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Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ With AI-Humanoid Detection Launched

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ With AI-Humanoid Detection Launched

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ was launched in China on Wednesday. The clever home item includes a 4-megapixel sensor with a 2,560 x1,440 pixels resolution, an f/1.4 aperture lens, and 3.6 mm of focal length. Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ also has dual-band Wi-Fi assistance for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. In addition, the clever cam has a 360-degrees panoramic view and can be accessed remotely via a smart device. It also supports two-way real-time voice calls with a choice up distance of up to 5 metres.The Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ is priced at CNY 249 (approximately Rs. 2,900). The clever cam from Xiaomi is presently offered for pre-order for CNY 229(approximately Rs. 2,700) on and shipments will start from November 3. It will be offered in a sole White colour option.Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ features a 4-megapixel sensor with a 2.5 k( 2,5660 x1,440 pixels )resolution. Moreover, it has an f/1.4 aperture lens with 3.6 mm of focal length. The smart cam from Xiaomi also comes with a 6p lens that minimizes the rate of light loss. It also gets super low light sensing units and 940nm of built-in infrared fill light that is stated to not disrupt the user’s sleep.The clever cam from Xiaomi adopts a Pan-Tilt-Zoom( PTZ )design that lets the Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ to rotate 360-degrees horizontally and 108 degrees vertically. This will help the users get a breathtaking view of the space the camera is kept in. It supports real-time voice calls where users– linked through a smartphone through the Mijia app– can speak with individuals in front of the camera and vice versa. The built-in microphones support smart sound reduction to provide a clear voice output.Other features on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ include an AI-humanoid detection feature that can identify human silhouettes quicker.

It can also instantly detect and lock-on to the human shape, decreasing the possibilities of false alarms. Connection choices include dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.For security it gets a Mijia MJA1 security chip that is stated to have a monetary level of data protection. Each chip holder has an unique private key and certificate

that allows the data communication and storage to be secured correctly. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ can save information using a microSD card(approximately 256GB). Moreover, users will secure free, limitless cloud storage..embed-container position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25 %; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100 %;. embed-container iframe,.embed-container object,.embed-container embed css”>; left: 0; width: 100 %; height: 100%;

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