Govee RGBIC Neon Rope Light, 16.4ft Rope Lights with Music Sync, Creative DIY Design, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, LED Strip Lights for Living Gaming Room Wall Decor (Not Support 5G WiFi)

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Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
Special FeatureAdjustable Color Temperature, RGBIC Lighting Efects, Dimmable, Voice activation via Alexa and Google Assistant, 64 Scenes and 11 Music Modes, DIY Personalized DesignAdjustable Color Temperature, RGBIC Lighting Efects, Di…
Light Source TypeNeon
Power SourceDC
  • More DIY Entertainment: 16.4ft neon rope lights supports you to unleash limitless imagination. A unique look designed by you provide endless possibilities for creating gorgeous room, gaming room. LED rope lights are suitable for Halloween decorations.
  • Dynamic RGBIC Technology: Govee RGBIC technology lets your creativity run wild. Display multiple colors of light simultaneously in a bendable neon rope light. Decorate your home with flowing animated lighting effects based on Halloween, nature, holidays and moods.
  • Voice Control: Free your hands and enjoy the Halloween light feast anytime, anywhere. Manage timer, DIY and music mode with simple voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant to help you create the atmosphere you need.
  • Sync with Music: Elevate your party, playtime or listening session with neon LED strip lights and enjoy great moments. Neon lights uses a built-in mic to detect music & gaming audio and matches lighting effects that react in real time.
  • Wonderful Lighting Experience: 64 preset scene modes, 11 music modes, group control with other Govee smart lights. The surface is sprayed with dust-proof paint that is not easy to get dirty. Easily apply it to Halloween decor or wall lighting with the included 20 clips and 20 screws.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Included Components

‎User Manual, Neon Rope Light 16.4ft, Alcohol Wipes x 4, Adapter, ‎Clips x 20, Screws x 20

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Does this accept signal from the 75'-85' Dreamview backlight kit?

yes it will, make sure when you initially enable the lights through the app, that you upgrade the firmware if it asks.

If I purchase two, how can I sync them?

It's recommended to use the 'same model' function on the Govee Home APP to group control these Govee RGBIC Neon Rope Lights.

Can this be used in a car?

This RGBIC neon rope light only works on the included plug adapter.

can I sync multiple of the same device without using the app? Turn on/off multiple without app? Do you offer splitter or universal remote?

the short answer to that is no!! even with some kind of universal remote it would be very difficult to sync multiple different lights without their home app, its kind of the glue that holds all of the govee products together and lets you use them so well togerther!! Technically i think they have a memorey function … see more the short answer to that is no!! even with some kind of universal remote it would be very difficult to sync multiple different lights without their home app, its kind of the glue that holds all of the govee products together and lets you use them so well togerther!! Technically i think they have a memorey function with just the switch thats on them and if you got them to the setting you wanted and color and everything else, you might be able to leave them turned on then unplug them and plug them into smart outlets and such so that when youj turn all the power useing smart outlets on all at the same time, they would or should technically remember where their last setting was and start all toggether with just the intrioduction of power!! but thats a really long stretch!! plus you will most likely need an app of sometype to run the smart outlets any way. You could run the smart outlets by smart hubs like Zigbee / smart bridges , or tuya has many adapters and hubs and panels for your walls , but they also have a app component as well, but i don't know if you have to use the app with those for sure!! but it would be very difficult to sync everything circumventing the govee home app. I'm guessing this is for someone that doesn't own a smartphone or a tablet, Cause you could buy a very inexpensive like first or second generation amazon tablet for next to nothing download the govee app on to that and just use the table as a stationary device to tie everything together. I don't know just a thought hope i helped:-)

4 reviews for Govee RGBIC Neon Rope Light, 16.4ft Rope Lights with Music Sync, Creative DIY Design, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, LED Strip Lights for Living Gaming Room Wall Decor (Not Support 5G WiFi)


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  • Anonymous

    I love this product but...

    This product is amazing. The colors and the combinations are fantastic. I also love the app that you can use to control it. Plus, you can make it into any shape you want, which is extremely cool. However, the only thing that I am annoyed with is that the adhesive clips do not work. My rope keeps falling off my wall and no matter how many times I clean the surface and stick them to the wall they keep falling off. This is the only issue I have with the product. I wish the adhesive was stronger.

