Newgoal 4 Channels WiFi Wireless Smart Switch Inching Self-Locking Relay Module,for DIY Access Control, Garage Door Opener with 433RF Remote Control (Ewelink App)

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  • ①This wifi switch can be used with Alexa / Google Assiatant, you can use voice control to turn on/off home appliances. You can use EWelink APP on Android and iOS to remotely control the on/off of electronic devices from anywhere. You can also use the 433 MHz radio frequency remote control to open/close garage doors, lights or other electrical equipment.
  • ②DIY your smart home, smart lighting, fan, garage door, humidifier, thermostat, etc. EWelink APP also provides other functions, such as schedule, device sharing, group management. You can also set up routines in the Alexa or Google homepage to make the operation more convenient.
  • ③4 relay channels and 3 operation mode switching: 4 relays correspondingly control electrical equipment. There are 3 modes to choose from: instantaneous, self-locking and interlocking. All 4 channels work in the same mode, no specific mode can be set for each channel.
  • ④Self-locking mode and locking mode: In self-locking mode, if you press the button on the APP (or the manual button on the board), the relay will open. Only when the button is pressed again, the relay will close. If you open a relay in interlock mode, the other relays will remain ‘OFF’.
  • ⑤Easy setting via USB 5V or AC/DC 7-32V. Convert the relay module into an integrated smart device through the existing 2.4G Wi-Fi network to add smart WiFi control to your home. WIFI relay only supports 2.4G WIFI, and does not support Mesh WiFi system and 5G WiFi network. When pairing, make sure it is close to the router.
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Device detailed description

The WiFi+RF version can learn up to 14pcs 433MHz codes/gang (Not support Encrypted code and Rolling code).
Press and hold each manual switch for 3s to pair with 433MHz remote controller and press for 15s to clear the RF codes.
Radio Frequency: 433mhz
Code Type: Fixed code / Learning code
It can learn up to 14PCS different codes
Max range is up to 98ft/30m
Package content: 1 x WiFi relay module, 1 x remote control (433 MHz), 1 x user manual
This product is a wireless switch supports momentary(inching) /self-locking work modes.
Users can add the device to the APP eWeLink in order to remotely control connected home appliances or power circuits.
Note:The relays are switches without output, the power supply input (AC/DC) just for the PCBA.
Tap the work mode setting button manually, the product can change the working mode.
When in inching mode, you can have two wiring ways to select: -Turn on 1s and then auto-off -Turn off 1s and then auto-on.
When in self-locking mode, you can remotely turn on/off connected devices immediately.
When in interlock mode(only 2-gang and 4-gang supports), you can remote control AC/DC motors.
The product enables remote control of home appliances through the mobile application eWeLink, available on both Android and iOS.
Supported functions include:
*Remote turn on/off *Timing Schedules
*Device Sharing
*Group Management
*Compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
*Works with Google Home, Google Nest
*Works with IFTTT
This product is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa to control the device through voice commands.
Please note that only US/UK English and German voice commands are supported now.
How to works with IFTTT:
Search “eWeLink Smart Home” in IFTTT APP.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

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Frequently asked question

Does this device support special characters in the wifi password?

I wouldnt be connecting a device who's only security is a publically available certificate to my main wifi. Buy a $20 wifi router and join these gadgets to it with a totally different IP subnet. I can flash custom firmware to any ewelink device in less than a minute once I know what IP address its talking from. Inclu… see more I wouldnt be connecting a device who's only security is a publically available certificate to my main wifi. Buy a $20 wifi router and join these gadgets to it with a totally different IP subnet. I can flash custom firmware to any ewelink device in less than a minute once I know what IP address its talking from. Including newest 3.5.0 version.

Can this turn something on every so many preselected minutes?


What command do you use with Alexa for inching mode (momentary on)?

There are not set commands. As in all Alexa devices. Alexa Shut the Garage. or Alexa Shut the F'ing Door. Lol, or Alexa Open the Garage. You can say anything you want. It's totally up to you, as in all Alexa commands. Rather you set the board to Normally On, or Normally Off, or Momentary On, is all done on the board itself.

I need ch 1 as latching and ch 2 as momentary. With the app I have no problem, but I need the customer to do it with the remote transmitter

The only solution I can suggest would be to use 2 x 2 channel relays and use channel 1 in board 1 as latching and channel 1 in board 2 as momentary. The controller chip (used on all these boards) uses the same leg to control the mode for all channels on the board.

6 reviews for Newgoal 4 Channels WiFi Wireless Smart Switch Inching Self-Locking Relay Module,for DIY Access Control, Garage Door Opener with 433RF Remote Control (Ewelink App)


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  • Anonymous

    Easy install

    Item showed up without the remote, contacted Amazon and a replacement was sent immediately. Relay installs quickly, linked to smartthings easily. Worked perfect for my application and will be purchasing many more in the future.

