work up to 65 days at one time, reduces the frequency of cleaning trash and provides convenience and ease
  • 4000Pa Strong Suction & 150 Mins Overlong Runtime: Maximum suction power of 4000Pa easily lifts dirt from floors, 4 suction modes to choose from due to the degree of soiling, 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning can cover large homes in one single clean
  • Superb Lidar Navigation & SLAM Algorithm: Z10 Pro adopts high precision 3D Obstacle Avoidance Technology and dual-line LiDAR technology, it avoids colliding with electric wire, furniture, garbage cans, shoes, etc in the process of cleaning, so you don’t worry about the broken of the robot vacuum’s body and furniture, Intelligent SLAM Algorithm provides the function of ‘s’ shape route planning, so Z10 Pro clean your room in an orderly manner
  • Wifi & Smart Voice App Control: Z10 Pro is compatible with Alexa. App remote control allows you to adjust suction power, set virtual No-Go zone, and zone clean, multi-layer maps, scheduled cleaning, etc, Once connected to Alexa, the robot responds to your voice orders immediately, which makes your cleaning more intelligent, Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum works with 2.4GHz Wifi
  • Sweeping and Mopping Configuration: 400ml dust box + 150ml electric water tank with 3 levels of water volume can be adjusted, which controls the water level precisely and removes stains effectively
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Special Features

Batteries Included?

Product Dimensions

13.7 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches

Surface recommendation

Controller Type

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Included Components

2* Dust Collection Bag, 1*Water Tank, 1*Mop Pad, 1*Power Cord, 1*User's manual, 1*Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum Self Emptying, 1*Cleaning Tool, 1*Side Brush

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Frequently asked question

Warranty time?

Dear Customer, We provide a one-year warranty for robot vacuum by your order number on Amazon, Thanks for your attention and supports for Dreametech!

How do you know when the bag is full? Does the app tell you?

Dear Customer, When the dust bag is full, there will be a message alert on the Mi Home App,Thanks for your supports and attention for Dreametech!

How big is the charging base

I have no basis of comparison other than that vacuum bag is not a small type. I have no space problem and I like the size of the unit as it is.

Does it detect carpel while mopping?

By using software, if I don't remember. This robot always is mopping when you attach the mopp accessorie, just add water on the tank.



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  • Anonymous

    Update, June 2022 Decent to Ok vacuum, user interface needs work - buyer beware

    Update June of 2022
    I have finally been able to get the vacuum connected to the Mihome app by using a couple wifi repeaters that would take my the signal available to me that is unsecured and create a new SSID that is secured. It was rather complicated and backwards, but it’s connected now and that’s what matters.
    As far as the app goes it could use a little love and the mapping feature of the robot doesn’t work great. It’s definitely has some glitches, but I’ve only been using the app for about a week at this point. If it gets better or worse I may update this to reflect that.
    To start i will say that I seldom review things because I purchase so many products on Amazon unless I have a strong opinion in one direction or the other.
    This is a decent vacuum from a hardware prospective, but the user interface needs work.
    The vacuum can be operated without setting it up with wifi and the app. However you have very limited control over its function without the app. I can’t speak to the app function or added controls because I have been emailing with customer service attempting to resolve the issues I’m having connecting the vacuum to wifi in order to do the full set up for over a month now. They have given me a number of suggestions regarding the network I’m trying to connect to, but my issue is that I don’t have control over the network I’m trying to connect to and can’t add my own in the space that I’m using the vacuum. I had hesitated writing a poor review until customer service had had a chance to help work out those issues, but it appears they have some bugs to work out before it is very user friendly.
    All that said you can still start the vacuum manually and it will map in its own, but you can’t train it to avoid anything or adjust the cleaning level, time of cleaning or anything like that so that is a large drawback, but I have learned to work around that quirk somewhat. I just can’t run the unit as often as I’d like as a result.
    There are also some other drawbacks such as not getting alerts when the vacuum encounters an error. Sometimes by pressing a button you can get it to repeat the message, but sometimes you have to play detective to make it happy again and get back to cleaning. As some others have stated when the vacuum dies and returns to the dock automatically to charge it will not auto empty at that time. You have to let it charge a while and then restart it and then tell it to return to home and then it will auto empty. At any point if you stop it’s cleaning cycle and send it home it will auto empty, but if it returns on its own because if a low battery it will not.
    I have seen about a 3 hour run time which will not clean the entire space I use it for which is fine, but when it restarts it won’t always pick up where it left off. Many times it will start over. I assume there’s a way to program some of this in the app, but I wouldn’t know.
    The cleaning quality is ok and does a pretty decent job. I use the unit in an area where I also run a commercial floor scrubber and it won’t clean as well as that does, but it does a pretty good job with the areas that the scrubber won’t reach and again like I said after learning its quirks and knowing it needs a baby sitter to do what I want it to do then it works ok within the limitations that I have currently.
    I would love to be able to use the machine to its fullest function with programming and maybe one day that will be able to happen.
    If you are mopping an area with this unit that is very dirty you will definitely need several more mop pads and plan to change them regularly. Depending on the conditions I normally see about 30min.-1hr. Of runtime before the water tank needs refilled.
    Overall for a $500-600 vacuum they have some work that they need to do in order for it to really be worth that money in my mind. Knowing what I know now I would probably have gone with something else, but have learned to work with its quirks to some level although I’d like to be able to use it to its full capability.
    If they are able to resolve any of these issues I will gladly update this review, but for now unless you want to babysit this thing a lot I wouldn’t spend the money.