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  • Anonymous


    I tell you what, this company is unstoppable. They’re continuing to put out quality product after product, and this one is no exception. This is a nice addition to my Govee collection of lights. And let me just tell you we will will start with the brightness. These things are so bright I run them at 30% because at 100, its too bright i mean really bright. They also give you plenty of the clips to allow you to place the lights anyway you like for any design that comes to mind. They also work with the app or you can use the switch that is attached as well to turn them on or off. They work with the govee home app. Which connects all your Govee lights and products together so you only have to go to one app to mess with all your lights. Cause let me tell you. As someone that is into lighting and strip lights there are so many to choose from out there and for next to nothing. But they all havebl a different app, many have low quality parts that get really hot to touch and many are cheaply made products from other places that have to download apps that aren’t in english.. which I don’t have a problem with normally if it is a specialized computer component i need or a part that i know is not made here or something like that. But you shouldnt have to deal with that when you are buying a product designed for fun. It shouldn’t be a chore to get it up and running. Plus lately when it comes to privacy concerns. I get a little uncomfortable having to down load an app that litterally is in a different language. I don’t know what I’m agreeing to I don’t know what it says, or how this might even affect my phone or computer or anything else. I generally stay away from companies that make you download apps but dont have the decency to translate it to the country they are selling the product too. But thats a story for another time lol. With Govee that is not a problem. You have a quality product easy to read instructions and and app that is unbelievable. I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways you can change and manipulate these lights with the app. Just know you are getting a good product

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  • Anonymous

    So In Love!!

    Wow!! I’m really impressed and thought the installation would be a lot more difficult but it wasn’t. I was able to put the light up myself without any help. Also, I love that the app has so many features and modes to utilize. You can really customize your light however you want. I will say, there are a few things to consider:
    1. I bought the 16.4 ft light and it was the perfect length to make whatever shape I want. I couldn’t imagine the shorter length to be sufficient enough.
    2. You are able to use screws to reinforce the adhesive clips. However if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall, keep in mind that the adhesion on the back of the clips is not that strong. Also, depending on what shape you do, you may need more clips. It’s important to distribute the weight of the rope evenly so the clips won’t fall off. I think the shape I went for was just fine and the weight of the light was distributed evenly, so I didn’t have too much issues with the clips falling off the wall. I also wiped my wall down with alcohol, so that helped as well. I may buy stronger adhesive tape to reinforce my light in the future.
    Other than that, I love the product and will buy again most likely!! 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Lights fantastic, if you can figure out the app without a manual.

    I have two 16.4′ (5 m) and one 10′ (3 m) neon light ropes model H61A2 and H61A0. Love the lights but the app, good grief!. There’s no user manual pdf or even on line tech support to get in-depth explanation of what the various functions do and how to enable all the myriad options that appear to be available. I just had a lengthy on-line chat with Govee customer service. Their explanations were as useless as the brief blurbs in the app itself. My rep actually provided links to a couple YouTube videos made by users to assist me. Really? Your answer to a tech question is to send me a YouTube video made by Joe Bagodonuts? I was never a fan of the trial and error method of learning but that’s exactly what you’ll be up against. So, if you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to do what you’re trying to do then perhaps this isn’t the product for you. Moreover, these particular lights are not compatible with certain functions, like DreamView, which allows one to synchronize all the strings, which was a big reason I purchased these items. In FAQs I read that while these cannot be cut or physically joined, you can synch them electronically so they behave as one long string. Maybe on some lines but not the H61A2 or H61A0s. Seems the company rep with which I was chatting didn’t know this either. Found that out from a different rep. Basically you’re going to be making a lot of chats and doing internet searches in order to sort out the functionality of the app.
    Update (9/11/22). Had an issue with the 10’ section. It wouldn’t connect to the app after my wife tried to create her own account using her own username/password, which wiped all the data from my account. Lesson 1, only one account can control the lights. Everyone using the lights must log into the same account. Anyway, after much frustration and expletives, deleting and reconfiguring apps, we learned this and moved on to the next issue. Lesson 2, resetting the control unit is performed by holding the power button down and pressing the middle button four times. Found this little gem of information deep within an internet search that took much longer than it should have. This is just one of perhaps hundreds of bits of information that fit quite nicely in a consolidated document, otherwise known as a user’s manual.

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