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  • Anonymous

    So far so good

    I bought this to test it out for a customer so he can remote reset a piece of machinery. Easy to set up, just follow the directions. No idea on durability at this point, time will tell. It also integrates with Google Home very easily.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Easy to setup in TUYA app as WiFi Switch then access through Alexa (Echo) devices.

    I used this 4x WiFi switch to start my 2 computers using the MOMENTARY function via Alexa. Hooked up connections to my computers replacing system header pin connections for Power and Reset switches. Simple to do.
    Now, all I have to do is say: ‘Alexa Activate/Reset Computer One’ or ‘Alexa Activate/Reset Computer Two’ to turn on or reset my computers that are in an adjacent room.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome DIY 4 port Switch A+ Rating

    I had this installed and running in about 15 minutes.
    I have about 25 WiFi smart devices in my home, and from my experiance I recomend any device that supports the Tuya/SmartLife application as this device does. I say that because Tuya has reciently updated their app thats used by most Smart Home devices to support local (off the grid) integration with Home Assistant, and other Home Automation Software. Also can be flashed with Tasmota or ESP Home.
    Anyway (For what it’s worth) here’s my quick install guide.
    1. Use the Smart Life app (by Tuya), Not the other one
    2. Use one of your old Cell Phone Chargers for power (Mini USB) just plugs into the board.
    3. Plug the charger into the Board and yo will see the blue light immediatly, Then Press the (Relay 1) button down until the blue light flashes rapidly. It’s now ready for pairing.
    * Assuming you have installed SmartLife on your device and already connected to your home WiFi.
    4. Next Hit the add (+) button on SmartLife app and just follow the prompts.
    5. In like 2 minutes you will be up and running.
    Each Relay is able to be turned on/off with the App. Also many other automation features on the SMartLife app. Choose what name you like for the 4 relays.
    Also Alexa will automatically pick up the device within a a couple minutes.
    In my case, I say ‘Alexa turn on (or Off) Relay 1’ (or Relay 2,3, or 4), the the relay is switches on.
    Note by default the Relays are set to momentary, so I changed the setting in SmartLife to Stay on or Off.
    So to sum this review up. I got this device to experiment with some simple scripts to turn on/off not only low power (5-12 volt) and also high power 110 volt circuits with.
    In my opinion the Board Looks well made and solid, so I will assume it will be reliable.
    If I run into any problems I’ll update my review.
    But for now A+ Rating on this device..

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    No mounting holes

    The lack of any mounting holes is a bit annoying. It is versatile and responds well to wifi and wireless commands. The Ewelink commissioning software is another matter. It is difficult to see what mode you are in 2.4g or 5g a great deal of time was wasted and resulting frustration was encountered until I got the settings right

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  • Anonymous

    So I cringed reading many reviews. But I was able to adopt the board with the instructions included

    So the instructions were great. I would love a 8 or 16 channel version of this device…
    First you setup an Access Point (WIFI) for 2.4 NOT 5Ghz so rename the WIFI SSID for 5G and not the same name as the 2.4. Then follow the instructions. I logged my phone onto that network when I started and if you follow the instructions with it I was able to do this in 2 minutes minus the reading of the instructions to see how to do this. Also if you long press the APP buttons you can rename the switches. Also you can name the board with a meaningful name. So I just got the other board that I ordered after the first one was ordered. This is really cool. IF you create a Smart Automation you can set it up where if you press the button on one board and then turn relays on on another board. Think of this you have outside lights front and back yards. You can set up control to switch them ALL on using multiple bards via the Smart then Automation and then pus the Plus sign go to When devie status changes select a control and then the switch position then when you turn it on or off then select run device and select the next control which switch and on or off it creates the control. Also go in to the modules and activate the offline notification to let you know if a module is not responding on the network. I set a message sms task so that when the relay is activated it sends a notice and then created another for the off condition.
    I am having fun with these.
    So either the bad reviews were a older revision of board or someone that did not follow the instructions. Wish my battery tender monitors were so easy to set up.
    The main key is 2.4Ghz WIFI if you try to use a dual band named SSID 2.4/5Ghz you will have issues adopting the board can not determine the difference and the WIFI will insist on being right.
    That is what you should see on your phone when you setup. Worked very fast for me.
    I think I want a few more of these. The buttons and the ability to add a remote set are a hug plus. The MODE switch I might remove to easy to change to modes that I do not want to use but that is my install yours may vary.
    I also check this and it works via cellular across the internet as advertised.
    Under setting, There is a power on mode when power is applied all relays turn on from a power loss. You can also turn all switches on at once. You can change the device mode there and set the momentary time. unless you set the power on setting when power is returned all relays are in the off state.
    I did a pretty solid check of the device.
    I have a project that I am working on that I will try to make a video of you wont believe it until you see it.

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