TREATLIFE Smart Water Leak Detector, 2.4GHz WiFi Wireless Water Sensor Alarm, Leak Drip Alert, Compatible with Alexa Google Home, for Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement (Hub Required and Sold Separately)

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Power SourceBattery Powered
Compatible DevicesGoogle Home Assistant, TREAETLIFE APP, Amazon Alexa
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.48 x 1.93 x 0.55 inches
  • Need to Know Before Order: Treatlife smart hub is required and sold separately, please search ‘B09V78N28M’ on Amazon. Require a secured 2.4GHz WiFi network connection. Avoid the amount of water exceeding the upper cover of the water sensor to impact its normal performance.
  • Low-cost and Effective: The sensitive water detector alarm will emit a 60 dB alarm sound when encountering water leakage or water flow, you can hear it even if you‘re in the basement or garden. The water level sensor is designed to warn you to turn off the water in time so that can be fixed before they become much costlier problems.The alarm will stop once the sensor is dry.
  • All-day Protection: Smart technology helps reduce the risk of water damage by providing 24/7 monitoring to help detect leaks. It will push APP and free email notifications to you when a water leak alarm occurs such as a flooding basement or malfunctioning appliance even you’re away from home.
  • IP67 Waterproof: The water leak sensor comes pre-installed with 2 AAA batteries(included). The battery usage on the APP will remind you when to replace the battery. The completely sealed IP67 waterproof design allows for extended use in high moisture areas, such as near or under toilets, water heaters, dishwasher, sink, bathtub, ect.
  • Automate Your Home: With more fast, stable, and energy-saving Treatlife ZigBee gateway, the water detection alarm can be linked with Treatlife’s smart devices. Like you can turn off the light and turn on the water sensor at the same time. To explore endless possibilities, achieve more home automation and more comprehensive protection.
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‎2.48 x 1.93 x 0.55 inches

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Frequently asked question

How to pair motion sensor with a smart device?

Added smart gateway-Open the Treatlife app-on the “smart Hub” page, click“Add subdevice” and select “Contact Sensor”on the “Select Device Type” page-- press and hold reset button for more than 5s until the network indicator flashes.

How do i connect to the wi-fi network? How can i connect the water sensor?

Hi, friend This water detector alarm must and can only be used with our ZigBee gateway hub. For details, please see this asin'B09V78N28M' on Amazon. The Homekit function has not been activated for the time being. The way to network the smart home hub and water sensor alarm are very simple. … see more Hi, friend This water detector alarm must and can only be used with our ZigBee gateway hub. For details, please see this asin'B09V78N28M' on Amazon. The Homekit function has not been activated for the time being. The way to network the smart home hub and water sensor alarm are very simple. Step1: Follow the steps in the operation manual to make your phone have the Treatlife APP, then switch the network in the phone to 2.4GHz(Not 5GHz), press and hold the ZigBee hub or water sensor alarm button for five seconds to make it flash quickly. Step2: Add a smart hub or leak detector to the Treatlife APP on your phone. Step3: Finally, the display of 'Adding device succeeded' means that the device is successfully added, and you can freely operate these smart devices on your mobile phone. Kind tips: If you want to add ZigBee devices such as water sensors, motion sensors, and door sensor alarms to the gateway, you can open the smart home hub and add new devices to it. Hope it helps you.

Do you have to have alexa or google?

I don't think so. I have Alexa, but I set the bulb up with just the phone app. I did not connect it to Alexa yet.

I would like to ask if this smart water leak detector can be used with other smart products? Does it have any outstanding features?

This is what attracts me the most. Through the Zigbee hub, you can set the smart light bulbs to turn off while turning on the water alarm leak detector, so that you can also realize the situation of water leakage in your home through the sound alarm in the dark.