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  • Anonymous

    Great robot vacuum! Passable software

    I’ve had the Z10 for a couple weeks now and it does a great job keeping my floors vacuumed! With the Z10 no more dust bunnies from my two golden retrievers (one of which sheds like crazy). It even cleans under the dining room table (lots of chair/table legs) which is a pain to vacuum. I have not tried the mopping feature.
    The Z10 does a good job getting the dog hair off my short pile carpets (my Dyson V11 does better but I don’t have time/inclination to use it every day). The Z10 easily auto-empties the dog hair. The auto-empty design has two openings with one-side-in and one-side-out. This is why it is so effective in emptying dog hair. One slight downside of this design is the dust filter does not get auto cleaned. This means it needs to be manually cleaned periodically which is not a big deal.
    I do need to remove the hair on the roller brush every few days but I’ve needed to do that for all my vacuums (even ones that claim they automatically do that). The Z10 thoughtfully includes a hair cutting tool and has removable end caps on the roller brush. The removable end caps allow for easily removal of long hairs wrapped around the ends. I prefer to use scissors to cut wrapped hairs. The roller brush bristles tend to get clogged with hair and lint and to get them clean I need to use a fine comb (eg, a flea comb). Not as good as my Dyson V11 but not a big problem.
    The Z10 collision avoidance is nearly perfect as it rarely bumps into things. I also have a Shark Robot Self-Empty XL vacuum with VSLAM navigation, but it bumps into so-many-things so-often that I stopped using it. The Shark is almost comical trying to clean under the dining room table, it spends 99% of its time bumping into chair legs and backing up only to bump into another chair leg. I doubt that in 20+ tries the Shark ever finished cleaning under the dining room table.
    So, the Z10 is a great vacuum. Now about the software. It is passable but could use work. When first starting out the Z10 vacuums as the LIDAR maps the house. For me that was a problem as there were so much accumulated dog hair and the Z10 filled up and also ran out of battery. I needed to let it explore a while then call it back to the dock to empty and charge about a dozen times. I would strongly prefer that the Z10 map the house without vacuuming, then I could initially clean room by room.
    The Z10 software does a reasonable job of automatically determining rooms. Manually setting no-go zones is reasonable. But I want to vacuum my carpets every day and marking out the carpet areas is possible but a real pain (I’ve probably spent 2+ hours doing that).
    Another serious problem for me is the lack of control of the ‘cliff sensors’. Cliff sensors are necessary for a robot to avoid falling down stairs. But, the Z10 cliff sensors think the black lines on one my carpets are stairs and do a contorted path over that rug missing quite a bit of it. To get the Z10 to vacuum that carpet I ended up taping over the cliff sensors but that it means it cannot distinguish carpet when mopping. So I get clean rugs but no mopping.
    I wish the Z10 had a ‘define carpet zone’ but other than that I am really pleased and impressed.

    Verified Purchase

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