4 reviews for TREATLIFE Smart Water Leak Detector, 2.4GHz WiFi Wireless Water Sensor Alarm, Leak Drip Alert, Compatible with Alexa Google Home, for Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement (Hub Required and Sold Separately)


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  • Anonymous

    Flood/Leak Sensor kit - Straight Forward and easy to install and use

    I have been concerned about potential leaks for a while. I got this kit to monitor around the washer, hot water heaters and an air conditioner in the attic. This kit cam with four sensors to allow me to cover all the areas. In addition to common (AAA) batteries instead of hard to find specialized (expensive) batteries, the unit came with a hub to connect to WiFi. I connected with the hub to the Treatlife App. I also added to Google Home since Google works well with Treatlife. I tried testing one of the units and saw that it alarms on my phone as expected along with a somewhat soft audible noise from the individual detector itself. It also supports Alexa, but I prefer not to stay with Google. Overall, I am very happy with the units (hub and detectors) as they do what I want and it all integrates well to the Google ecosystem.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy to Set up and Use

    I got this to use as a hub for a water sensor and a pair of door sensors. Super easy to set up and get everything connected thru the Treatlife app. I’m still trying to customize the alerts and other options for each of the connected devices. Sometimes it seems like the response time for notifications to my phone isn’t always the best, but I’m not sure if that’s the sensors, the hub, or my phone. Either way – it works well the vast majority of the time. I’ve only noticed the lack of notifications once when opening one of the door sensors.

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  • Anonymous

    Only partly compatible with Alexa

    It detects water really good
    It is pretty easy to setup if you use their app
    Works great to notify through their app
    It is only compatible with Alexa in the sense that Alexa can list the device and you can ask the status, that is it. You cannot trigger routines off the sensor being triggered etc. Maybe this is a limit of the Alexa interface, but Alexa Dev group claims if they used the right API then it should be able to trigger routines off it once linked
    You have to use their app. A lot of the other treatlife products, you can just use pretty much any app (I have been using smart home app) This specific device, ONLY the treatlife app can detect and add it (Not even smartthings, which technically the hub is a smart things hub based on the wifi pairing name)
    It can work for what I need, but it makes me have more apps, and not as good notifications as a bunch of my other smart devices around the house (Announcement when a door opens or closes, device goes offline, etc.) which means I am tied to only knowing if there is a problem, if I happen to have my phone with me. If that is what you need, this works for you, otherwise, maybe see what else is out there.

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  • Anonymous

    Bulbs good, everything els...meh

    I like the price. I like the bulbs for the most part. I thought they were the RGB type, but then I recall I was seeking a higher temp color, which is why I ultimately chose these bulbs.
    It took longer to install the bulbs and get them working because the app (running on my Android mobile device) is not well written. The organization of the app is poor and the help is minimal and not useful. fortunately, the operation of the bulbs is fairly straightforward once the setup is complete. Unfortunately, I find that to get optimal settings and scenes for the bulbs I must frequently use the TreaLife app and the TreaLife Alexa skills.
    About those Alexa skills: MEH!
    I think the skill is woefully weak and not imaginatively conceived. Alexa does not know a lot about the bulbs and many actions one would think useful for a bulb, Alexa or the bulbs do not support. I am still trying to figure out how many ways Alexa can control the lights. I note that I am using a pair of bulbs over my bed. One bulb is over my side of the bed and one is over my wife’s side of the bed. The grouping capability in Alexa does not work well in my opinion, requiring me to say more than I want to get the setting I want. I’d like a skill where Alexa can set one bulb to the settings of the other, for example, ‘Set Light 1 to the same color as Light 2’ or ‘Set Light 1 to the same temp as Light 2.’
    In the TreatLife app, the ‘cool’ minimal design is not useful because the adjustment controls are not friendly to those with visual accessibility needs. This really sucks! I cannot overemphasize this point. Also, the scene editing is limited and limiting–even for a basic bulb like this. Many of the features in the app are unexplained or poorly explained, require a lot of experimentation–which I don’t mind if such experimentation yields understanding.
    Overall, I like the bulbs because they are bright and the color is adjustable from warm soft white to harsh cool bluish-white. I would like them to be a bit warmer and offer finer adjustments to color and brightness. If you need fuller-featured bulbs, these are not the bulbs you’re looking for. However, for the price, they get the job done.
    I may revisit this review as I become more familiar with these bulbs.

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